London: Day One

Our first day in London began in Paris with a delicious breakfast at our hotel before we said goodbye to France.

paris dinner 015

I filled a bowl with yogurt, cereal, walnuts and fresh fruit and ate it along side a fresh baguette that I dipped in Nutella.

paris dinner 016

I also grabbed a chocolate croissant on my way out which was fantastic. It definitely deserved a photograph, but my camera was tucked away in my bag and I had chocolate all over my fingers. My family has been laughing at me this entire trip because somehow I keep ending up with chocolate all over my clothes! I need to do some laundry, that’s for sure.

Bus, Train, London

After breakfast, our tour group boarded a coach bus that transported us to the train station.

Once there, my mom and I bought a large pistachio macaroon because we couldn’t leave Paris without trying one!

paris dinner 017

I’m sure a train station isn’t the ideal location to purchase a macaroon, but it was really good! I can only imagine how fantastic they taste from a Parisian pastry shop or bakery. Mmm! I’m hoping they have these in London, too.

I wasted time waiting for our train by reading my book which is phenomenal.

paris dinner 019

paris dinner 018

Thanks for the great recommendation. I am seriously loving The Help and hope to post a review of it when I finish soon.

Eventually we all boarded the Eurostar, a train that goes nearly 200 miles an hour and arrived in London in no time!

Globus + Kees

Once there, we took another bus to our hotel where we had to say goodbye to our tour guide from our trip since London is our final stop.

paris dinner 023

It was sad saying goodbye to Kees (pronounced Case) because he really was the heart and soul of our trip and helped our group get from place to place without any headaches. He was extremely knowledgeable and his personality was so positive and upbeat. Our whole tour group loved him!

Since I’ve received quite a few emails and inquiries from your guys about our what tour group my family and I are using on this vacation, I figured I should address them on the blog. We’re on the “Essential Europe” tour through a company called Globus. It’s been a dream logistically and not having to worry about getting from place to place is such a huge stress reliever. This tour has really given us a great overview of four different European countries.

Now I just need to revisit every single one to really immerse myself in each location! I think I may have been bit by the travel bug.

The British Museum

After saying goodbye to Kees and settling into our hotel room, my family and I braved the London bus system and boarded a bright red double-decker bus for the British Museum.

paris dinner 037

paris dinner 035

Our bus ride lasted about 20 minutes and we hopped off right in front of the museum where we immediately headed over to a truck selling crepes for a pre-museum snack.

paris dinner 026

paris dinner 027

paris dinner 028

It was a bit chilly in London, and that hot chocolate warmed my soul!

Eventually we headed inside the museum where we spent the afternoon taking in the various exhibits.

paris dinner 029

The above picture is a visual representation of all the pills the average British person takes in their lifetime (a woman’s pills are depicted on the left, a man’s on the right).

paris dinner 030

Can you believe that the average person in Britain takes more than 14,000 medications in their lifetime? Insane, huh?

My mom, sister and I were also very interested in the difference between the statues carved of women and of men.

While the men are depicted looking very muscular with toned arms and abs, the women look a bit softer.

paris dinner 032

paris dinner 031

We noticed this trend in Italy as well and found it quite interesting. I find this version of a woman’s body feminine and beautiful and I imagine the people of this time did as well. I wonder what the people and sculptors would think of the “ideal” women’s body nowadays. Definitely thought-provoking!

After a while at the museum, my family and I declared ourselves “museumed out” and headed to a local pub for dinner.

paris dinner 033


We followed the recommendation of the hotel concierge and walked down The Chapel.

paris dinner 041

paris dinner 042

The food was delicious and the atmosphere was upbeat and lively. It was a really neat place!

After dinner we came home, showered and crashed. It was a long (but fun!) day.

Stay tuned for London: Day Two shortly!

P.S. The Fashion page was updated!


  1. Jayme @ Runner and Spice says

    I did my Masters in London, I lived right down the street from Trafalgar Square..your pictures are making me smile!!

    Safe travels!! Enjoy!!


  2. Amy says

    Your trip looks like so much fun! I’m definitely looking into that tour company. I’m glad you like the Help. I loved it! It’s coming out as a movie in August.

    Also, it looks like you all got your Longchamp bags! Yay!


  3. Miriam says

    I am so jealous of you, I’m studying for my exams and you’re having such an amaaazing vacation! I haven’t visited any of the cities you have even tough I live in Holland ( only Barcelona, which I’m sure you would love to -> huuuge fruit market)
    Btw, was Kees dutch? Because it’s a dutch name and he looks like he could be from here too haha.
    Have fun in London!


  4. Tori (Fresh Fruition) says

    Looks like you had a great first day!

    Crepes! Yum! I love me some crepes. All this food is making my mouth water! 🙂


  5. says

    I loved London when I was there a few years ago! Have fun on the last few days of your vacation, can’t wait to see more pictures! Hope you get to do some shopping on Oxford St!


  6. Gill says

    i live in london too – hope you enjoy! remember to try british chocolate bars especially Galaxy and Minstrels. And also try to go to the Tower of London its amazing! If you can, afternoon tea at the Ritz/Claridges is aweseme too. have fun!


  7. says

    Huh, that is SO interesting about how many pills people take througout a lifetime… and the statues! I bet they’d think women were crazy for working out the amount they do and for wanting “lean” body-types. Very interesting, for sure! That double decker bus looks like fun… did you sit on the top level? I’ve never been on one!


  8. says

    That pill display is pretty extreme. ..I don’t quite get the point but those are the most instresting museum exhibits anyway. They don’t really have a point but they’re amazing the thinkabout!


  9. says

    WOW. That pill display is incredible. It’s so strange to think about just how many pharmaceutical substances we put in our bodies, and how nearly none of these compounds existed a hundred years ago.

    ALSO: I am reading The Help right now too!! I love it. I’d recommend “Skinny” by Diana Spechler next!


  10. says

    Already in London! I recognise the macaroon brand, and you picked one of the best ^^
    I love London, it’s such a great city, so many things to see.


  11. says

    Wow, 14,000 pills… I wonder how British people compare to Americans? Something makes me think that we are more heavily medicated.
    Looks like a fantastic and delicious day of your travels! All of us, and our stomachs, are living vicariously through you 🙂


  12. Caroline says

    I just finished The Help this morning. I actually found myself taking it slow because I loved the characters so much and didn’t want it to end! Looking forward to reading your review.


  13. says

    I cannot believe you are 25, you look so young! You’re super pretty by the way. Just thought I’d tell you that 🙂
    Reading about your trip is making me excited for my trip to Europe in June.
    So tell me, are Parisian macaroons as good as they look? Because they LOOK lovely but I’ve always wondered if their taste lives up to their lovely appearance.
    The pill exhibit is so interesting. Geeze 14,000? That’s a whole lot of pills.


  14. says

    Ok I just realized that I implied that 25 wasn’t young, but I totally didn’t mean that!! I should have said “you look so much younger than that” because that’s what I meant. 25 is still definitely young haha so sorry about that. :S But yes what I meant to say is that you look a lot younger than 25.



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