Friendsgiving Invitation

Last night Ryan and I went through our calendars in an effort to select a date for our Friendsgiving extravaganza! We had the best time preparing traditional Thanksgiving dishes for our friends last year and are excited to host the fun event again this year.

My sister came in town the Friday before Friendsgiving last year and we spent the entire day prepping, cooking and baking and had a blast. It’s one of my favorite memories from 2011!


After glancing at our calendars, Ryan and I realized our November is pretty packed. The only free weekend we had in Ocala together was the weekend of November 3, so the date for Friendsgiving pretty much selected itself.

My everlasting love for PicMonkey had me on the site last night creating a fun little invitation to send to our friends this morning:

invitation friendsgiving

I swear, if I could create fun little images on PicMonkey all day long, I’d be a happy camper. It’s so darn user friendly and it satisfies my desire to be a little creative without the need for super-messy craft supplies. 


Breakfast this morning was a two-parter.

I started with two slices of Nature’s Own cinnamon raisin toast topped with a bit of butter.

Nature's Own Cinnamon Raisin  Bread

A toast craving hit me hard this morning, so I went with it. I knew toast wouldn’t keep me full for long and about 30 minutes later, I made myself a bowl of scrambled eggs with chicken sausage, broccoli and cauliflower for a little punch of protein.

scrambled eggs

Much more filling!

Question of the Morning

  • What is the busiest month of the year for you?

October, November and December are usually the busiest months for us, but I think that’s quite common because of the holidays. Between fall birthdays, anniversaries and the usual holidays, the last three months of the year are usually pretty packed for our little family.


  1. says

    Because of you, I’m now hooked on PicMonkey, too! Although I definitely have not advanced to your skill level yet. 🙂

    November is always the busiest month for me…usually for fun reasons, but it can be stressful, too!


  2. Lizzie says

    Does your Friendsgiving also pay tribute to the classic Friends Thanksgiving episodes? I think I read on your blog at one time time that you were a huge fan of the show, too! I love the football one with the ‘got the key-eyys’ stint the best 🙂

    This time of year is crazy for our family, too- three birthdays sandwiched between Halloween, thanksgiving & Xmas! But a mighty delicious and decadent sandwich it is 😉


  3. says

    We are doing a “friendsgiving” that same day! I love getting together with friends sharing yummy food. We have a group of friends all with babies around the same age so we try to have monthly family dinners. Scheduling is very tricky since we are all pretty busy! I don’t think we’ve had a month where we have a weekend with nothing planned in ages! I thought we were busy when we didn’t have any kids, now that we have the Love Nugget, we are so much busier!


  4. says

    I can remember your last years prep posts like it was yesterday! Where did that year go!!! December is always the busiest Christmas is the biggest holiday of the year in Ireland! I LOVE picmonkey…never would have known about it had it not been for you!


  5. Nicole says

    Julie, I have to tell you – Last year’s post on Friendsgiving inspired me to host my own this year! I’m so excited! My party will be on November 11. Love this idea and can’t wait to start cooking! (I think I will also steal your stuffing recipe, too, if ya don’t mind…. 😉 )

    Happy Friendsgiving!


  6. says

    We used to do a Friendsgiving in college before everyone went home and my high school friends and I do a Friendsmas party bus for the past few years. My fiance and I love throwing parties and last year we did Halloween, Christmas and a summer party and we’re getting ready for our Halloween party again this year! I am definitely excited to see what PicMonkey has in store for the rest of the holidays!!


  7. says

    What a fun idea! My friends and I were all stuck in LA and not with our families for the past couple Thanksgiving’s and had a Friendsgiving ON Thanksgiving which was a lot of fun. As nice as it will be to be with family this year, there’s also a part of me that will miss that tradition.


  8. Joanne says

    We pretty much HAVE to do a Friendsgiving! I’m English and my husband is American, we live in the UK at the moment and it’s surprising how many of our American friends around us didn’t realise the UK doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. We’re military and for Thanksgiving we get together with all of our American friends and have dinner. Last year, our first Thanksgiving together, was a bust as a British friend of ours got married on Thanksgiving, so our Thanksgiving was wiped out. This year his squadron are renting out a hall and we’re all bring dishes to share, so I’m excited for my very first Thanksgiving.
    Picmonkey is basically.. amazing. And Nov/Dec is always busiest for us!


  9. says

    I can’t tell you how much I LOVE this idea!! 😀 For one, Thanksgiving is only like one of the best holidays of the year, and having a friendsgiving means you get to celebrate it twice! But, not only that, how fun and awesome is it to get to host, cook, and spend time with good friends :D. This year, we have a lot on our plate coming up in the next several months, so having a friendsgiving won’t be possible. But, I’m definitely bookmarking this idea for next year!


  10. says

    I love both of your aprons. Who are they made by? Have been looking for a really cute apron to purchase. The Friendsgiving idea is really cute. Sounds like a lot of fun.



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