Mix It Up Outdoor Run/Walk Workout

Saturday at FitBloggin’ was yet another day full day of informational sessions and fun with blogger friends.

After I awoke on Saturday morning, I decided I wanted to get out and see Baltimore. While I love traveling to blogging conferences, I often leave feeling like the only thing I saw was the inside of a hotel and a few restaurants. I love exploring, so I hate feeling like I’m missing out on seeing what a certain city is all about.

On Saturday morning, I threw on my workout gear and headed outside for a run around Inner Harbor.

I decided to change up my run and incorporated a few breaks where I threw some other exercises into the mix.

outdoor run walk workout

The exercise breaks broke up my run a bit which is always nice.

I love running outside in a new location because there is so much to see! I often play a funny little game with myself when I’m out on a run somewhere new. (Perhaps this should be added to the Weird Things I Do While Running list?) I’ll look at all the nearby houses, apartments or condos and daydream about which one I’d want to live in if I lived in the area and money were no object.

Yesterday, I narrowed my Baltimore dream house down to a beautiful brick building with lots of condominiums. And then I realized they were Ritz Carlton Residences. Naturally.

ritz carlton residences baltimore


Not sure I’ll be moving in there anytime soon.

FitBloggin’ Day Two

After my run and a quick shower, I headed over to the Hyatt hotel for day two of FitBloggin’.

fitblogginmonica julie tina

Almost immediately I ran into my sister’s friend Brittney who is a PR rep for The Laughing Cow.

julie brittney

She is so much fun and we had a good time chatting during The Laughing Cow snack break.

pazo baltimore 029

I made sure to dig into their cinnamon cream cheese since it’s one of my favorite flavors. I love it spread on a toasted English muffin or bagel, but it is fantastic in smoothies and gives them a cheesecake-like flavor. I need to make my banana cheesecake smoothie again!

I spent the rest of the second day of FitBloggin’ attending sessions and meeting new blogging buddies.


I had a great time talking with Lexy and Carman (pictured above) of Fire Lights Fire. Lexy and Carman are sisters-in-law and they, along with their other sister-in-law Cyndi, started their blog together to document their healthy living efforts. The three women have all lost weight and  share blogging responsibilities on their site which I thought was so neat!

pazo baltimore 028

Kelly is a weight loss and healthy living blogger and apparently found my blog through an article in the Kappa Delta alumni magazine when they featured different bloggers in a past issue! She’s a fun one!

Emily is a mom who lives in Iowa and was so bubbly. Her energy was contagious and I had a great time talking to her!

pazo baltimore 038

I also had fun talking about running with  Amanda!

pazo baltimore 032

The first session I attended talked about Twitter and since I feel a little lost on Twitter at times, it was interesting to hear how people use hash tags, plan their tweets and more. I’m very casual about Twitter and tweet as I feel like it without rhyme or reason, but it sounds like many bloggers put a lot of thought into their tweets and the timing of their tweets. Phew!

I know a few of you are interested in reading more about the sessions on FitBloggin’ I highly recommend you check out the FitBloggin’ website where you can find very detailed recaps of nearly every session that volunteer bloggers live blogged from the conference.

In between sessions, I took advantage of the popchips booth and grabbed a bag of their ranch tortilla chips.

popchips ranch

Lunch rolled around quickly and I fixed myself a plate of salad with fennel, radishes and salmon.

salmon salad fennel

It was great and I went back for seconds.

salad topped with salmon

As I left the conference last night, I kept thinking about how the FitBloggin’ atmosphere was so friendly, laid back and fun. Everyone is so social and welcoming and I had the best time! After attending such an informational conference the previous weekend when I went to CFLBlogCon (awesome!), FitBloggin’ was a great contrast because it was so social and laidback.

It was a wonderful conference!


  1. says

    I’ve heard so much about Fitbloggin’ this weekend through blogs and Twitter. It sounded like a blast and I’m jealous of everyone that attended.
    I wanted to thank you for posting your blog tips and the information from the last blogger conference that you attended. The tips are very helpful… I just switched from Blogger to WordPress this weekend because I noticed a trend that people seem to dislike Blogger. I’m still getting the hang of WordPress, but I can see it’s advantages already 🙂


    • says

      I agree with Bailey’s comment. I’ve really appreciated reading all of your tips from past conferences, and past posts in general. Many have really helped me in developing my own blog- so thank you! Hopefully someday I’ll be attending one of these conferences 🙂 So much fun!!!


  2. says

    The conference sounds great and I really appreciate your links to other bloggers.

    I also love looking at houses and thinking about what I would get if I won the lotto (well, more than the $2 I won on a scratcher this week). I just think it’s fun!


  3. says

    Sounds like my sort of conference! I would definitely up for the exploration run hate visiting somewhere and not seeing the sights. Plus all that inside time ain’t good for the head! Leaves me feeling all fuzzy! 🙂


  4. says

    PopChips are the best! I love flying JetBlue because they always have them as one of their snack options. The kettle corn flavor is the best–perfectly sweet & salty and a sensible indulgence!


  5. says

    your circuit is really clever — a great way to break up and re-invigorate a three mile run. I also love that you chose the Ritz Carleton residences — I did the same thing with my husband while we were sightseeing once, like “huh, those are quaint apartments’ — only to find out they were Four Seasons, baller-style residences. Not “quaint” as much as super diva I guess haha 🙂


  6. @pluvk says

    I love that you took some time out for yourself and jogged around the area! I hate traveling to somewhere new for conferences because, you’re right… you barely leave the hotel!


  7. Anne says

    Running is my favorite way to see a new city!
    Even if you attempt to get off the beaten path while sightseeing, when you’re running, you truly get a sense of the place as a local!


  8. says

    One of my goals this year was to attend a blogging conference and Fit was right in my backyard being in Baltimore, but since switching jobs in the spring my schedule wasn’t so flexible… Hopefully next year! All y’alls pictures and posts look like it was a wonderful weekend 🙂


  9. Sarah P. says

    This looks like an awesome workout. A great way to incorporate strength training with cardio. I also love hearing about the different blogging events you go to. I just got my first blogging job and I’m so excited. I did not know much about blogging until I started following your blog. 🙂


    • says

      yessss, absolutely. i kind of enjoy my laid back to twitter and don’t know that i’ll be implementing a lot of the advice. it just doesn’t feel right for me, but some people really do make twitter seem like an art!


  10. says

    Hey! So, random workout question. I have managed to fracture a bone in my right foot and now have to wear a walking boot for 4-6 weeks (yay me..). I really don’t want to end up just sitting on the couch for that long, so I was wondering if you – or anyone else here – have any ideas for workouts that can be done without the use of one foot? 😛 I can also go for short walks, but that’s about it.

    Also, I’ve actually really enjoyed the blogging posts 🙂


  11. says

    Thanks for the shout-out, Julie! (and the crazy traffic spike on my blog, haha.) It was so nice to chatting with you.

    I’m glad you took the extra time to walk around the harbor. I do the same thing – – daydreaming about where I’d live if money was no object! There were certainly a ton of stunning places in Baltimore.

    Happy Monday! I’m off to tackle that walking incline workout of yours again. 😉



  12. Lauren says

    Hey Julie! I live very close to Baltimore and work at Johns Hopkins in East Baltimore and have always wanted to go over to the harbor for a run after work before I go home for the day…where exactly did you run and did you feel safe?? Safety is what I am mainly worried about when running downtown…thanks!


  13. says

    looks like the conference was a lot of fun… i’m a newbie newbie blogger and was wondering how long a person should be blogging before they think about attending a blogging conference?



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