Sure To Make You Sore Leg Workout

Wanna know a great way to kick off the workweek?

Bang out 100 squats in a row at the gym!

Another version of the 100 squat workout? Simply squat for approximately three quarters of one long song (about three minutes).

I realized that it took me a little less than the entire duration of “No Diggity” to get through all 100 squats. (You know I love my ‘90s classics.)

The 100-squat challenge kicked off a pretty stellar leg workout that I’m sure will have me feeling awfully sore tomorrow.

leg workout

I had some of you request me to put my workouts in “picture form” so you can save them more easily, so there ya go! I added the pinkish font color for a little flava.

(Note: The weights listed are simply my weight selection. You, of course, may increase or decrease the weights depending on your preference.)


Breakfast this morning was a healthified egg McMuffin, only I used raspberry jelly in place of Canadian bacon since we didn’t have any on hand.

healthified egg mcmuffin

We really need to hit up the grocery store tonight because I used the last of our muenster cheese (ah!), and English muffins in this meal.

healthy egg mcmuffin

A white nectarine and a hot cup of my new favorite Godiva coffee was also enjoyed alongside my breakfast sandwich.

Men’s Clothing: What Do You Love?

When I was in Orlando two weeks ago, my friend Laurel and I were talking about our shared love of Jim Halpert (aka John Krasinski… and yes, we call him by his character’s name).

john krasinski

(If you’re also a Jim/John fan, definitely head over to Cely’s blog because her “Magnificent Men of Monday” post is dedicated to this handsome fella.)

We love how he seems like a down-to-earth guy and a total sweetheart. (Laurel is convinced they would hit it off if they met in real life… if it weren’t for that whole wife thing. Minor details…)

Anyway, a couple of years ago, Laurel forwarded me an interview he did that said he’s not all about the glitz and the glam.

John said, “It’s not about celebrity or not. It’s all about, do you have that ‘girl in a cardigan’ in you. You gotta have that.”

We loved that quote because it made him seem even more accessible and real.

I think Cely’s blog post this morning made me remember this conversation because it got me thinking about what articles of clothing I find super attractive on guys.

I know this probably seems completely random, but my all-time favorite thing for a guy to wear is a pull-over quarter zip sweater.

j.crew quarter zip sweater

Specific, huh?

I also love the look of a guy in a button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up. The sleeve roll is key!

willam and harry

(Even though Prince William is demonstrating the look I like in the above picture, you know I posted this picture for Prince Harry. Heeey, guy.)

And now I’m really hoping you guys have certain articles of clothing you love on the opposite sex, otherwise I’m going to feel like a bit of a creeper.

Question of the Morning

  • What is your favorite article of clothing that someone of the opposite sex wears?


  1. Dawn @ Blonde on a Mission says

    The half zip sweater is my favourite piece on a guy, but I also love it when they wear dark jeans with a black v-neck tee or black button up shirt.


  2. Annie says

    I totally love the button up shirt with the sleeves rolled. that’s my husband’s go-to look for going out on the town, and it drives me wild (in a good way!).


  3. says

    I like sweaters on men sometimes 🙂 Depends on the person haha. I love the zip up as well. For men, I think it depends on the situation/weather (well…for women as well, duh haha) but as long as your face and personality are in check, the clothes aren’t too big of a deal 😉


  4. chelsea says

    i like the rolled up sleeve button up shirt look! i also love guys in plaid shirts, my boyfriend is always in plaid..i love it! its not weird plaid, its cute plaid! haha


  5. says

    I’m just a little bit of a Jim Halpert aka John Krasinski lover myself. I love him for the same reasons you and Laurel do. But you’re right, the wife thing is just a minor detail! 😉

    I love when men wear a button down shirt with their sleeves rolled up as well. It’s one of my favorite looks. Luckily, my husband likes wearing them that way! I also love a guy in nice slacks, a dress shirt, and tie. There’s nothing more handsome than that.


  6. Allie says

    I love when guys wear long sleeve shirts. Right when it gets cold enough for us to get cute sweaters and boots but they’re able to settle for just a cotton long sleeve. And, I too, love the rolled up sleeve look you mentioned above!


  7. says

    Nice fitting jeans, a suit and tie, button down shirt with sleeves rolled (yah!!), and definitely the half zip sweater. I guess I am a major creeper?! Or know exactly what I love on my husband. Hehe 😉

    I LOVE squats!!! Whooooeee-100 squats is super fun to do, so I am glad you posted this!


  8. says

    I completely 100% agree with you on the half zip up sweater! I will never forget the first time I saw my fiance wear one, I just about melted! Now, whenever we see one on sale I try to get him to buy it. There is just something about him in that type of sweater. 🙂


  9. says

    YES, I was totally part of a hip-hop/jazz dance group in middle school, and our final recital routine was to “No Diggity.” Love. It.

    Also I am a sucker for guys in button down shirts with the sleeves rolled. Extra bonus points if there is a sweater vest involved. Have I just publicly confessed my love for nerdy, bookish guys? Why yes I have.


  10. says

    I love it when Keith wears pink. Pale doesnt happen very often but when he wears a pale pink button down with jeans and sandals…I am like *swoon*!!


  11. Beth says

    I love a guy in a bright Columbia Sportswear fishing shirt, khaki shorts (no cargo) and boat shoes. If he also had hair like a Ken doll (swooped) I would melt. So weird, but that’s my thing!


  12. says

    Oh man…I love guys in way too many different kinds of outfits haha. For me I guess it depends on where we’re going or what we’re doing! But I do love the half zip sweater- that’s always nice. Especially if they have a good body and it hugs their muscles in all the right ways :D.


  13. says

    I love the long, collared shirt with the v-neck sweater over it. And the cuffs of the collared shirt need to come out over the sweater at the wrists. Kinda like Harry’s pic, but I’m against patterns. NO patterns.

    See? You’re not the only one that’s specific. 🙂


  14. says

    I also love the button-down-sleeves-rolled look – I love rugby shirts with rolled sleeves too! It’s like the guy takes some time to actually dress himself rather than put on the first thing he grabs, but he’s still keeping it casual! I’m also a sucker for a nice sweater/button-down combo, similar to Harry in the picture you posted, and a nice pair of glasses doesn’t hurt!


  15. says

    I love a guy in a rugby jersey, or a bulky wool sweater (not a goofy holiday one, but a neutral one). Or a suit (Barney from How I Met Your Mother is spot on with that one).


  16. Marcy says

    White t-shirt and jeans. Casual. And a creepy Monday story for you; My first year of university my then boyfriend lived 5 hours away. I actually bought a stick of Old Spice to have so I could smell his smell. So lame.


  17. says

    I was thinking of you when I did my 100 squats this weekend Julie! As for male clothing, yes, John/Jim is definitely a good dresser! I think my favourite articles would be the button down shirt (of course, with the sleeve roll) and a really good-fitting pair of jeans. 🙂


  18. Nancy @ Beyoutiful Fitstyle says

    I love hats and fitted jeans! I also love calf high black socks when in gym shorts. (I have a weird obsession with calves.)


  19. says

    So with you on the button-down with rolled up sleeves. It helps if the shirt is white. Ooh lala. 🙂

    I also really, really enjoy the backwards baseball cap. Sometimes if my BF is wearing his normal, I’ll flip it around and put it backwards for him. 😉 It brings out his dimples, eyes, everything and he looks SO cute!


  20. says

    I so totally agree about the button up with sleeves rolled up! It’s one of the best looks for a guy. I also think a good pair of jeans is important. Can’t be havin’ dad jeans! And of course, a nice suit is hard to beat. 🙂


  21. Marie says

    I love when my husband wears his hat on backwards. It’s what he was wearing when we met, so everytime he puts it on it brings me back to a really fun time in our lives!


  22. Summer says

    I LOVE jim! Except…. I met someone who worked at Universal Studios who said he’s an absolute prick…

    I choose to believe he was having a bad day(s)


  23. says

    Hi there!
    Just wanted to say I am really enjoying your blog and am totally hooked on muenster cheese with my runny eggs now! I use sourdough bread for mine. Haven’t worked up the courage to try it with jam though!

    I love when a guy can look awesome in a Tshirt and jeans. Yum.


  24. Lauren says

    I feel like such a wimp when it comes to legs! I can’t believe you can do 100 squats with an 80 pound barbell. That is a serious accomplishment! Squats have always been difficult for me. I don’t know why that is. I’ve added weight to deadlifts and lunges over the years but squats are one exercise that I can’t seem to add weight to. My body just sort of ‘falls out,’ like it can’t handle any more weight. I could probably do 20 reps of a 50 pound bar. I can actually do more weight on a reverse lunge than I can with a squat. It’s so frustrating! I honestly think I could probably only push out 100 squats if I did no weight!!


  25. says

    I agree with both of your choices! Yum! I also love a guy in a baseball hat. Have you seen Mr. Krasinski in Something Borrowed? It seriously made me love him more. His character is hilarious!


  26. says

    Um yum to all of those. Have you seen Josh Duhamel in Life as We Know It? That is one sexy mancandy. The quarterzip sweater (and I prefer with a leather pull-tab a la Banana Republic sweaters) is the hottest ever!


  27. Emily says

    So this has nothing to do with your post today, but the rainy FL weather has got me wondering about one of your past posts and where you got Sadie’s raincoat? My little pup needs one!


  28. says

    i’ll self-contradict…love a man in a tailored suit….or in just boxers 😛

    my guy looks good in a black button-up shirt with his sunglasses on, but that is a him-specific fav


  29. says

    such a fun post! I was laughing out loud!
    I think I have never actually seen a guy wearing a zipper sweater… It certainly does look nice on the model above 😀
    I love just plain white t-shirts (the tight ones;)) and jeans, but I also love checkes button down shirts with jeans and boots (cowboy, much?).


  30. Paige says

    Hey just an FYI if you’re looking for a new leg workout, this one seriously lives up to its name:

    I do it once a week and it seriously kills me. Last week when I did it I ended up doing 271 squats (body weight only, I did it at home). So anyway…if you try it don’t be mad at me! 🙂

    Also, I have a serious weakness for half-zip mock neck sweaters. Definitely the way to my heart, clothes-wise. My guy friends always look forward to “skirt season” but I’m alllllll about sweater season!


  31. says

    I love the rolled up button shirt and I love when my hubby sports a backwards hat. So yummy. 🙂 I also love the picture of Prince William and Harry. I just met a British guy at my work conference and he probably thought I was a little crazy with my talk of the royals!!


  32. says

    That looks like a great workout! If I didn’t have to to 5 miles today (ugh, I had too much fun @ homecoming for this..), I would be giving it a go!

    You are not a creeper AT ALL! I feel the same way about Men’s clothing. The pullover half zip is a great option! I also LOVE grey dress pants for some reason….with a nice white polo (Lacoste) or sweater. Call me silly but I like men in scarves too..sometimes 😉


  33. says

    I love a fitted, casual button up shirt paired with black jeans. Makes me melt! A tailored winter coast with a black Beanie also makes me swooping. Luckily, my boyfriend just so happens to wear both of these looks. Hubba hubba. 😉


  34. Kristin @ STUFT Mama says

    My least favorite is sweatervests. I don’t know why. They make me cringe.
    PS- LOVE the title of this post. 🙂


  35. Carie says

    One trick I do to get squats in without it ‘being a workout’…I have an electric toothbrush that goes for 2 minutes, so I do squats in the am for the 2 minutes and lunges in the pm for the 2 minutes. I can do around 75 squats and 65 or so lunges that way/ day. :o)


  36. Nicole says

    If they can make a white t-shirt look good, then I. AM. DONE!

    I love shirts that show off a man’s arms & forearms (really like strong forearms for some reason!)


  37. Leslie says

    This took a bit of thought, because the half-zip is definitely a fav of mine, too. Pair a nice patterned button-down under the half-zip? Swoonage. Major swoonage.

    I also love a nice dark pair of fitted jeans (not skinny jeans, NO thanks) or maybe a backwards bball cap? I find that sort of adorable!

    Let’s not forget a tux, something about a man in a tux, yummmmmm!


  38. says

    Love when guys wear nice clothes, of any kind. Especially jackets. And a good pair of jeans is always nice (well-fitting jeans, not too tight!).

    I have one question – for your leg workouts, do you use barbells/free weights for everything? Or any kind of machine or assist?


  39. Julie says

    Ahhh, I love half-zips! I also am really diggin’ v-neck T’s and cozy looking v-neck sweaters for fall…love a guy in a well fitting sweater (Harry’s looking good in his!). You are totally not a creeper for having favorite items of clothing on a guy–we all know guys are the same way with us girls!


  40. Sarah @ The Dirt Road Dreamer says

    I’m probably in the minority on this one, but a pair of Wranglers and some cowboy boots, if a man can pull those off, he can wear anything!

    I’m also with you on the rolled up sleeves 🙂


  41. says

    I am loving the half zips and fall sweaters myself…

    But also, there’s something extremely appealing about the whole gym attire/comfy shirt and shorts thing that is semi-irrestiable as well 😉


  42. Primrose says

    I like a good crisp white shirt with the top few buttons open and absolutely no chest hair! I hate it when men wear an open shirt and their chest hair is peaking out!


  43. says

    my girlfriends and i actually bumped into John Krasinski at a bar a few years back and my more-ballsy-than-i-would-ever-be friend courtney went over to say hi. no love match (how cool would that have been??) but she said he was super sweet and incredibly gracious. i mean…i wouldnt expect anything less, right?? such a cutie pie!

    i love nice v-neck sweaters on a guy…especially when i can borrow them when you just want something big and snugly to wear around the house.


  44. Terri says

    My favorite look on a man is those jeans that don’t fit real snug but just kinda hang on a good rear end. Is that too much? I’m blushing as I type this. Also a nice button-up that fits well and has rolled-up sleeves too. Still blushing…


  45. Mel says

    I still love a guy in a backwards hat. Even though, the look is few and far between on “grown up” men, I still think it adds alittle something to an athletic outfit.


  46. Rosa - Fitness, Food, Fulfilled says

    I totally love the button down shirt with rolled up sleeves. Forearms are one of my favorite parts of a guy, so it totally shows them off. I also love that it shows he’s well dressed, but still willing to be casual and have some fun.


  47. says

    all my girlfriends laugh at me when I say i love the quarter-zip sweater look on a guy (really, Alyssa? way to be specific…?). thank you for reiterating the sexuality of this. 😉 i adore the frat boy preppy style… still. I can’t help it.


  48. Amanda says

    I looove when my fiancee wears his glasses. They’re small and rimless and make him look so smart. He thinks he looks dorky, but I want to jump him when he wears them! Also, I really love when a guy wears top siders (boat shoes).


  49. laurel says

    Hooray!!! A post dedicated to my lover Jim 🙂 I love him in all his outfits…but guys in general I also love pull over sweatshirt/short zipper things…but my most favorite are baseball t shirts…like the white one’s with navy sleeves…it just looks so boyish to me and I love it! And I love Jim…and we would it hit it off, I’m just waiting for Emily B. to play her cards wrong so I can swoop in!


  50. says

    HOW WEIRD. Those are my two favorite looks on a guy, and when my boyfriend rocks them, I get a little weak in the knees (cheesy, but so true). I’m also a sucker for the suit and hat style, a la Don Draper. Good golly, is that a good look.

    Jon Krasinski—call me ; )


  51. says

    Now that you pointed it out, I REALLY love seeing my husband wear a half zip pull over. Especially in dark blue. *sigh*

    And yes, Prince Harry is to DIE for. 🙂


  52. Geraldine says

    Mmmmm jim halpert. It’s those adorable looks he gives the camera on The Office and his perfect teeth! Yum-o-liscious. I love a man in a simple fitted (but not too tight) white T shirt or navy and white striped T that shows off his strong arms.


  53. says

    I love the button ups rolled up too! That and dress pants that aren’t like parachute pants. I love vneck sweaters too, with or without a dress shirt underneath. Eek


  54. Liz says

    I don’t know about a favorite specific item of clothing on guys, but both Wills & Harry both look adorable in that picture! (One of my favorites of them)


  55. Amanda says

    A white button up long sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled tucked into jeans with a brown belt, with brown boots, with a little facial scruff going on. Mmmm. And I kind of swoon over Tom Cruise’s look in Top Gun when he has the plain white Tee and the brown jacket with the aviators.


  56. says

    The 1/4 zip and button down with rolled up sleeves is what I love on my husband also. Polo button downs are the BEST! He also really likes pairing a casual button down with a blazer and dark jeans. He always looks good!


  57. Kanoe says

    This question is a hard one but I do have to say I love the button down shirt and I also love specific sweaters on some guys. They just look so cute LOL!
    And OMG!! I had to comment on your 90s mix b/c it sounds like something I would have LOL. Actually kinda sounds like one I created recently HAHAHA! I was telling my friend last week I used to love Blackstreet. No Diggity was one of my favs! I <3 the 90s!! Thanks for that! 🙂


  58. Susan Comer says

    I have recently changed my workouts to body splits like you. Do you do your squats with the smith machine or with a 80lb barbell? I have trouble getting anything heavy or my head. You are a strong girl. I do legs with chest so 100 squats would probably be too much but just curious.


  59. says

    i am so with you on the sweater and button down, sleeves rolled thing. those are definitely my favorites. i also love cargo shorts/khaki shorts with a polo and flip flops. kinda preppy but I like. 🙂


  60. Jen says

    Oooh love the rolled up sleeve look. Also love frayed khaki shorts. I definitely like the preppy look.

    Do you think there are any items that guys particularly like on girls other than the usual skirt/dress?


  61. says

    I love when guys wear the rolled up sleeve look too. I hate short sleeved shirts! 🙂 Also, flanno shirts and straight leg jeans with a white or black plain t underneath.. Im a rocker, I can’t help it 🙂


  62. Amy says

    Flannel shirts and jeans. Or tuxedos (probably a result of about a million concerts as a music major, haha). Also boots, cowboy or motorcycle. Or a button down shirt and blazer with jeans (very common ‘fancy’ wear in Montana!).


  63. MLC512 says

    This morning I decided to try out doing 100 squats (it was a mini goal I set for myself). Needless to say I did it. I had to break it up at first and ended up doing 2 sets of 25 the second half. I loaded up 70lbs and went to town. It felt good to do it! Thanks for the idea and insight!



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