Our Temporary Home

Welcome to our temporary home!

extended stay hotel 005

extended stay hotel 006

extended stay hotel 010

Ryan’s new company booked us a room at a nearby extended stay hotel where we’ve set up camp until we find a home to rent in the area.

The hotel is very nice and roomy. I think we’ll be just fine!

The downside?

They don’t allow this little girl…

vizsla dog park 079

Sadie is currently staying at my parents’ house where my mom, dad and sister are keeping a loving eye on her.

Ryan and I also decided it would be best for me to go back and forth from Ocala to St. Pete in the upcoming weeks to do my part as a doggy mama since we don’t feel like it’s fair to just dump Sadie on my family (even though they LOVE her), so I’ll be doing a lot of traveling.

This will be a good chance for me to spend some quality time with my family and Ryan and I plan to be responsible dog parents and spend most of the upcoming weekends with Sadie somehow, whether it be in St. Pete with my family, Sarasota with his family, etc.

wheat germ cookies 044


When we received our 6 a.m. wakeup call, Ryan and I quickly changed into our gym apparel and walked a few feet to the hotel’s fitness center.

extended stay hotel 007

Talk about convenient!

We scoped out the gym last night, so we knew it had adequate cardio machines and a wrack of free weights. I figured I could do a total-body weights workout of some sort without much trouble.

extended stay hotel 009 

I began my workout with five minutes of incline walking before hopping on the elliptical for 20 minutes.

I then completed this strength-training workout:

Exercise Weights Reps Sets
Bicep curls 15 lbs. 15 3
Side shoulder raises 10 lbs. 15 3
Deadlifts 30 lbs. 15 3
Tricep extensions 20 lbs. (total) 15 3
Alternating lunges 15 lbs. 15 1
Hamstring ball curls Bodyweight 20 3
Pushups (on my knees) Bodyweight 15 3
Wall sits Bodyweight 30 sec. 3
Various crunches on exercise ball Bodyweight 50 3

I missed some of the machines I use to do some leg exercises, but this workout got the job done!


Breakfast today was awfully convenient as well thanks to a complimentary buffet at the hotel.

extended stay hotel 001

I filled my plate with a hardboiled egg white (hardboiled egg yolks are dry and nasty!), whole wheat toast, a banana, scrambled eggs with Swiss cheese and a container of peanut butter that I used as a dip for my toast. (And my finger. Let’s be real.)

extended stay hotel 003

The Swiss cheese scrambled eggs were my favorite! They were ridiculously cheesy. I refilled my plate with another small serving before heading back to the room with Ryan.

Now I am seriously PUMPED to get back into work mode. I felt so frazzled with the move last week and stressed out over the chaos occurring in my inbox. Time to tackle the beast!

The Great Fundraising Act

great fundraising act

If you are active in the blog community, you’ve likely heard Susan’s story. Susan is the amazing healthy living blogger behind the blog The Great Balancing Act, a personal trainer and a phenomenal woman. She was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and has incurred monthly medical bills of $5,000.

The amazing Janetha organized a fundraising auction to raise money to help Susan with these expenses. Companies and bloggers have donated goods to the auction which you may check out here.

I am donating a batch of homemade peanut butter granola (which I plan to send along with some other goodies!), which you may see here. All you have to do to place a bid is comment in the comment box with the amount of your bid. A detailed explanation of the rules and logistics of the auction may be seen on The Great Fundraising Act page. 

If you don’t want to bid on anything, you may also simply make a monetary donation.

I hope you all win something awesome and I thank you in advance for contributing to this phenomenal auction, which is live from 8 a.m. (EST) to 11 p.m. (EST). Of course all proceeds will go directly to Susan.

I’m off to get mah bid on!


  1. Julia says

    The thing I love about hotel gyms? The TV’s on the cardio machines. Yes, the convenience of them too, but TV, Im like a 4 year old watching a cartoon, the rest of the world is non existent.


  2. Shady says

    So sad about Sadie. I struggle when I go on vacation for a week being away from my furkids. Thank goodness for families who love ’em as much as we do. Best of luck with the continuing house hunt. Even though the temporary digs are pretty posh, you both must be anxious to find a permanent place.


  3. Yolie @ Practising Wellness says

    That is so awesome that Ryan’s company has hooked you up with a hotel room…and how cool to have a gym within a few feet AND a complimentary breakfast buffet. 🙂
    I’m sorry that Sadie can’t stay with you for the time being, but it seems like everything is working out pretty well considering – how awesome of your parents to puppy-sit for a bit! You two are very very responsible doggy parents.
    Wishing you a wonderful day, Julie! Best of luck tackling your inbox…from the comfort of a cosy hotel room!
    Don’t stress…keep calm and carry on 😉 xyx


  4. says

    I bet you guys miss Sadie so much!! It’s great she is able to stay with your parents!! Hope you find a fantastic house very SOON!! 🙂

    Have a great day!!!


  5. says

    I know it’s stressful trying to plan everything and make arrangements during a move, but it looks like you and Ryan are doing great! I recently made a big move and had to do temporary housing for a little while. It was upsetting since I missed my belongings and I just wanted to get settled into what would be my new home. So I know the temporary housing thing can suck. But I know you and Ryan will find an awesome place to live after all of this (hopefully the one with pool)!


  6. says

    Well, at least for the first short bit of your time in Ocala you won’t have to worry about a long trek to the gym, it’s right downstairs!

    Enjoy your stay, the digs actually look pretty nice (gotta love dramatic horse prints, right?) and at least you’re not in storage with your stuff!!

    Those eggs…. look eggs-cellent.


  7. says

    As terrible as basically having to move twice is, how nice that you are set up with free brekkie and an in-home gym on your mini stay-cation??

    I had a similar situation last year, with two weeks between apt leases. My roommate and I shared a bedroom in a 3 bedroom apartment, the other 2 bedrooms being inhabited by guy friends of ours. One of whom she dated our freshman year of college. SOooo it could be worse.


  8. Holly @ The Runny Egg says

    Sometimes I wish we lived in a condo (or extended stay hotel!) for the workout rooms — I would love to walk down the hall to go to the gym!

    I think it is nice of you to go take care of Sadie — and it will be nice to spend extra time with your family!


  9. says

    I judge hotels by their gym, pool, and complimentary breakfasts. Forget about the room, I deem a hotel a “good hotel” if it has peanut butter at the breakfast buffet! Haha! I guess yours passed the test! 😉


  10. says

    Wow the hotel is pretty cosy! And you’ve got a fitness center that’s a must! What I prefer in hotels is the breakfast buffet, jus love it ^^


  11. Laura (Cookies vs. Carrots) says

    Your temporary place seems pretty sweet! Hopefully you’ll have a full-time home soon!


  12. says

    It’s so convenient to have a gym and complimentary (already fixed!) breakfast every morning. Do you also have the housekeeping services? (that’s be so neat!) At least there are some positive aspects of this temporary housing! I know you will miss Sadie, though!


  13. says

    Boo! To having to leave Sadie! I might be in this situation where we have to stay at a hotel for a while when we move for my husband’s new job. Thanks for previewing it for me. Lol. 🙂 I would love to have a gym right there. So that’s a plus. 🙂


  14. says

    That was really nice of his company to put you up in the hotel until you find a new place to live!! Too bad for Sadie though… hopefully you will all be reunited soon!!

    I just bid on 4 different items for The Great Fundraising Act! I hope I win some!


  15. says

    Continental breakfasts are so convenient, but they can be dangerous if you don’t pay attention to what you’re eating or how much you’re eating! I went a little out of control on the all-inclusive food on our recent honeymoon, but I won’t be doing that again for a while!


  16. says

    GOOD LUCK to Ryan on his first day!!!
    I hope you guys find a house soon, I’m sure the hotel is nice, but I know how much I would want to have an actual house. But, free maid service, right?! That kind of helps, I would think 🙂


  17. says

    Thats sad about Sadie! I don’t know what I would do without my dog. We recently went on vacation, and we went a whole week without seeing him. By time we came back, he was the first person (yes, person. :P) we said hi to…and my aunt just kinda stood there like “uhm…hello? I’m here too!” lol.
    Have a good day!


  18. says

    OMG right there with y’all on the hardboiled egg yolks. So nasty! I always remove them (the only way I really like yolk is in a runny/dippy egg).

    What a silly hotel, who wouldn’t want Sadie to stay with them?


  19. says

    Living at a hotel certainly has its perks, huh?! I wouldn’t want to do it for long, but I’d love a few days of meals made for me and a gym steps from my door!


  20. Lisa says

    Nice place. Do you get maid service????? How long is Ryan’s company paying for you guys? Before my current tenants moved in they were staying at an extended stay hotel too. They were very anxious to get out as I’m sure you both are. Hopefully you won’t be there for very long.


  21. sue says

    I lived in a residence-type hotel for 8 months during the time I was moving from NJ to Chicago. I found it to be one of the most relaxing and low-stress times of my life — I wondered why I ever bought a house again!! The idea that someone would make my bed, clean my “apartment”, leave fresh towels, cook my breakfast, and do my grocery shopping was heavenly to me. I could always relax at home if I wanted, but felt guilty if I should be doing something else around the house. In the hotel, I was able to push them out of my mind and not worry about them.


  22. Ashley says

    Hey Julie! I discovered your blog not too long ago and I love reading it! I have a vizsla too (and a yellow lab) and a few months ago my boyfriend & I moved into a new place and we couldn’t have our dogs with us for the first week because we had to wait for our landlord to get a new insurance policy to cover pets. They stayed with my parents for the week and we about went crazy without them! You don’t realize how much of your life you devote to those furry babies until you don’t have them for a while! However, our dogs sleep in the bed with us, so we did sleep better at night without them due to all the extra room! Hope the same is true for you guys! Good luck in your new city! Too bad we don’t live closer, we could get our vizslas together for play dates! 🙂


  23. says

    Goodluck to Ryan today on his first day!!! How long do you think you will have to stay at the hotel/temporary living? Hopefully not too long…your dream house is available mis August right? That’s not terrible…3 weeks or so??


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