Snowflake Project

After a lovely four-day holiday break, things returned to normal around here yesterday. Though our Christmas decorations remain and I’m still listening to a Mannheim Steamroller CD as I blog this morning, there’s no denying that Christmas came and went way too fast!

christmas decorations 005

October through December of this year absolutely flew by for me and I’m ready for some low key weekends ahead.


Breakfast this morning began with a delicious bowl of overnight oats made with Muesli Fusion.

muesli overnight oats

I loved the texture that the dried fruits and nuts added to my bowl.

Muesli Fusion

Healthy Holidays Giveaway Week Winners

I still haven’t heard from quite a few of the Healthy Holidays Giveaway Week winners!

To see if you were one of them, please check out the bottom of this post and email me ASAP if you won. There is still a DVD, fitness apparel and a boot camp entry left unclaimed!

Snowflake Project for Newtown, Connecticut

I recently received an email from a blog reader named Erin who passed along the following information to me about a “Snowflake Project,” an easy way to give back and hopefully bring a smile to the faces of the students who attend Sandy Hook Elementary School when they return to school after the holidays.

According to Erin, Sandy Hook Elementary will no longer be used and the students will now attend a new school. The teachers of the area are asking people to make and decorate snowflakes that will then be hung in the hallways of the new school. They do not want any words on the snowflakes, and are hoping for cheerful, happy (glitter & sparkle) snowflakes for the students to see when they enter their new building.

When sending your snowflakes, please include a note about where they are from (school, class, town, state) to display along with your snowflakes. Hopefully we can bring a smile to the faces of these students!

Please send to:

Connecticut PTSA
60 Connolly Parkway, Building 12, Suite 103
Hamden, CT 06514

For more information and snowflake decoration inspiration, please see this blog post.


  1. Amber says

    Will you be re-giving away the items if they haven’t been claimed after a period of time?

    I love the snowflake project! I will definitely be participating!


  2. says

    I had a low key yesterday but I am longing for a low key weekend too. Looking at my calendar though, that doesn’t seem possible until February. There is always something.

    I love the Snowflake project. My mom is a teacher and her class all made some, and so did most of the other classes in the school.


    • says

      it sounds pretty open! i think they’d probably love anything from the cut-out snowflakes decorated with glitter to super-crafty snowflakes. the link at the end of the above blog post gives some fun snowflake inspiration ideas!


  3. says

    What a cute idea! I remember making these in elementary school, I was so excited that I went home and started filling my house with little paper snowflakes. 🙂
    Such a great way to give back.


  4. Kari says

    I love the snowflake project and will definitely be participating!

    Do you know the different proportions of ingredients you used in your overnight muesli? I have some in my pantry that has been sitting there FOREVER, so this would be a great way to use it! Thanks, Julie!


  5. says

    This snowflake project is such a great idea! I feel like I want so badly to hekp in some way, when really there’s nothing I can do that will make a difference, but at least this makes me feel like I am doing something positive.


  6. says

    Thanks for sharing the muesli company – I love making muesli for breakfast and haven’t in ages. Going to check out their site.

    And I love the snowflake idea – saw this on the Newtown website a few days ago and think it’s wonderful that they’ll have tons of snowflakes from all over to decorate their new school.


  7. Tara says

    Thank you for posting the snowflake project! I saw that last week on a blog and sent it to my sister, hoping that my neices school or afterschool program could participate!


  8. Emily says

    So sad that Christmas is over! I’m in denial!! But it was a beautiful holiday. Love your blog and I follow you on Twitter by the way. 🙂

    I’m 21 and home from school for winter break. I’m overall very health conscious in what I eat and how I exercise, but my family has gotten way off track and I’m afraid my parents have gained a lot of the weight back they once lost. Do you have any advice for how I can help them get us all back on track after the holiday?

    Also, I appreciate the TONS of chocolate and candy that I got in my Christmas stocking but I’m trying to be good! How do I not offend my parents?


  9. says

    Thanks for linking to my post, Julie. I am glad to read the additional information about no writing on the snowflakes and the information to include when sending. Glad to have found your site, as well. Best wishes for a wonderful New Year.


  10. says

    simple, but that breakfast looks so tasty! everytime i see oatmeal i always think “oh my gosh it’s been so long, i’m having oats tomorrow” and then it just never happens. i’m a creature of habit and tend to eat the same thing. funny it use to be oatmeal, but i’ve moved on to a new rut i guess. haha.

    ouu. i was so wanting that dvd! you had so many good giveaways!

    have a wonderful new years!!


  11. says

    I read about that snowflake project and thought it would be a great thing for my daughter to do with her friends over the Christmas break. Any good “snowflake” treat ideas to have while the girls do their work?

    I do have a different address to send them to (2915 Premiere Parkway, Suite 300
    Duluth, GA 30097). Wonder why that is?

    By the way, I’ll gladly claim the fitness apparel and a boot camp entry! Just consider it a late Christmas present. 😉


  12. says

    Thanks for sharing about the snowflake project. That’s a great idea… hopefully it’ll help those kids make a better transition through the rest of their school year.



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