No Equipment Needed Cardio Circuit Workout

A cardio workout was on the books for this morning. I was not in the mood to stick with one form of cardio today and ended up completing quite the cardio hodgepodge workout!

  • 10 min. elliptical
  • 15 min. stair master
  • 1 round “no equipment needed” cardio circuit (detailed below)
  • 10 min. elliptical

My favorite part of today’s workout was the “no equipment needed” cardio circuit workout:

cardio circuit workout

I made up this workout on the fly but it was inspired by my jump rope circuit workout.

The above circuit workout is very similar to the jump rope circuit, but it’s a little shorter, making it a great circuit to do two times through if you’re looking for a fast at-home workout option and don’t have any fancy equipment at your fingertips. All you need is a jump rope, but you can simply imitate the jump rope motion if you don’t have one.

In case you’re a little unsure about several of the moves listed above, here are some instructional links:


Breakfast today was a no-brainer since I prepped it last night.

overnight oats with strawberries

I made a batch of overnight oats using strawberry banana Greek yogurt and topped it with freshly sliced strawberries.

strawberry overnight oatsovernight oats spoonful

I have a feeling overnight oats are going to pop up on the blog more and more as the days continue to warm up as summer approaches. Overnight oats and smoothies seem to dominate my morning meals in the summer!

I’m off to take Sadie on a quick morning walk before cramming in some work. I also have a Taste of Ocala committee meeting at lunchtime, so I’ll see ya after that!


  1. Sarah says

    I remember you had posted once about having quinoa for breakfast so I tried your recipe. I dunno, something was just off. Texture and that weird quinoa taste in yogurt wasn’t for me. I thought it would be nice to use some of the leftover so i tried it. I ended up dumping it. Oh well!


    • says

      yeah, i said i liked it, but i definitely prefer oats or barley for breakfast over quinoa. it has a bit of an aftertaste. i still personally like it, but i can easily see how it wouldn’t appeal to everyone.


  2. says

    Oooo I’ll definitely keep this no-equipment cardio workout in mind for moments where I’m bored and want to do another workout for fun! And overnight oats always look SO good on other people’s blogs but every time I try to make them they end up kind of “blah” for me!


  3. says

    While the strawberries look fantastic, I can’t get into the idea of the cold oats…I LOVE my warm oatmeal even on summer days. I will say that those strawberries look mighty delicious!


  4. says

    Looks like a killer workout! Definitely something to keep in mind when I start backing off on the running after my 10K. Or maybe for a cross training day? Hmm…

    I’m such a fan of overnight oats, especially on busy mornings. Quick breakfasts are the best.


  5. says

    Circuit workouts are the best. Honestly, doing that over an hour on the elliptical is waaaaay better and more fun! They are my new choice of workouts.


  6. says

    I love cardio workouts that I can do without equipment, especially when I’m on vacation and don’t feel like running/don’t have access to a gym. But a minute of mountain climbers? Oy. My body is crying just thinking of that one!


  7. Debbie says

    Julie, quick/silly question- with the jump rope, do you jump with both feet or one foot at a time? It makes quite a difference! 🙂


  8. Jessica says

    I did this circuit today along with your Burnin’ Legs and Abs circuit- I really liked them combined! I didn’t take as long breaks for the cardio (time constrain) but overall I felt great after.
    Thank you!


  9. says

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  10. says

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    and thigh measurements (ideally measured every two weeks).

    So are you ready to drop some pounds within the next 11 days.


  11. says

    The moves listed in the “no equipment needed cardio circuit workout” stated above is a great one. I also want to try it as my morning workout.



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