Super Fast, Super Sweaty Circuit Workout

Let’s start this week on a super sweaty note, shall we?

After cursing the alarm as it beeped away at 5 a.m., I got dressed and headed to the gym with Ryan. Once we were there, we did some light cardio on the elliptical for 20 minutes before going our separate ways to tackle the rest of our respective workouts.

I decided to do a fast-paced circuit workout that looked like this:

fast circuit workout

“Super Fast Super Sweaty Circuit Workout” is a very applicable name for this little baby. The time flew by and my face was dripping sweat by the end. Great Monday morning workout!

Here are a few links to picture tutorials of a few of the above exercises just in case you’re unsure of how to properly perform some of them:

This workout can easily be done at home if you have access to some free weights. Another At Home Workout!


Breakfast this morning was another batch of Joelle’s Paleo oatmeal.

paleo oatmeal 014

As always, I followed her recipe, but added an extra egg white and used a whole banana.

I also stirred in the remaining cashew butter I had on hand from a batch I made last week.

raw cashew butter

Served with a can of La Croix sparkling water! I love that stuff. 

la croix pamplemousse

Hope your Monday is off to a good start!

I’ll see ya at lunchtime with part two of my CFLBlogCon recap!


  1. Dana says

    I love circuit workouts!! They always make the time go by so quickly and are such a good workout! You should try bodyrock! their interval workouts are awesome!


  2. says

    I need to try Paleo oatmeal for the protein boost, but I’m scared! I’m a texture freak, so I feel like I won’t like something that looks like oats but doesn’t feel the same. How much different is it really??


  3. Jamie in Arkansas says

    Hey Julie,
    I tried the paleo oatmeal this weekend. I ended up adding a tablespoon of chia seeds to thicken it up some. It was pretty good. But I love your idea of adding another egg white and a whole banana. That may help too. Thanks for the suggestion!


  4. Sidney says

    Long time reader, first time commenter! Just had to ask–what flavor of the La Croix is that? I have pretty much quit diet sodas (we all have a vice, right?), but I tried the berry flavor, and I just didn’t love it! Is there a certain flavor you like best?


  5. Michelle says

    Hey Julie! I am definetly using this as my workout today:) did you use weights for your lunges? Also, what weight of dumbbells did you use?


  6. says

    ahh nothing like a great, brutal workout! It looks like a great combo of exercises Julie 🙂 one (probably) silly question~is LaCroix pretty much like soda? Or just lightly flavored soda water? If it’s the latter, then I’m sure it’s delish! I grew up drinking huge sparkling water containers where you mix apple juice or oj in it and it tastes so amazing 😀


  7. says

    Totally off topic…but did you see the macaroons on sale today at Ruelala?? I remembered you writing about them when you were in Europe and figured you would want to know!!!


  8. says

    Julie we’ve been breakfast twins lately. I also had oatmeal with an egg white and banana! Though I used real oats not a paleo version 🙂 enjoy your first full week back!



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