Walking Workouts

We all have days when we don’t feel like working out at all. During the summer months, the heat is often an excuse we use for staying inside and lounging at home. But all too often we know we’ll feel better if we get outside and move around. Even if we return looking like a sweaty mess, there’s no denying what a little fresh air and sunshine can do for our mental health.

Combine fresh air and sunshine with the endorphins we get from exercise and you’ve got yourself a triple threat!

I don’t know about you, but heat and humidity definitely impact the intensity of my outdoor workouts and lately long walks sound a lot more appealing than a hot run where I struggle to catch my breath and stay hydrated. With a crazy dog demanding outdoor time and daily walks, I threw together this walking workout today and did my best to incorporate some mini breaks throughout the three-mile walk where I could engage my muscles in some bodyweight exercises.

Outdoor Walking Workout

My favorite walking path is rather secluded, so I don’t feel too goofy busting out lunges or squats in the grass, but I’ve done a similar workout on the beach and tried my best to remind myself that I’d probably never see the people walking by me again in my life. This workout could also be done on a treadmill at the gym, but it’s definitely nice to take things outdoors this time of year!

Here are links to video demos of the exercises:

And to keep with the walking workout theme, I wanted to share a few more walking workouts for my fellow walkers out there…

Walking Workouts

Walking Workouts

Question of the Afternoon

  • Do you incorporate walking into your fitness routine?

Walking is one of my favorite ways to get outside and move around. Walks with Sadie and Ryan after dinner are my favorite!


  1. Sarah Whitney says

    I’m still recovering from a bad knee injury, so walking is my go-to form of exercise right now. And I love how good I feel after a brisk walk!


  2. Ruth says

    I love walking routines. There is an urban lake near me that I will walk around, I like to stop at the benches and do pushups, dips, squats, crunches(those ones where you sit on the edge of the bench and bring your legs to your chest) and even planks. There are wooden docks where I will lunge the distance, and the stairs for all sorts of workout extras. Of course there are tons of people out doing runs or walking dogs, or whatever is their thing, even sometimes a group of tai-chi people are on the grass, and seeing them always makes me feel calm and happy somehow.
    I also have a couple Youtube walking videos to do, they are more old school aerobics, nothing too drastic, just march in place and do a few knee ups and kicks, but I really enjoy it, so why not eh?
    Walking is my fave workout, I have really bad knees with a few surgeries on them, so yes, it is best for me, but also, it’s just my “soulmate workout” I guess. 😉



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