Blogging Tips for Beginners

Things are about to get blogtastic up in here, but first let’s cover lunch!

Monday Lunch

Today’s mid day meal included a smoked salmon bagelwich made with Whole Foods’ smoked salmon and Chavrie goat cheese (my favorite because it’s flavorful but mild for goat cheese and easily spreadable).

Fishy, Fishy

Our local Whole Foods sells smoked salmon by the seafood counter in individualized portions, so rather than paying $7+ for a small amount of smoked salmon, I purchased a big hunk of the stuff that should last for two meals for only $2.30. I guess it is possible to save money at Whole Foods. Who knew?

Take a Bite

On the side of my smoked salmon bagelwich I enjoyed half of a pint of grape tomatoes. I only had one “dud” tomato that was overly squishy in the whole batch. Sch-weet!

Before we dive right into blogger-talk, I just wanted to let you know that the Fashion page was updated this afternoon.

Moving right along…

Blogging Tips for Beginners

As you guys know, offering advice about blogging makes me wildly uncomfortable because I feel like I have so much to learn. Still, without fail, some of the most common emails I receive ask me about blogging and my personal blogging tips.

Since I’ve been blogging for just more than a year, I obviously learn something new about blogging every single day. There are some things I wish I knew right from the beginning, and I figured these little tidbits might be of some benefit to those of you who are just getting your feet wet in the blogging world or have interest in starting your own blog. (I also previously posted my number one tip for bloggers, which you may see here.)

So let’s get to it!

  • Think and Rethink Your Blog Name: It took me a long time to come up with the name of my blog. (You may see the story behind the name Peanut Butter Fingers here.)


    Take time to brainstorm a blog name you think is catchy and that you personally adore. Having an original and intriguing blog name will likely encourage people to visit your blog if they see it pop up in the comments section of another blog or if it is discussed in another blogger’s post. A blog name like “Food is Good” doesn’t do anything for me and is not a site I would likely visit.

  • Make Your Blog Name (Roughly) Match Your Web Address: Nothing is more confusing than visiting a blog one time and trying to visit it again, only to find that the web address doesn’t match the blog name at all. If your blog’s name is Food is Good, don’t make your web address Using a variation of your blog name (such as for the blog Kath Eats Real Food) can still be memorable and can sometimes be even easier to remember than the whole name of a blog. Β Just make sure that your blog name and web address are at least somewhat similar.
  • Utilize Social Media: If you have a blog, get on Twitter. Seriously. (Sarah, I’m talking to you.) It took me months to join because it seemed pointless and honestly intimidated me. Once I decided to suck it up and get on board, I realized how beneficial Twitter really is for bloggers.

    PBF on Twitter

    Twitter has allowed me to “talk” with other bloggers and really feel connected with the blogging community in a totally new way. Beginning a Facebook page is also helpful, as it allows those who don’t have Twitter to stay connected to your blog, especially if they aren’t daily readers.

  • Buy Your Own Domain: Like many other bloggers, I started my blog through WordPress (highly recommended) and initially had the web address What a mouthful! I was really scared to purchase my own domain, but eventually did and was so glad I made the switch. Not only is it 10,000 times easier to tell people my web address, it is a lot easier for readers to remember as well. Of course this is not a necessary step, as there are many fantastic blogs out there (like Janetha!) that still have wordpress or blogspot in their web address, but I found it to be a beneficial change for my blog and I only wish I would’ve done it earlier than I did.
  • Say No to Clutter: This is another personal preference, but I love blogs that have a very clean and simple look. Don’t be afraid of white space. When I visit a blog that has stuff all over the place, I feel like one side of the blog is competing with the other side of the blog for my attention. It’s a lot to take in, and I’m less likely to stick around. I like a blog that is simplistic in nature and very easy to navigate. Make sure you have pages (the tabs at the top of the blog) where people can go to learn more about you and what your blog has to offer.
  • Show Us Who You Are: Maybe it’s just me, but I like to see a quick overview of who the blogger behind the blog is right when I visit a blog. A simple small image with a quick sentence or two describing yourself or welcoming your readers to your blog goes a long way. For example, when I visit Courtney’s blog, I know right away that she’s in her twenties, lives in New York and her interests include food, fitness and fashion. Since we clearly have similar interests, I’m much more likely to explore her blog and visit again. Additionally, if you’re comfortable sharing pictures of yourself, definitely do so.

    Celebrating 25!

    It actually took me quite some time to feel okay with posting pictures of myself, but for me it all goes back to writing a blog I would want to read. I love seeing pictures of the blogger behind the blog. Pictures convey personality in a way words never quite can. Plus, it makes you seem real, and not like some autobot blogger.

  • Don’t Blog Just to Make Money: Yes, blogs can make money, but if that is your sole motivation to start a blog, you may want to think again. Blogging requires a lot of time, effort and a serious commitment. I think it’s clear when a blogger is sincere and blogs because it’s their passion and they love writing and communicating with people who share similar interests. On the flip side, if someone is just posting nonsense and is only blogging because they want a “popular” blog, it is also quite apparent and off-putting. When I receive an email from someone that only asks me “How do I make my blog popular?” I cringe a little because I’m not sure that their priorities are in the right place. If you concentrate on producing quality content, people will want to read your blog and it will grow naturally. You can’t force-feed your blog to people. This is not saying that you shouldn’t want your blog to grow! It is only natural for you to want people to read your blog. This is not the same as blogging just to make money. It’s okay (and wonderful!) to want your blog to thrive and grow, but do it because you love blogging, not because you’re solely motivated by money. Money and increased readership can be motivating, but don’t let it be the be-all and end-all of your blog. I can honestly say that I loved blogging from the beginning when I had four readers (thanks mom, dad, Leslie and Ryan)!

Please feel free to share your tips for bloggers below!

  • What has worked for you?
  • What do you think bloggers should and should not do?


    • says

      Domains and hosts are actually two different things. You can purchase a domain directly through WordPress (under Upgrades in your Dashboard) and get rid of the part that way, without making the switch to self-hosting.

      For self-hosting, you pick a host and transfer all your blog information there, etc, so you can do more advertising and have more design flexibility. πŸ™‚


      • says

        I usually buy all my domains through GoDaddy — there’s almost always a coupon code, and they’re really good about reminding you when the domain registration is up, so you don’t lose your spot!


  1. says

    These are great tips Julie!! I am currently, but am seriously considering making the switch to get rid of the wordpress part, just to make things a little more simple. I agree with you that a blog should reflect who your are, and what you want to write about. If there’s money involved, then great, but if not, then that’s great too. I do it because I love it!


  2. says

    Great tips! I especially think the last one is true- blogging is a HUGE time commitment, and if someone only wants to make money off of it, they’re better off finding a part-time job! I think the most successful blogs are the ones where you can really tell that the author is passionate about what they’re doing.

    I also think that being a little silly sometimes can be good. You don’t have to be crazy, but everyone has their quirks and I always like when bloggers say something a little random that makes me smile!


  3. says

    I agree with you about the money/popularity thing — since most “bigger” blogs have been around for years! That takes commitment.

    I’m trying to be myself more — instead of trying to be like other bloggers. That was my problem in the beginning — which is also why I took a month long break! Now I write about what I want to write about, and I take days off here and there. It was too much pressure to write every day + work + everything else. (I don’t know how you fit it all in Julie!)


      • says

        AGREE! Email address ESPECIALLY – what if I want to offer you a million dolllars and I can’t figure out how to get a hold of you? If it takes me more than 10 seconds to find your email address, that money is headed elsewhere! (or my time, comments, questions, compliments, or any thing else I may have to offer you)


        • says

          Katie – I think there are several options, but I really like when it’s located in one of the side-columns, especially under the blogger’s photo (like Julie has on this blog!)

          A lot of bloggers put it here – I think anywhere near the top of the page on either any column (some blogs have 1, others have multiple) is helpful.

          Also – some bloggers have Contact pages, which share their email address and other contact info (twitter, facebook, etc.) – I understand the idea behind a contact page; but I don’t see any reason not to have your email address in BOTH places.

          The way I see it, if you want your readers to feel comfortable communicating with you, then you should make it easy for them!


  4. says

    Thanks for the great tips, Julie! These are so helpful. I would also say value quality over quantity! Many people would like to post three times a day, but I’d rather read one or two well-written, well-crafted posts per week than three sloppily written ones per day. It may be silly, but I don’t like reading errors or poorly written entries. Thanks for these tips and for taking the time to write so eloquently and articulately–it makes reading PB Fingers a pleasure! πŸ™‚


    • says

      oh i agree with this 100%. i really like writing 3 short posts a day… but that doesn’t work for everyone. it can be hard thinking of pertinent things to say 3x a day. plus, i catch spelling errors when i rush through a post and it drives me crazy. i told my family and friends to email me immediately if they see a spelling error now!


  5. says

    Thank you for the tips! I definitely enjoyed them! I am new to blogging but I’m enjoying the learning experience and love the blogging community and all the great people I am encountering. This is definitely a good thing…..


  6. says

    Thanks for writing this Julie. I think that ALL bloggers — new or old — always have something new they can learn about this “industry”. That being said, I do think that my number 1 tip would be the inclusion of pictures as well. Obviously people want to see a photo of you (having at LEAST one photo on your “about me” page is necessary) but also of utilizing photos in every post (or at least 95% of them.) Just words can be boring, no matter how talented a writer you are! Photos are attention grabbing, and you’re absolutely right — people want to know you! After all, how would we all know how frickin’ adorable you are if you didn’t post photos of you and your froyo face! πŸ˜€


  7. says

    I agree with all of your tips. I would also add that bloggers should find their own voice in regards to their writing style and the things the blog about. I love finding new and different blogs that are unique. Who wants to read more of the same?!


  8. says

    Great tips!!! Now that I blog all of those tips seem totally normal and are extremely beneficial steps. I ALSO can NOT handle it when you can tell a blogger blogs because of a desire to become “popular” rather than an honest desire to share and learn from their own life and the lives of others!


  9. says

    I would say to not get discouraged if you don’t get lots of views at the beginning. Actually, I constantly tell MYSELF that, as I am still new and waiting til my blog takes off a bit more. I’m also trying to keep in mind what you said about blogging for the right reasons (being passionate about what you write) is what’s important, and gaining popularity shouldn’t be the priority.


    • says

      this is what I have a hard time with. it’s not that I want lots of followers because I’m not even trying to get money for it, I just wonder when people look at my blog and don’t follow, does it mean my blog sucks?? I get a lot of pageviews, but I only have 12 followers….

      any suggestions??


  10. Holley @ Smart Snacking says

    Great tips Julie! I’m still a new blogger and learning lots but one of my biggest pet peeves is when someone leaves a comment and then says “hey be sure to check out my blog” I feel like the only reason they are posting is to get people to go to their blog. You should comment because you have something to share or genuinely care! Besides, the name is a link to your blog. Just my opinion πŸ™‚


  11. Cassie @ Tofu Meets Her Match says

    Thanks Julie! I literally just started my blog and these tips are great. Off to add a few sentences about us to the front page πŸ™‚


  12. mkr says

    Just out of curiosity, was there ever a point in the early PBF stages before it was wildly popular where you weren’t sure about continuing the blog or thought about starting over from scratch? I’ve had mine for about a year and have periodic thoughts, mainly out of frustration with # of readers/page views, etc., about just deleting mine. I guess I’m just having a crisis of faith in it!


    • says

      to be 100% honest, i really make a conscious effort to never get too wrapped up in readership. i started my blog as a hobby and try not to let it be a source of stress in my life. that being said, the only time i sincerely considered not blogging was when that one article from marie claire was published and i saw so many bloggers get attacked. it made me realize how influential bloggers can be and it scared me a bit b/c i would never want anyone to be negatively impacted by something i put on my blog. that actually inspired me to try to make it VERY apparent on the homepage of my blog that i do NOT blog everything i eat.


      • says

        I know the article you’re referring to and I was pretty appalled by the poor reporting! I’m glad that you took it with a grain of salt but still took the message of influence to heart. Keep up the great work, Julie πŸ™‚


  13. Heather says

    Thank you so much for the info! I actually just bought my wordpress site today and am working on it. If I bought my domain through wordpress do I need to go through godaddy for a better way for people to search through google and bing?


  14. says

    Thanks for the tips Julie! Always fun to hear your input on blogging (and you are too modest — PBF kicks butt!!!)

    I know it varies, but what is an average estimate for the cost of purchasing your domain name?


  15. says

    I especially enjoyed the tip about writing what you enjoy reading. I’m fairly new to blogging and I’m still finding my grove. I love reading lifestyle blogs like yours, KathEats, Daily Garnish, Meals and Miles and the list goes on, but I am currently “food blogging” which I also really enjoy. So I keep asking myself that if lifestyle blogging is what I enjoy reading, why am I not blogging like that? Maybe one of these days I’ll find a happy medium, I just haven’t found it yet. Any tips on transitioning from majority food blogger to lifestyle blogging? And yes, switching to self hosted was the best decision EVER!! I would definitely recommend it!!! πŸ™‚


    • says

      i would say just do it gradually! let’s just say you make a dinner that your boyfriend loves… well, say so! don’t just leave him out of it. then talk more about what you guys did leading up to dinner, etc. eventually it becomes second nature. i seriously don’t know how to blog only about food!


      • says

        Maybe I can start small by doing “weekend recaps” and then slowly build that into my weekly posts πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for your great advice! I love reading your blog and look forward to your posts!


  16. elysie says

    Good tips! Even though I don’t blog myself`I love reading them and I totally agree with having tabs and a good “About Me” section. The more I can find out about someone in about 3 minutes’ time the more likely I am to return to their site.
    Also, I really don’t like it when people do one post every couple days and all it is is a recap of all their food eaten. I enjoy your updates throughout the day because you have good pictures of it and everything looks appetizing, but there’s always more to the posts than JUST food. It’s especially annoying when it’s just a bunch of random, boring food with no recipes.


  17. says

    Awesome tips Julie! I especially like the one about showing who you are with pictures. I was soo uncomfortable putting pictures of myself on my blog at first, because it seemed almost vain. But then I thought about what I like about other blogs, and pictures are my fave! They’re a must-have! I’ve gotten over it now, and I’ll post whatever.

    And the name! I went through so many maybe names before I settled on mine, and I do still think it is the best fit, because I TRULY am either happy or hungry!

    And I’m working on dropping the wordpress…

    Thanks for being a great blogging inspiration πŸ™‚


  18. says

    Random question. Is it possible to switch from blospot to wordpress but still keep all of your information? I swear I have heard this before but wasn’t sure if it was accurate. It seems like most people I talk to recommend wordpress. Also, would it be horribly bad to change your blog name after you started a blog? Sorry, lots of questions. THANK YOU for posting this though, I am a beginning and oh so confused on the best things to do many of times.


    • Faith @ lovelyascharged says

      WAY back around this time last year, I switched my then-baby blog over from blogspot to a wordpress blog. It was a fairly quick and painless process, and even though it did mess up a little bit of the formatting on my earliest posts, none of the major information was lost. Hope that helps πŸ™‚


    • says

      Molly —

      If you’re a newbie, I highly recommend hiring somebody to help you make the move. It *is* easy, but if you don’t redirect your old posts to the new site, you can lose some of your traffic (and those old links can lead to 404 errors, or hold pages).

      There are lots of people in the blogging community that can help, and if you have a lot of content, I think it’s worth the investment.

      If you’re not concerned about the old stuff and want a fresh start, that is a different story…

      And your host may be able to help, too — try checking the support forums or asking your readers if they have recomendations!


  19. says

    Great tips Julie! I’m fairly new to blogging and I really appreciate tips and advice from more experienced bloggers. I especially liked your point about writing a blog that you would want to read. I’ve recently tried to make this more of a priority! I literally wrote down what I liked about my favorite blogs and try to keep those things in mind and put my own spin on them. It also helps to have friends and family that will give you honest, constructive criticism!

    One of the biggest things I’ve learned in the past few months is to comment on other blogs! I try not to leave a meaningless comment, but letting another blogger know that you relate to what she’s saying or really appreciated her post is a great way to make new friends and put yourself out there πŸ™‚ It definitely took me awhile to start leaving comments, but now that I do, I really feel more connected to the blogging world!


  20. says

    I would love to hear about your experiences with self-hosting. I have my own domain through WP, but I really need to make the move to controlling my own site. I’m just not sure where or how.

    I think what draws me in to most blogs is their realness. Even if it’s mudane and about eating pizza and watching TV. Milestones and events are fun too — but I love to get a little peek into someone else’s life.


  21. says

    love your advice!!! when i first started blogging I was definitely shy to show myself in pictures and stuff, but im bustin out all those embarrassing photo booth pics-woo! i LOVe being able to see the blogger and truly establish that connection!


  22. says

    I definitely still consider myself a beginner blogger, even though I”ve been doing it for over a year and a half… I don’t know, I just don’t measure up to all you blog celebrities lol. great tips!


  23. Amanda says

    I am so glad you made a post about this! I’ve never emailed or anything, but the inspiration and joy I get out of reading your blog made me want to start my own about a week ago, and I’ve been editing all week to make it perfect! It’s so awesome to hear feedback from many bloggers and help us newbies get set up the right way. I, for sure, needed some guidance lol!

    I definitely only plan on doing my blogging as a hobby, and to relive some great memories and good times with family and friends. I’m glad I came across your blog to inspire me to do this. You are doing a great job, Julie πŸ™‚


  24. says

    I would add as a tip to create goals and an idea of frequency, and keep yourself organized by sorting photos, keeping computer notes of what you want to write about coming up.
    A part time job pays more, but this is more fun!


  25. says

    Great post!

    I think bloggers should do whatever they want, its their corner of the internets!! That being said, the one thing I think they should not do is sell out. It becomes unauthentic when you’re reading a blog and all of a sudden it is “sponsored” and the blogger is hawking products. I guess for some it puts food on the table, but for a reader its just another marketing scheme.


  26. says

    Thank you so much for posting this! I just started a new blog and this has been very helpful!
    I agree that pictures are important! I love to see not only the person, but their personality and pictures say a lot about the blogger!
    Your lunch looks yummy too!


  27. says

    I just started blogging and this is just what I needed.
    I agree about the blog looking too cluttered if there is too much going on on both sides. I just looks really busy.

    I never though about adding a picture on the front page but I will definitely have to add one.


  28. Danica says

    I agree about posting pictures and an “about me” section (no matter how brief). It’s important to me to know who’s behind the blogging, and that’s definitely made me like or dislike certain blogs more. It’s pretty obvious, too, who’s blogging because they love it and have good intentions and those that are just doing it…
    thanks for the great tips because I’d really like to start a blog but am nervous to start one-these are good things for me to think about! : )


  29. says

    I agree with your tips. And there are definitely a lot of easier ways to make money other than blogging, haha. It’s a lot of work and you have to invest money in it. It’s definitely not a money tree. I blog because it makes me so happy and I would feel kind of lost without it.
    I also agree that it’s great to get a sense of who the person is rather than just straight professional posts all the time. I usually respond most to blogs whose authors I really connect with.


  30. J3nn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog) says

    Good list of blogging tips!!

    My number one suggestion for new bloggers: DO NOT start a blog on Blogger or Blogspot. If you ever become big and want to move it, it’s a nightmare. Start on WordPress or self-hosted WordPress.


  31. Brittany says

    I don’t presently blog, but I can identify things that work and those that definitely do not work. Above all else, I think that good grammar, word choice, and general control of the English language are absolutely critical . . . for blogs written in English, of course. πŸ™‚ (Julie, you obviously have a very good handle on this one.) It’s like a necessary base layer. I don’t think a blogger’s content can shine when her writing is terrible. There are a couple of “big” blogs that I actually stopped reading solely because they were painful to read. How a blog can become popular with a handful of major, obvious errors in *every* entry is beyond me. Of course errors happen, but I would think you’d want to make a conscious effort to write well if you’re a blogger. Just my 2Β’.


      • Brittany says

        Haha, that would drive me nuts, too! I don’t recall ever noticing errors in your posts, and on top of that, I adore your blog writing style. It’s super-conversational and your personality really shows through. That’s an art!


  32. says

    Thanks for the advice! I started my blog not to long ago and I love it!! I am on blogspot and I wish I wasn’t.. I dont like how the comments are set up and a few other things! Right now I only have friends and family, but every now and then I get a random reader and it makes my day not gonna lie!! But I love seeing a mixtue of food and their life!


  33. says

    I love these tips! I also love when I read a blog and can just really learn a lot about the person and I love ‘real’ people! I dont like to read blogs where people are negative : p

    I think getting a domain is a must too!!!

    Have a great day Julie!


  34. says

    Agree on so many. Love simplistic, catchy, real blogs. And also ones that just portray a love of sharing a piece of themselves…not doing what “should” be done to be a “popular” blog. That’s no fun!


  35. Jenny says

    I am always reading blogs to see how other people live healthy and exercise, and yours is my favorite. I love the layout, and I LOVE the pictures, it really helps to connect with you and your life. I have told all of my friends about your blog. Keep up the amazing work, girl! πŸ™‚


  36. Shady says

    I know it’s a lot to ask given the volume of comments that you receive (or that many bloggers receive) but I love, love, love when they take the time to respond to comments, especially if there is a direct question in them. Plus I imagine it would make people more apt to comment which I’m guessing as a non-blogger, bloggers appreciate.


  37. says

    Thank you for this post!! Being new(ish) to the blog world, I find a lot of this very helpful. I also get discouraged by seeing so many bloggers just trying to be “famous.” I’m not here to be popular, I’m here to get healthy! πŸ™‚ Priorities!

    As a total side note – everyt ime I visit your site I feel the need to eat a jar of peanut butter πŸ˜‰ yummmm!


  38. Vivianne says

    Hi! I just started my blog a few days ago, so this post was absolute perfect timing!
    I enjoy reading your blog and can’t wait to read more πŸ™‚


  39. says

    I am going to bookmark this page to continue reading and incorporating these tips! I started a blog about 2 weeks ago and I am loving it so far! It does take a lot of commitment but I look forward to writing posts and making it more unique because I am talking about subjects I am truly interested in πŸ™‚
    Thank you to everyone who submitted great tips!


  40. says

    thanks for the tips πŸ™‚ it is definitely waaaay more time consuming than i originally thought. i love my blog though, and i love that people have started to like it. that is really the only things that matter to me. if my blog ever starts to stress me out i remind myself that it is a hobby and NOT my job. people appreciate quality posts with a little more time in between rather than a few half-ass written ones… at least i know that is how i feel! πŸ˜‰


  41. says

    Thanks for this post, love! I’ve only been blogging for a month and I’m totally still trying to figure it all out! I appreciate hearing tips from more seasoned bloggers! So far, I am totally in love with blogging! I feel like it has enriched my life in so many ways! I love having a creative outlet that inspires me (and others!) everyday. It feels so good to write and share! Taking photos and writing about the food I eat has made me appreciate it even more. I love that I eat healthy, colorful food and can share that with others! Anyway, I just wrote more than I meant to but, thank you again for the tips and for being a source of inspiration to me πŸ™‚


  42. says

    Great tips!

    Personally, spelling errors drive me crazy in blogs. I know that no one is perfect, but even some of the most popular blogs have errors in EVERY post. I know I’m guilty of it, but I read and reread my posts before publishing and try to eliminate errors as much as possible.
    And if I find a mistake afterwards (or someone makes me aware of one), I go back and fix it.

    I think spelling errors give the impression that the blogger doesn’t care about what their posting.


  43. says

    Thanks for the tips, Julie! I just started my blog a few days ago and frankly, I’m still trying to figure out what direction I want it to go in, what focus to give it… so I’ve been searching my favorites blogs for the posts that they’ve written on their tips… yours was very well-timed! I’m definitely nervous about sharing things like my name or photos of me… at least for now, I kind of want to stay anonymous in case someone I know stumbles upon it. I’ve got some dark dirty secrets that I don’t want out in public just yet, until I work through them myself. How were you able to overcome your fear of being so open on your blog?


  44. says

    My best comment that I’ve received and can give to others is comment, comment, comment. Commenting on other people’s blog is a way to give bloggers feedback they appreciate, while in turn helping to spread the word about your blog to others. Plus, who doesn’t love getting comments?!


  45. says

    Oh, Julie- you are so wise! πŸ™‚ I popped on over here this evening and look what I found- blogging tips!! Perfect!

    I think you make some awesome points. I’m having Tim work on adding the name of my blog as a domain name, too.

    Like you said- that’s probably super confusing to people!

    Plus you should absolutely give more blogging tips- people want to know how to blog from a pro! πŸ˜‰


  46. says

    whoa, did you just out skinnyrunners real name? Might wanna be careful there…I’m pretty sure she never uses it.

    I’m really, really curious why you recommend wordpress. I know nothing about it, just stumbled onto blogger because I have a gmail account, and get the feeling I picked the wrong platform. I doubt I will ever make the switch — don’t want to lose my few readers — but I’m still curious what you have to say about it


  47. says

    Great tips Julie, thanks! Since I am a newbie blogger, I am always looking for advice.

    I totally agree about writing the kind of blog you want to read. My first few posts were strictly recipes but then I realized that was not fun and the blog I gravitate towards focus on so much more, so now I try to incorporate more of me into each post. I always love reading your blog and you definitely do a great job of showing other aspects of your life besides just food, fitness, etc. So keep up the good work! πŸ™‚


  48. says

    When I started blogging, I really thought that people would just read my blog, simple as that. So I put out on an internet forum that I was looking to increase my readership and someone said to comment, comment, comment on other peoples blogs. And it helped me so much!

    And now I have some loyal followers and I love getting comments from new blogs that I haven’t heard from before. It just makes my google reader grow! πŸ™‚


  49. says

    I love reading blogs that have similar to my interest, like healthy food, fashion. travel and things that inspire them like family and friends.

    As much as I love reading about the food, I think the random stories about their life adds substance to their blog. You feel like you are getting to know a friend.

    What has put me off in the past was loving a blog because of what I have read and who I thought the blogger was (you know, like, if that person lived closer you can see them as someone you can totally be friends with)…..and then you meet them in real life and they are completely opposite to how they project themselves on their blog.

    My friends tell me that when they read my blog, it’s really how I talk in real life and, yes I always seem cheerful and positive, but hey…..that’s me in real life too so I can’t help it.

    Anyways, great post Julie and great advice.


  50. says

    I love this post! My blog is almost a year old and its slowly gaining more and more readership which is great. My tips are:

    1)Quality over quantity: I personally rather post a few good posts than shoddy posts daily

    2)Don’t focus on readership: it will grow eventually and most importantly, the blog should be something which you do for yourselfl

    3)Unless the blog is your source of income, make it a hobby not an obligation.

    4)Don’t imitate someone else’s style! I know I like to read blogs that sound original, even if that includes dorky lines/puns every so often- it’s more real!

    5)Comment on other people’s blog. Initially I found it quite funny to comment on blogs who I didn’t β€˜know’ but it’s a super friendly community. If you don’t put yourself out there, how can you expect others to know you exist and check out your blog!


  51. says

    Great post, I love getting tips on blogging, when I started just a week ago i was so overwhelmed i almost thought I would never make it!!! but it gets easier day by day and I really love sitting down everynight and putting my pictures and words together its kind of relaxing in a way. Thanks for the tips. twitter here I come!


  52. says

    Thank you for the tips!! I have just recently started blogging and I love getting any tips I can get!

    So many people have suggested that I start using twitter, and this post may have just finally convinced me!


  53. says

    Compress your visual files! I hate it when a blog takes forever to load or I have to refresh multiple times because none of the images or banner/background is prepped for web and takes forever or doesn’t load properly.
    I feel like okay I’m here and I want to read this person’s blog but refreshing repeatedly and loading is taking too long and trying my patience! And I don’t want to have to do that EVERY time I want to read the blog because most likely I’ll opt not to read it as often or at all.
    Cameras have web/computer settings that automatically make the images compressed for computer use or you can do it manually and also you can compress banners and stuff for web use with photo editing software.


  54. Laura says

    Thank you SOO much for this post! I’m about to start my blog when I go abroad to Ireland for the Summer, and have been looking around the blogging world for tips. I found your blog a few weeks ago (I looove health food blogs!) and have been hooked ever since! You are literally the CUTEST thing, and I hope to connect again once I get my blog!
    <3 Laura


  55. says

    Squeeeeeeeee I love all of these tips, Julie!!!! I can so relate to them too… I write my blog just for me and so I can share what I am up to with family and friends. Two people from my past mentioned my blog to me yesterday on FB and i had ZERO idea that they were even reading!!!! It was SUCH a neat feeling to know I am reaching out to more people than I realize (i too tend to think just my fam reads it…. but i guess not!)

    love ALL of your tips!!!


  56. says

    I must say that one of the things that drive me crazy about certain bloggers is when you write a question or meaningful comment on a post and you get no response. This alone has made me stop reading certain blogs.


  57. Chelsey @ Jam&Run says

    Great post Julie! I completely agree that it’s important to blog about things you’re passionate about and to be yourself. I worried about finding my own ‘voice’ in the beginning but I found it just developed into my own style once I wrote thoughts I actually had or posted about real things that occur in my day.
    I think that’s the biggest tip: have fun and enjoy your own posts!! πŸ™‚


  58. says

    LOVE this post, Julie (and, as you can see, I jumped in already in the replies!)

    I wish someone had taught me these things before I got started, but I don’t regret learning along the way…it’s easy to fix/change things, and it’s the natural progression of blogging. But if you wait until the “right” time, or until you have it all figured out, you’ll never get started!

    When I first started my blog, it was on Blogger, was all about food and was called Silly Tater Tot. My, how things have changed!


  59. says

    Great post πŸ™‚ I can especially relate to the part about loving blogging even when you only had four readers…sometimes I feel like my blog is only entertaining my parents! lol

    I’m currently in the process of hiring someone to help me move over to my own domain..yay!


  60. says

    Yay for a super timely post! These are great tips and I’m writing many down to apply as I finish building my new blog this weekend. I think I’ll upgrade to drop the “.wordpress” . And, Julie, my first post was inspired by the ABCs you posted. Thanks running such a fun and inspiring blog (which results in awesme readers, too:) ).


  61. says

    Thanks for the tips! I just started blogging and I am so excited! Your blog is my absolute favorite to read! You definitely inspire me to stay healthy and live a truly happy life! You rock πŸ™‚


  62. Ann says

    I just started blogging and am trying to find my groove with writing so your post (and all the tips in the comments!) really help. It’s been a long time since I wrote anything other than research papers so hopefully I’ll eventually settle in and get comfortable!

    Also, totally love your blog name! I used to dip a spoon in a pb jar at work last summer because I wasn’t allowed to use my fingers.


  63. says

    Hi Julie –

    Just wanted to pop in and tell you that you are such a motivation to me! I read your blog regularly, and I heard about you in the Angelos. πŸ™‚

    I’ve just recently starting blogging as I’m transforming from severely obese into the land of the healthy! Thanks for sharing your healthy stories! They are VERY motivational to your readers, and for these awesome blog tips.

    AOT – Kelly


  64. says

    This post came at the perfect time… i LOVE to write and share advice and after my january wedding i decided a blog was the perfect outlet for me.

    My blog ( focuses on fitness, fashion and weddings! I hope to inspire and encourage my readers and look forward to gaining a world of wonderful followers- as you have!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  65. Pamela says

    Thanks for the tips, Julie! I recently started my own blog, and I honestly love it even though I have only shared it with a few people. As a grad student, I don’t have much free time, but I have found enjoyment and even some stress relief from writing and blogging. πŸ™‚


  66. Desiree says

    Love the tips!!! I too have thought about starting a blog.

    Would you recommend to start at wordpress or just jump into self-hosting at the beginning? I’ve looked around wordpress and it seems super easy and that’s really what I need since I have NO idea what I’m doing.

    I know know, you said “if you can do it…” But you are super talented and and inspiration. Thanks for the tips!!!


  67. says

    Thanks for the tips! I have recently really gotten into blogging, and I have been reading all of these incredibly successful blogs wishing I could be like that too!

    I love to write, so I really write for myself, but I would love to be apart of the community you know? These are great suggestions! Thank you πŸ™‚


  68. Trisha says

    Hello! So now that you’re up and running successfully, have you changed where you’d recommend newbies go through for their domain, host or blogging? Would you still recommend wordpress for the blog, godaddy for the domain and where would you recommend for the host? I’m trying to understand how all of this ties together and get my blog rolling in the best way possible. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I absolutely heart your blog and follow it daily!


  69. says

    Hi Julie!

    I stumbled across your blog on pinterest last week and have been hooked ever since! I started a blog about science education on blogger this summer, and it’s been slow to start. After reading your advice on starting a blog, I decided to try out wordpress and twitter and am loving the change! I still have a lot of studying and playing around to do, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it. Thanks for your inspiration πŸ™‚



  70. says

    I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog! I kept reading about PB Fingers from other blogs and here you are. Thanks so much for your posts – I’ll definitely be going through all these tips for blogging. I’m only new to blogging but am aiming for my first half marathon and as I love writing it’s such a great way to fulfil both passions! Already I’ve read your tips and got some ideas to improve my blog here it is – check it out if you have time… Only been blogging a couple of months so a long way to go! Thanks so much – look forward to following your posts!


  71. says

    Having read this I believed it was really informative. I appreciate you taking the time and
    effort to put this information together. I once again find myself personally spending way too much time both reading and posting comments.
    But so what, it was still worth it!


  72. says

    Hi Julie,
    I’m a new reader to your blog and recently started a blog of my own. I just wanted to thank you for putting these posts together! I’ve found them really helpful. I really enjoy reading your blog and look forward to reading more!


  73. says

    Hi! I know this is an older post, but so glad I came across it again. I’ve been an avid PBF reader for years, but just re-read all the blog talk Tuesday posts. It’s fantastic! Do you think you’d continue doing series again?


  74. says

    Hi! I know this is an older post, but so glad I came across it again. I’ve been an avid PBF reader for years, but just re-read all the blog talk Tuesday posts. It’s fantastic! Do you think you’d continue doing this series again?


      • says

        I’d love to hear more about the very beginning of your blog. What kinds of things outside of just posting did you do on a daily basis, and how long it took before you really started to get more followers, and when you realized this blog really made it! Forgive me if you’ve already covered this, but I love hearing others success stories. Thanks again!


  75. says

    Hey there!
    I stumbled upon your blog on Bloglovin and I absolutely love your posts. I found this one to be really helpful , as I have recently ventured into the blogging world and am always open to tips from others. I am in the Charlotte area as well πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing this insight you have-it’s so kind of you. Thanks for being here and keep up the great work!



  76. says

    Hi Julie!
    I know you posted this years ago and it seems kind of silly to be commenting now, but I just had to comment and tell you how much you have inspired me just in the last week! Seriously, I just discovered your blog a week ago and I absolutely love it! I have wanted to start a blog for so long, but never knew where to begin or had the courage to just do it! This post of yours is what has finally given me the motivation to start my own blog and yesterday I officially made my first post! I just wanted to say thanks and I can’t wait to continue reading your posts! Oh and sorry this is so long!!

    XX Haleigh!



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