Top PBF Posts of 2016 (The Rest!)


The final look back into 2016 is here and today’s blog post dives into the most popular blog posts that weren’t workouts or recipes… The best of the rest! Below you will find an assortment of content from beauty-related posts to motherhood to travel, fitness and bachelorette parties, I hope a post or two that… 

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Top Workouts of 2015

Top Workouts of 2015 - A collection of sweaty workouts! Everything from treadmill workouts to strength training and boot camp workouts!

2016 is here!! Woop! Something about the onset of a new year often strengthens our resolve to commit to regular exercise or amp up our current fitness routine. Hopefully this post that features the top 10 most popular workout posts on Peanut Butter Fingers in 2015 will help give you guys some new workouts to… 

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