After a morning of hiking and enjoying the beautiful Florida sunshine, Ryan and I had some errands to run.

I had a Groupon to use at a local carwash to get my car washed, so Ryan and I hopped in my car to git ‘er done!

italian ice 009

I paid extra on top of my Groupon to have my war waxed and detailed, so we had some time to kill and walked a block to Jeremiah’s, one of our favorite dessert hot spots in Orlando.

italian ice 002

italian ice 001

We decided to split a medium cookies ‘n’ cream gelati and ate at a nearby picnic table.

italian ice 003

Someone was excited! Open-mouthed smile 

italian ice 004

You know I was, too!

italian ice 005

We demolished the gelati in no time at all. It was delicious as always. Jeremiah’s never disappoints.

As we walked back to Magic Suds car wash to pick up my car, I saw it parked and lookin’ pretty. As we approached, I handed the guy a tip and we hopped in. After looking around, I noticed that nothing had been wiped down. I paid to have the interior vacuumed and totally cleaned and it looked like it had not even been touched!

Don’t mess with me!

I exited my car and went to talk with the man who I had just tipped, explaining that the entire interior looked as though it hadn’t been cleaned in the least. He agreed to clean it while we waited. After three minutes (fast clean, no?) he summoned us back over. I swear Sadie could’ve done a better job. I was so, so frustrated! I can assure you I will not be returning to Magic Suds. Sorry for the rant, but I just had to get that out. Grr. Awful.

Whole Foods Detour

My sour mood improved on the car ride home because Ryan and I stopped off at Whole Foods to browse around.

Of course we left with an entire bag full of goodies, but that wasn’t the best part of our detour.

italian ice 010When we first arrived at Whole Foods, I was approached by Gloria, an extremely friendly woman who recognized me and Ryan from this blog!

Apparently her daughter, Bridget, told her about PBF and I had such a nice time chatting with her!

Though I’ve had readers email me to tell me they’ve seen me out and about before, this was the first time someone came up and said hi. It was such a treat! A big hello to Gloria and Bridget! Smile

Chocolate Walnut Butter

Once we made it back to our apartment, I was in the mood to have some fun in the kitchen. I figured I would try my hand at a homemade nut butter and poured about 1.5 cups of walnuts into my food processor to start.

italian ice 013

I gave it a whir and realized I would need to whir it up quite a bit before the nuts transformed into any kind of a spreadable butter.

italian ice 014

After whirring and whirring away, eventually a walnut butter started to form.

italian ice 017

I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty exciting to watch!

I ate a million walnut butter fingers before I had the idea to add some cocoa powder (about 1/2 tbsp.) and some sugar (about 3 tsp.) to the mix to give the walnut butter a more dessert-like flavor.

italian ice 019


italian ice 021

It was so, so good and I ate a ton of it right out of the food processor. Eventually I decided to act slightly more dignified and I smeared it on a fresh whole wheat roll that we picked up from Whole Foods’ bakery.

italian ice 027

I basically ruined my appetite for dinner.

Eventually my appetite returned when Ryan started cooking up cowboy turkey burgers that he bought after drooling over them at Whole Foods. He topped them with BBQ sauce and I couldn’t resist.

After dinner, we decided we were in a movie-watching mood.

The current debate in our house: Hot Tub Time Machine Annoyed vs. The Amanda Knox Lifetime Original Movie that I DVRed. I think you can guess where my vote lies.

Off to plead my case! (<—Anyone get the pun? Winking smile)


  1. says

    Sorry to hear about the car wash…seriously, what a bummer. 🙁

    Your homemade nut butter makes me want a food processor! Yum!

    I wanted to see that Amanda Knox movie! You’ll have to let me know if it is good. 🙂


  2. Caylee says

    uhhh Hot Tub Time Machine is not funny! I categorize it as “one of those” movies… it’s supposed to be funny, but it’s just filled with boobs.


  3. says

    Booo so sorry to hear about them almost ripping you off, i’m so glad you marched over there and said something! I TOTALLY would have done the same thing! Hopefully they won’t be doing that to any more customers.

    Oh, and that walnut butter looks so neat!! I have some peanuts in the cabinet… i should make my own pb!


  4. says

    YUM GELATI!!!! In central NC, the best (and only?) italian ice spot is Rita’s, which I am totally obsessed with! They opened for the season yesterday ans i swear I was first in line to get a gelati– layers of strawberry custard and cheesecake ice! Heavenly!
    Sorry to hear about your car issue…sounds so irritating!


  5. Alexandrina @ The Cardio Queen says

    Just wrote a blog post that referenced watching the Amanda Knox movie on Lifetime! I can’t wait to see how it ends and what all happened. :/


  6. says

    I just watched the Amanda Knox movie with my bf, it was really interesting. We are both really into the whole situation and have been following the trials because we both went to UW and my bf is from West Seattle (where shes from) and his friend even dated her. Its so weird to think that shes my age and all of that has happened 🙁


  7. says

    I hope you won your “case” and didn’t have to sit through Hot Tub Time Machine. There were parts that were funny…especially if you were a teenager in the 80s (like myself); otherwise, its very raunchy! Not my style. I think it could have been a lot better than it was, and it surprises me that John Cusack would stoop to that level.


  8. says

    Mmm, I love walnut butter! Mix it with a little maple syrup and it is the PERFECT pancake…or finger topper! 😉

    That totally stinks about the carwash, especially since you paid extra for the detailing! How aggravating!


  9. says

    I just finished watching the Amanda Knox story! It was okay/good but frustrating because you really don’t know whether or not she’s guilty! You have to watch the informational show that aired after that basically breaks down the entire case and gives you a fresh perspective to evaluate. I still have no clue.


  10. Laura@ Backstage Pass says

    I watched the Amanda Knox story and am honestly so appalled at the Italian justice system! However at the same time, see several inconsistencies with the basic facts of the case. It’s a complex one, for certain. But did the man whose DNA was all over the deceased really only get 13 years for murder where Amanda received a 26-year sentence?
    Also – a bit of drama, the original trailer that Lifetime released for this was (in my opinion) was WAY distasteful. You can google to find the still images.


  11. says

    I’ve never had walnut butter, but it looks delish!

    Do you guys have a Rita’s Ice around you? They have the best frozen iced dessert ever, smores flavor!
    There isn’t any in Indiana, but I sure seek them out when I travel 🙂


  12. Kody says

    I finally made my way to The Fresh Market and tried the almond butter you recommended. So good, although I’m pretty sure it isn’t so healthy when I probably ate a 1/4 of the container with my fingers : )


  13. Jessica says

    Mmmm I’ll have to try making my own nut butter of some sort, looks a lot easier than I always thought it was! Oh and I’ve seen both movies-Hot Tub Time Machine was a lot funnier than I thought it would be. The Amanda Knox movie was also good but I think another comment mentioned wanting to know more and that’s how I felt. I just have no clue what to think about this case!! Screwy justice system Italy has which I think is making it harder to get the truth.


  14. says

    I DVRed the Amanda Knox movie as well. Although I’m bummed that there was some sort of informational thing after it and I didn’t know! So hopefully that’ll be on again sometime so I can watch it too.


  15. Mary says

    Julie, I made delicious little “Tiny Mini Kisses Peanut Blosoms” yesterday and I thought of you. They are a soft little peanut butter cookie that has a mini Hershey kiss on the top. The recipe was on the back of the Hershey Mini Kiss bag. If you can’t find it and want to try them I will send the recipe.


  16. says

    Oh I watched the Amanda Knox movie last night! How insane was that story?! I still can’t decide if I think she did it..or WHY she did it. There was the “behind the headline: the true story of Amanda Knox” on afterwards, and I had every intention of watching it, but I fell asleep!


  17. Bridget says

    My mom is Gloria, who I told all about your awesome blog! She told me the whole story about seeing/approaching you and we just saw this post! Needless to say, she is pretty excited and thinks you and your hubby are even more adorable in real life! We will keep reading, thanks for the shout out! 🙂



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