Merry Week

Good Monday morning!

I think a lot of people have a shortened work week this week thanks to the holidays – Ryan has Thursday and Friday off – so I’m hoping the energy around the world will be pretty upbeat and festive!

be merry

Grab your jingle bells… or hop on over to the new Holiday Recipes page I created on the blog last night and whip up something special for your friends and family.

So far I have recipes listed under three major holidays: Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I plan to add more recipes as new holidays pop up and I create new dishes or stumble upon forgotten recipes I’ve posted before that got lost on the blog among the millions of posts I’ve done throughout the past two years.

And stay tuned for some delicious Hanukkah recipes from a very special guest blogger!


Today’s workout wasn’t crazy hard.

For some reason I did a workout similar to what I usually do when I work out my upper body, but I never got that wow, this is a great workout feeling.

Something is better than nothing though and I’m glad I went.

Today’s workout looked like this:

upperbody workout

My arms actually do feel a bit fatigued as I am typing out this post, so maybe it was a better workout than I thought?


It was a cold morning in Ocala today which meant a hot breakfast was in order.

chocolate oatmeal

I made myself a bowl of chocolate peanut butter oatmeal by combining oats, milk, chocolate protein powder and peanut butter in a bowl, microwaving it up and stirring until the oats were thick and everything was perfectly combined.

chocolate oats

I almost forgot to snap a photo of this one but remembered right as I was about to polish off my bowl.

The oats are sitting nice and warm in my belly right now, but I think I may make myself a cup of coffee in a bit to keep the warm feeling going.

Hope your week is off to a wonderful start!

P.S. The Fashion page was updated today.


  1. says

    Hooray for some Hanukkah recipes. Sometimes it feels like the forgotten holiday.

    Kudos for it, although even as someone who celebrates hanukkah, I’m not sure what a hanukkah recipe will be. 🙂 Can’t wait to find out!


  2. says

    Yay for holiday recipes!! Such a good ideas :D. And your bowl of oats looks fantastic. I’m thinking that a cup of coffee is necessary haha. Oh and I love the dress you were wearing in your fashion page post! You look gorgeous :). Hope you have a fantastic Monday Julie!


  3. Anne says

    I want to try protein powder in oatmeal , but I’m afraid. I remember in the past it got very clumpy + dry. I ONLY have whey protein ISOLATE. So, I would love to find out the EXACT way to make these that will effectively blend beautifully and sit comfortably in my stomach.


  4. says

    Mm..that oatmeal looks like batter for a chocolate peanut butter no bake cookie, which is MAYBE my favorite cookie ever. 🙂

    Enjoy your week and yay for Ryan getting some time off!


  5. says

    You’re right, a workout is better than no workout! Not every trip to the gym is going to leave you feeling jiggly arms, but your bod is still benefiting!
    Love the holiday recipe section! I spent all day baking yesterday and need a vacation from the oven, but I might try a recipe later this week!


  6. dana a. says

    i love the recipe page! can you make one for smoothie and oatmeal? i love all your different combinations and sometimes forget when you post them. thanks for doing this for us!


  7. says

    I’m going to be bringing your upper body workout to the gym today. I need to start doing weight lifting more often but I just get tired of doing the same things over and over again.


  8. says

    Those oats look delicious!! I was wondering; when you make your oats, do you use a whole scoop of protein powder? I have tried it before, but it seems to taste REALLY proteiney (definitely not a word haha). Any tips?


  9. Regan says

    I was wondering where do you find your little workout plans like the one you used today? Do you just find them on Pinterest? I just really like the simplicity of them and I would love to start incorporating them into my plan, because I usually just make things up as I go and well…that’s not always great. I’d like to start following little plans that I can switch up each week.


  10. says

    I was planning since last night to make a warm oatmeal bowl this morning but opted for a messy yogurt bowl to use up the last drops of yogurt [as if I need a reason to go to the grocery store], haha!


  11. Jessica Corbin says

    You light my life up with your blog 🙂 So far, its a good start. Unfortunately, its a full week for me 🙁 and I only get the day after Christmas off so I am disappointed. I sure hope this weekend takes forever to leave us haha!! I am drinking Starbucks now, nice and warm in mah bellah!!!


  12. says

    Aww I wish I had a short week! But I’m working 5 days this week :/ looks like the rest of my Christmas shopping will be completed after work! Those oats look delicious!! Chocolate peanut butter for breakfast?! Sign me up!!


  13. says

    I love that pic of sadie..think it may be my fave! Don’t think u can ever have too many dog pics on a blog! I am gonna try that pb & oats recipe tomo as it just so happens I have choc protein powder..looks perfect for a festive brekkie 🙂 thanks



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