Orange Blaze

Yet another fantastic hike at Weikwa Springs!

weikwa hiking 005

I think our little trio would go hiking nearly every weekend if there were more trails available close to home. Sure our hiking isn’t the same as hiking in the mountains of North Carolina, but Florida hiking is still a blast!

As usual, we followed the orange blaze trail which took us on a nearly six-mile loop.

weikwa hiking 007

weikwa hiking 010

We arrived at Weikwa Springs just after 9:30 a.m., which is a little later than our usual hiking time. We saw signs indicating that a 5k trail race took place in the park earlier, which gave us little hope that we’d see any wildlife during our trek.

With the exception of woodpeckers, squirrels and birds, we didn’t see any neat animals. No deer or wild turkeys… or bears, wild boars or snakes (thank goodness).

Sadie didn’t seem to mind the elusive wildlife because she found a sick the size of her body to carry around.

weikwa hiking 012

She wanted us to get in on the fun…

weikwa hiking 013

We finished our hike in about two hours and headed immediately to Starbucks for some cold drinks to rejuvenate us for the ride home.

Chia crème Frappuccino for Ryan and a mocha light Frappuccino for me…

weikwa hiking 017

And a cup of whipped cream for Sadie. Smile

weikwa hiking 014

weikwa hiking 016

The barista at Starbucks asked us if we wanted a cup of whipped cream for Sadie and I think it made Sadie’s day! She gobbled it up in .25 seconds.


Once we arrived home, we got crackin’ on lunch. While I prepped the sides, Ryan threw a couple of salmon burgers on the grill.

In no time at all we had a lunch fit for summer ready for eatin’.

weikwa hiking 022

We topped the salmon burgers with a dill dijonaise and broccoli slaw for some added flavor and crunch. On the side we had roasted broccoli that I made by tossing the florets in olive oil and garlic salt before roasting them in the oven at 450 degrees for about 15 minutes.

weikwa hiking 026

weikwa hiking 030

weikwa hiking 032

After eating our lunch in the backyard, we were enjoying the beautiful weather so much that we decided to change into our bathing suits to soak up the sun and flip  through some magazines for an hour.

Now I am officially nasty and in dire need of a shower.

Time to get clean!


  1. says

    When I would go home for a weekend in college, I would always bring my cat, Kaylie, with me and we would stop at Starbucks for a pick-me-up for the long drive ahead of us. The baristas used to get such a kick out of Kaylie sitting in my lap. Unfortunatly, they never offered her any cups of whip cream. I think she would have been in kitty heaven if they did!


  2. leslie says

    That picture of Sadie barking is hilarious! Those salmon burgers look gooood :). Hope you two are having a good Saturday! Our formal is tonight woop woop! You just might get a little text from me later 😉


  3. says

    The hike and pics are awesome!

    I love going hiking and don’t go nearly enough, well, I call power walks through green & scenic parks “hikes”, and canyon walks are “hikes” , too.

    Enjoy the salmon burgers and showers 🙂


  4. says

    Aaaand I am officially jealous of your warm weather. Can I have some, please??

    Also, I’ve decided that Sadie is officially my favorite blog dog. She’s hilarious! Your photos of her always have me laughing out loud just a bit 🙂


  5. says

    Sadie is so beautiful! I love seeing pictures ofher because she is so much like my Bethe (especially with the whole stick thing).

    I am so jealous that you went hiking, I can’t wait for summer. Have a great weekend!

    – Lauren


  6. Samantha says

    My hubby & I hiked today too up here in WNC!! We too followed the orange blaze & had a blast! We were lucky enough to see a young little possum hanging around on our hike 🙂


  7. ezzie says

    You’re so lucky~! I’ve been wanting to go hiking since forever but never got around to it. Must. Go. Soon.
    & the salmon burgers look mighty tasty! 😀


  8. Michelle @ Give Me the Almond Butter says

    Ah what a beautiful day! It sunny here but its staying below freezing. I’ll just do the magazine reading inside 🙂


  9. Mary Beth says

    salmon + roasted broc is my fave meal. had that yesterday!
    weather was awesome today–i fell asleep by the pool and have tan lines! it’s only feb!


  10. Sarah @ healthy girl running says

    That hike looks so pretty! I bet you guys had such a great time! I should really do some more hiking in my area! I never think to do it, even though the weather usually perfect for hiking! Great idea! 🙂


  11. Emily says

    Question…does Ryan eat the sandwich thins??!!! My brothers make fun of me for eating them and would never everrrrr think of using them for anything, let alone a burger. Just wondering if Ryan was a little less picky..


  12. says

    I used to be a barista at Starbucks and I always offered doggie owners whipped cream…sometimes they were a bit puzzled at first…but they always thanked me 🙂



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