Bachelor Workout

Today’s extra-long lunch break took me home!

Before digging into my midday meal, I completed an at-home workout while I watched The Bachelor online. Yes, I was 100 percent motivated to work out at home so I could watch the “most dramatic episode ever.”


I am loosely keeping up with this season by checking out episodes here and there online, but since I’m streaming them a day late, I am skipping over a lot. And yet I’m seeing enough to feel less than enamored with Juan Pablo.

SPOILER ALERT: Andi is the jam. What she said about Juan Pablo not asking her any questions about herself is a red flag. When I was in high school, my friend Leah once said you can tell a lot about a person by how much they ask you about you rather than chattering on and on about themselves. It’s something I still notice about people to this day!

While I caught up on The Bachelor, I completed an at home workout that focused on strength training and included jumping jacks to keep my heart rate up.

Sadie watched from the couch which was a dramatic improvement from most of my at-home workouts since she usually prefers to try to get in on the action.

sad vizsla

Today she made it her mission to guilt trip me with her sad puppy eyes from her blanket fort on the couch.


Once my workout was finished, I jumped in the shower and then fixed myself lunch. I made a batch of the chickpea salad I shared on the blog last week, but added some shredded chicken to the fresh veggies for a punch of protein.

Chickpea Chicken Salad

Now it’s back to work!

P.S. My fellow ice cream fanatics: Have you seen the new Ben & Jerry’s ‘Core’ ice cream flavors? I want in on all of them! (Thanks to Merri for the head’s up on this one!)

ben & jerry's

Questions of the Afternoon

  • Anyone else watching The Bachelor this season? Thoughts on Juan Pablo? Who is your favorite so far?


  1. Lauri says

    Oh gosh. I am so with you. I am not at all impressed with Juan Pablo. I’ve watched the entire season and after the episodes this week I refuse to watch the finale. I will watch the Woman Tell All because it looks like Andi has more amazing comebacks to Juan Pablo! I also heard she’s going to be the next bachelorette :) That Ben and Jerry’s ice cream on the other hand, I am VERY impressed with!!!!


  2. Cheryl says

    Warning bells were going off in my head from day one with Juan Pablo. I’m not at all surprised about him but rather the ladies! How can these intelligent women not have seen he has absolutely no interest in them as actual people? THEY must fit into HIS life. They must be a good mother to Camila. And of course they MUST be very beautiful. Ayeayeaye. He should give Emily Maynard a call.


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