Remembering My Great Auntie Gwenn


This weekend passed by in a flash of snow, family, tears, laughter, plane trips, car rides and frigid temperatures. I left Charlotte first thing on Friday morning for Baltimore, Maryland to attend my great Auntie Gwenn’s funeral and celebrate her life with her two daughters (my mother’s cousins) and my extended family. My Auntie Gwenn… 

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Friday in Gettysburg


Our second day in Gettysburg began with a little exercise! My mom is an avid Jazzeriser in Jacksonville and scouts out Jazzercise classes whenever she travels. She found one close to my grandmother’s house in Gettysburg and invited me and my sister to join her for a 9 a.m. class on Friday morning. The class… 

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Rainy Arrival

hillcrest restaurant crab soup

Hello from rainy Gettysburg! Our time in Pennsylvania has been quite wet and dreary so far, but we’ve still been having a lot of fun. Hooray for family time! We touched down in Baltimore around 9:30 a.m. yesterday and after my mom picked us up at the airport, we had only one thing on our… 

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