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Good news for those of you who think my original jump rope circuit workout is entirely too long! (I’m looking at my sister on this one.)

Today I condensed the workout into a quick 20-minute version.

I completed the workout after 20 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes on the stair master, though it would make a great at-home workout and can be done back-to-back for those of you who are crazy hardcore and in the mood for a 40-minute jump rope circuit.

Here it is, in all its glory:

Jump rope circuit
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And since some of you asked about a few of the exercises last time, below are pictures and links to video demos of some of the more confusing exercises.


skater exercises

speed skater

(Source) Click here for a video demo.

Mountain Climbers:

mountain climber

(Source) Click here for a video demo.


Today’s breakfast tasted like Christmas on a plate.

gingerbread pancakes

I used the last of the Stonewall Kitchen gingerbread pancake mix to prepare a plate of tasty pancakes that I topped with a bit of syrup and chia seeds.

stonewall kitchen pancakes

gingerbread pancakes (2)


Freelance Writing Invoice

The other day when I posted about my lack of follow through when it comes to sending invoices to my freelance clients, a few of you piped up in the comments section asking me about the invoices.

Do I use a special software for billing? Do the companies provide a form?

When I first broke into the freelance writing world, one of the things that surprised me the most was I was responsible for typing up and sending out my own invoices. I guess I figured it would be a lot more formal with lots of professional documentation!

In many cases, there is a lot of paperwork to fill out along with W9 forms for new clients, but as far as the actual invoice is concerned, I was surprised to find that it was rather informal and often left up to the freelance writer to create.

Since some of you asked, here is an example of the basic invoice I send out to companies, filled with all made up information to keep me safe from the crazies and protect my clients’ privacy:

freelance invoice

Totally basic, huh?

And now I’m off to do that freelance thang! Smile


  1. Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn says

    Gotta love freelancing. Seriously, so fun. I love how simple and easy invoices can be, however I would do maaaajorly well with some free software. Google? What do you say?


  2. says

    I am taking a bunch of creative writing classes this semester and one thing we started talking about was the work behind the writing. Research, going after jobs, and invoicing. A lot more complex than I once thought.


  3. Traci says

    Haha, same! Before I started working full time at my publishing company, I freelanced for them. My invoice was SO informal, too. It was sort of funny in a way. And now, on the other end of it, I see just how many freelance writers wait forever to send their invoices to us. We’re like …do you WANT to work for free? That’s fine! But it’s more just a pain to type them up and send them consistently, I get it.

    Your gingerbread pancakes look delicious. I’m still craving gingerbread things and wish everyone would carry them all through the snowy months up north! (NJ for me). Many of the Starbucks around me are already on the last leg of gingerbread. Makes me sad. 🙁


      • Traci says

        yep! we pretty much just want the name of the article and the price we’re supposed to pay you. and WHEN we’re supposed to pay you (article/issue dates are good)! haha


  4. says

    Yep, seems pretty straightforward and similar to some invoices that I have sent myself over the years!

    Also, thanks for condensing the jump rope circuit, Mostly because I am not very good at jump roping! 🙂


  5. Nancy says

    I love that you share this type of stuff. I’ve contemplated getting into freelance just a small bit, like maybe a side thing. I love writing.


    • says

      i’m so glad! i love reading about the freelance world and i feel like so much of it isn’t really “out there” and i’ve had to do a lot of digging and learning on my own. i wish my college offered a class on freelance writing to learn more about the ins and outs.


  6. says

    I thought my Kashi blueberry waffles with a dollop of PB was mighty tasty this morning but your pancakes have me wanting more bfast- maybe bfast for dinner tonight 😉

    P.S. I recently started blogging in the fall and have been having a blast doing it for my personal pleasure! Once you started, how did you first contact companies for sponsorships and freelance opportunities?


  7. says

    Wow, I never would have guessed that you’d have to make your own invoices but at the same time the thought hasn’t really crossed my mind before. Looks quite simple – thanks so much for sharing a little insight into the freelancing world!


  8. says

    Hey, I work full time for a university doing video photography, but I also do freelance on the side. And I’ve had the same experience with my clients. I always send them an invoice. I created a generic template and I use that one over and over again and update it as necessary. Totally, informal.


  9. allison says

    ugh, the words high knees make me want to die. Body attack loves those to words.

    Worst exercises ever (but probably best for me)
    1. burpees
    2. high knees
    3. jumping lunges


  10. says

    I would love to hear more about your freelance journey! I am trying to break into this as well and have started reaching out to local Jersey City papers. My challenge is *what* to write about that would excite them! Love hearing about your freelance endeavors!


  11. ELIZA says

    have you tried jillian michaels work out Dvds? she has a 45 minute one that is a lot like this work out. it is 8 different circuits that are all completely different.

    its called boost metabolism burn fat or something like that


  12. says

    I never even thought about invoices! Makes sense though.. You need a bill to be paid.

    Do you ever has trouble motivating yourself to get up early in the winter? I have been struggling this season, even though I love being up and at em to work out before work.


  13. Allison says

    How do you determine how much to charge for a freelance project? Is it based off how many words per article or how much time you put in to it? I would love to learn more 😉


    • says

      I usually ask them to come up with the price (it’s usually per word for larger companies/organizations and per project for smaller, local publications, i’ve found). for local work, you’re lucky to get $100 for an article. for larger organizations (i write for businesses sometimes), they’ll pay much more – like $1.50 a word.


  14. says

    Hi Julie,
    Thanks for sharing that information with us, I was actually wondering what type on invoice you sent out as well! I too am looking to get into the freelance writing world eventually. I love to write, so of course I would love to do something I love for some $$$ 🙂 I know that you have talked about pitching your ideas to certain clients etc…but how exactly do you go about doing that? Do you just e-mail them with an idea? I’m sure they probably get hundreds of e-mails regarding people who want to write for them, so how do you make yourself stand out and then finally land the job? It’s clear that the success of your blog definitely gives you a leg up in the freelance world, but do you have any advice for us newbies, who have are just starting off in the blogging and freelance writing world? Sorry for the super long post!!! Thanks Julie! 🙂


  15. Dani says

    I am curious about the Carba-Nada noodles (or whatever they’re called!) that you used last night.

    You are, obviously, entitled to eat however you like. However, you are an example of healthy eating to a lot of people, and it’s quite deceptive to not say that you are using diet products. It’s pretty disappointing to say you are craving pasta or whatever and that you want carbs/noodles and then you secretly are using a diet product. If you have a craving for pasta, then why don’t you eat pasta? Nothing wrong with wanting to watch your weight/calories, but that’s something that would be interesting/useful for your readers to know. You share your workout routines, which I assume are all honest representations of how you are working out, so why the secrecy with food?


    • says

      I DO eat pasta! (Two recent examples: ) I’ve said on my blog before that I eat Carba Nada pasta because I think it tastes great and has a high protein content. I’m not avoiding carbs, just trying to eat in a way that makes me personally feel satisfied. A friend recommended the noodles to me years ago and I’ve enjoyed them for quite some time, mentioning them on the blog many, many times. I don’t think of them as a “diet” product, but just a product I enjoy. I don’t feel like I’m being secretive with the food I eat and post on the blog… I say when I use almond milk (some might call that a “diet” food since it’s lower in calories) and my intent is never to deceive readers. I am conscious about eating mostly healthy foods and some of those may be marketed as “diet” foods, but I just eat the foods that appeal to me and my personal tastes, regardless of the way they’re marketed.


  16. Nicole says

    I love the workout ideas you post, thank you for doing so! I’m wondering if you could post something (or maybe you already have) about how you started doing your own workouts at gym. I personally would feel self conscious doing my own moves while others use the elliptical or weight machines. That is also a reason why classes have always appealed to me. Is there a special room or area you use to do such workouts? Maybe the gyms I’ve been looking at joining have them, but I just didn’t see them when taking a walk through. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


  17. Jodi @ I Run for Food and Wine says

    Thanks for sharing! And now I want some fluffy pancakes…must go to grocery store soon. BTW, did you see the new Peanut Butter Cheerios on Courtney’s (SWSL) blog? I must find them asap.


  18. says

    Ohh that workout looks great! And thanks for the pictures and links to some of those exercises! I see people mention them but never really know what they are! And your breakfast looks fabulous– gingerbread pancakes on a weekday? Sounds like heaven to me!


  19. Lizzie says

    I don’t think I’ve ever commented, but I’m going to start b/c I’m new to PBF and I just love reading it. Been following healthy living blogs for years now and yours is one of my faves! Quick question about freelancing (I hope I”m not prying):

    What do you think is the average amount you earn for a magazine/blog article? You can give a range! I’m only asking bc I would love to be able to quit my day job and freelance at some points 🙂


  20. says

    Thanks for sharing this info – very cool that you happened to write a post about this right now, and I just this afternoon received a magazine in the mail containing my first-ever freelance writing piece! I wasn’t exactly sure what comes next and was planning to call my aunt (who works in publishing), but this post pointed me in the right direction! Thanks!


  21. says

    Hi there! Thanks for the great invoicing post – it brought up a question, though.

    I’ve been freelancing for about a year now, and have gotten a significant amount of work. At what point did you create an LLC? This will be the first year I’ve had to claim FL income on my taxes and it seems so confusing! Should I start an LLC?

    I’d love your insight. Thanks!


  22. says

    Can I just say that “Today’s breakfast tasted like Christmas on a plate” has got to be one of the best intros ever? Hahahaha freaking love it.

    Thanks for posting the invoice stuff! There’s a chance that I’ll be delving into the world of freelance writing at some point in my life, and it’s really helpful to have a basic model to follow for that sort of thing.


  23. LG says

    My husband does design freelance work and he LOVES invoice day ALMOST as much as he loves getting cheques. :0) From what I hear, not invoicing is one of the biggest reasons small businesses, well, go out of business. Crazy!


  24. says

    Hi Julie! I want to thank you for posting this invoice example. I was asked for an invoice for a freelance project I just did, and luckily I remembered that you did this post! So helpful. Thanks a lot 🙂


  25. says

    Nice post. I was checking continuously this weblog and I’m inspired! Very helpful info particularly the ultimate phase 🙂 I handle such info a lot. I used to be seeking this certain information for a long time. Thanks and good luck.



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