For the Non-Blog Savvy Folks

This morning as I was packing my lunch, I sampled the Chavrie goat cheese I planned to use in my lunchtime sandwich.

Chavrie Goat Cheese

HOLY COW (or should I say goat?). This stuff is insanely delicious.

I easily could have inhaled the entire block.I loved its silky texture and the mild flavor. Though strong goat cheese is delicious, I actually prefer the more muted flavor of this brand.

I probably ate two servings while packing my lunch, but fortunately enough of the cheese remained to include in my cucumber sandwich this afternoon.

Though this goat cheese is freakishly delicious, I’m not sure how often I’d be willing to shell out $6 for it. For a special occasion (like a Wednesday, apparently), it’s definitely worth the extra dough.

Along with my goat cheese and cucumber sandwich, I enjoyed a freshly sliced green pepper and a cup of grape tomatoes.

Cuc + Goat Cheese Sandwich with Green Peppers

Green Pep

Grape Tomatoes

For a little sweetness, I rounded out the meal with a cup of Oikos honey Greek yogurt.

Honey Bee

All Togetha Naw

Mmm, mmm, good. 🙂

For the Non-Blog Savvy Folks

I am not a very computer-savvy or blog-savvy person. It literally took me a year to discover Google Reader and realize you could subscribe to blogs.

If this sounds foreign to you, then this section of today’s post is just for you!

(Picture Source)

If you are a blog-reading pro, then the following content will likely bore you to bits! 😀 Just warnin’ ya.

In talking with some of my non-blog savvy friends, I realized there are a couple of things I should probably touch on that may seem so obvious to those of you immersed in the blog world, but are completely over the heads of those of you  more like me who tend to pick computer-related things up rather slowly.

Let’s get crackin’:

  • Subscriptions: If you read certain blogs every day, you may want to subscribe to these blogs. This means that every time the blogger posts, you’ll receive an update. Most blogs have an icon on their homepage that you can click to subscribe (you may see mine at the top, left of this page or simply click here to subscribe to this blog).
  • Google Reader: When you choose to subscribe to a blog you can receive email notifications or have the blog updates populate in certain blog-reading programs like Google Reader. I subscribe to a bunch of blogs and check all of them through Google Reader since it keeps everyone’s blog updates in one spot. This allows me to keep up with blogs I love without having to individually check the sites or type in the website addresses every day.
  • Bookmarking: If subscribing to a blog isn’t your cup of tea,  you may be more interested in bookmarking a favorite site. To do this, simply hold down the “Ctrl” and “D” keys on your keyboard and click “Done” and the site will be bookmarked!
  • Commenting: I was shocked when one of my very best friends told me she didn’t know she could comment on my blog! She was confused by my “Questions of the Day” and didn’t understand why I’d ask them when no one could answer. 😀 Well, you can! At the bottom of a post, you’ll see red text with a whole bunch of links. If you click the one that says “Leave a Comment” or “15 Comments” etc., then you can simply type in your name (or nickname), your email address (which no one but me will see) and your web site (if applicable) and then comment away!
  • Twitter: Many bloggers are really into Twitter. I recently started “tweeting” a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love it. It’s a great way to follow some of your favorite bloggers, venues and companies. I especially love it when companies or actual cities “tweet” about promotions and sales. Twitter is a great tool to use to be “in the know.” You may follow me on Twitter here.

I apologize to those of you who were rolling your eyes and saying “DUH!” as you read the above content, but hopefully it helped at least one of you out there have a bit of an “Ah ha!” moment! 😀

Questions of the Afternoon

  • Do you consider yourself blog-savvy?
  • What’s something that took you a while to pick up regarding blogging or blog-reading?


  1. says

    I also came across Google Reader about a month ago and it makes life SO much easier. (I still spend way more time than I should reading blogs, but at least it’s less than I would spend if I didn’t use the Reader!)


  2. says

    It took me SO long to discover google reader too. This is actually great info!

    I’m jealous of these Chavrie samples I see floating around. I LOOOOVE goat cheese.


    • peanutbutterfingers says

      you can get a free one too if you buy their cheese once & then type in the product code on their web site!


  3. says

    It took my mom a long time to realize she could comment on my blog. She saw the other comments but just couldn’t figure out how to add her own….

    LOVE my Reader – I don’t know how I lived so long without it.


  4. Dave says

    Some of your unique ingredients always get me wondering where you get your inspiration. Where do you do the majority of your shopping?? Publix?? Whole Foods?


    • peanutbutterfingers says

      i do the VAST majority of my shopping at publix. the other 10% i do at or whole foods (or my parent’s pantry when i go home to visit). 🙂


  5. says

    AWESOME! I am not computer or blog savvy at all! What I want to know is how some blogs send me an email when the owner leaves a response to my comment. Any ideas???


  6. says

    I’m definitely not blog savvy, and it’s a bit disconcerting because I plan on moving my blog to a new host in the next month or so from I’m terrified I’m going to mess it up…gulp….this website stuff is all new to me, so here’s hoping it goes smoothly.


  7. says

    It took my forever to figure out what reader was when I first started reading blogs. I actually remember googling “Google Reader.” I’m sure you’ve helped more than a few people!

    My mom loves Chavrie cheese too, and I recently printed her out a coupon from the manufacturer’s website for a free container. Worth it if it saves 6 bucks, right?


  8. April says

    You’ve seriously not had the goat cheese? OMG, I eat the stuff just about every day! I measure my 1/2 an ounce and that’s all I need.

    I found out a few months ago that you can copy and paste a picture and not have to upload it from your computer.


  9. Sherri says

    I love goat cheese and since I was in the grocery store tonight I checked out Chavrie and it was on sale so I had to get it to try. 🙂 I also picked up some cucumbers because your lunch looked so delicious!

    I’ve heard of Google Reader but never really gave it a shot but will now. Thanks for the tips!


  10. says

    I’m not a cheese fan so the thought of goats cheese makes me shiver, ewwww!

    I only just figured out that wordpress will send your twitter updates out for you. I was doing it manually before that.


  11. says

    I can’t tell you how helpful this post was!!!! I read 66 blogs (according to google reader) and before today I would look at each one individually. Needless to say I would never get to them all. I’ve been meaning to find an easier way to check all the blogs I love, but hadn’t gotten around to it yet!!! After this post, I went directly to Google reader and subscribed to all the blogs I follow. It took me a while, but the time it’s going to save in the long run is all worth it!!! Thanks you so much!!!


  12. says

    I thought I was pretty blog-savvy. I’ve had my Google Reader for a couple years now (although I am behind a bit right now….107 posts to read). I was really disappointed with Blogger because it wouldn’t let me upload videos. I knew that it was capable because my friends were doing it, but for some reason, I couldn’t. So I switched to WordPress and I STILL can’t upload videos. I’ve been leaving the YouTube links. Any body have any ideas? I’m desperate.


  13. Jenn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog) says

    I looooooooooooove goat cheese, it’s so creamy!

    I’d like to consider myself blog-savvy, I’ve been doing Internet marketing, web design and all things Internet related for 12 years now. My blog is actually a side project that turned into way more. I also administer some of the bigger food blogs. 🙂



  14. says

    it took me a while to figure out how to transfer everything from blogger to wordpress. it has also taken me a while to figure out how to put in text on the sidebar- for example, when i want to put a button for someone to follow me on facebook or instagram, it took me a while to understand how to find codes for those things to paste them!



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