Lower Body + Abs Circuit Workout

Another day, another workout!

Today’s morning workout began with 20 minutes of light cardio on the elliptical. I spent my time on the elliptical reading the new Publix FamilyStyle magazine. Have any of my fellow Publix shoppers flipped through their new free magazine? I was quite impressed with the clean layout and gorgeous photography.

After browsing lots of ridiculously tasty looking recipes in the magazine, I entered the weight room more ready to dig into a five-grain salad and some flan than to workout. Fortunately once I got through the first exercise of my lower body and abs circuit workout, my motivation to work out returned.

Lower Body   Abs Circuit Workout

I can already tell I am going to be awfully sore tomorrow. Those single leg deadlifts kill me! The stability ball roll-ins that I fell in love with through Tina’s Best Body Boot Camp kicked my boo-tay! I tried to do them slower than usual and that definitely increased the challenge. Yikes!


Breakfast this morning started with a banana that I ate while preparing a batch of scrambled eggs.

Today’s eggs were scrambled with milk, parmesan cheese, zucchini and half of an avocado.

scrambled eggs with avocado and zucchini 001

scrambled eggs with avocado and zucchini 003

Avocado, I adore you.

I’m signing off for the morning with two pictures of Sadie that I snapped on my phone last night within 60 seconds of each other that will hopefully make you smile.

Sadie went from this…

Sleepy Vizsla

To this…

Crazy Vizsla

In less than 60 seconds.

She’s a moooonster.

Question of the Morning

  • What is your favorite magazine? Have you discovered any new gems out there recently?


  1. says

    stability ball roll-ins – love those! reminds to break out my stability ball and so some 😉
    Sadie is too cute, Jax does similar faces. One thing that I just love about Vizslas they have such cute face expressions. Always can make me laugh!


  2. says

    OMG. I was just thinking the other day how I LOVED single leg dead lifts! That’s funny. I’m totally sore after doing them, but in a good way.
    I recently discovered Oxygen Magazine, and am in love. Fitness magazines are amazing, in general, but Oxygen is great.


  3. says

    Seriously, I have turned into a magazine hoarder lately! I love them for new recipes… Ive been in a cooking rut lately.
    Great workout! SLD KILL me too! I’m sore for days afterwards!


    • says

      i used to be a magazine hoarder, too! now i just rip out the recipes i want and stick them in a folder and then take my old magazines to the gym for other people to read after i am done. it’s also nice to have a bunch of recipes i’m dying to try in one place!


  4. ashleynelsonTX says

    I really like Women’s Health, plus Kerry Washington is on the cover and she looks AMAZING! I like to read it when I’m on the elliptical, such motivation!


  5. says

    Family Circle is a great magazine for parents of teenagers (which I know you don’t have, but some of your readers might). It also has recipes and decorating stuff all in a pretty thin magazine…which I love because I can actually get through it.

    Sadie’s adorable by the way!


  6. Bobbi says

    So excited to use this circuit! Thanks for posting. I was tyring to put something together and you’ve included the excersises I was thinking about and more. Thanks!


  7. says

    I like Women’a Health and currently have a subscription to Marie Claire that was a gift. I’m also admittedly a sucker for tabloids…but I get too distracted to read a magazine while I workout. I do enjoy dowloadable books though – they free up your hands!


  8. says

    Who couldn’t use a lil’ extra abs n’ lower-body help, eh? 🙂 I like Oxygen, Fitness RX, and Women’s Health fairly well, but I’m too cheap to actually purchase any of them since I get so much workout/recipe inspo online.

    Wish we had Publix in NC! I want one of those special holiday subs.


  9. says

    O my gosh, don’t get me started on magazines. I’m a magazine nut. I love pretty much all of the women’s health and fitness magazines, cooking magazines, and home decor magazines. There’s way too many to list! 😉 I love that you bring your magazines to the gym when you’re finished with them. I don’t do too much magazine reading, or reading in general, at the gym, but it’s always a treat to see a Fitness or a Women’s Health magazine lying around to peruse if I’d like. 🙂


  10. DAVIA DAVIS says

    hior eac
    what is a DEAD Leg LIFT i have a osu and pilates reformer wtih stand and an eplytpical?
    BUT dont know what u call a dead leg lift , how many reps and sets do u do for each exercise mentioned


  11. says

    I always love your workouts. Do you have any suggestions for what to replace the exercises that involve a stability ball with? I don’t have one at home right now and don’t want to just skip the exercises!


  12. says

    Nice lower body workout, the single leg deadlifts are challenging but great for strength and balance. I posted a lower body workout today too, you might enjoy some of the side lying exercises to add to your routine to get some lateral work! A good fitness to read once you take your NASM certification is their own publication, The Training Edge. Good luck with studying!


  13. Brittany Smith says

    Pictures of Sadie are one of my favorite parts of your blog! She cracks me up and I can’t wait to live somewhere that allows pets!


  14. Lauren says

    It was too snowy for me to go to the gym today (more like I did not want to drive!) so I did this circuit at home with two minutes or cardio bursts in between each circuit. Felt the burn even in chilly Ohio — thanks, Julie!


  15. says

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