30 Minute Boot Camp Workout

Good morning to you!

Yesterday was a weird day all around and I’m hoping today will be a little better. Beginning the day with a bowl of creamy Greek yogurt, honey and granola is a good way to start, right?

Nature Valley Protein Granola with Greek Yogurt

In this bowl: 2 Percent Greek Yogurt + Nature Valley Oats ‘n’ Dark Chocolate Protein Granola + Honey

Backing up a bit to today’s workout…


Today began with a 10-minute elliptical warm up before I took myself through a boot camp workout. I completed the following exercises for one minute before resting and grabbing a sip of water and going through all of it again.

30 Minute Boot Camp Workout

Links to demos of some of the exercises:

The minute this blog post is published, I’m heading back out the door to work and teach. I hope you guys have a great Thursday!

P.S. I will be selecting the winners of the Hayden Reis Giveaway and the Nature Box Giveaway this afternoon!


    • says

      Yesterday ended up being a little crazy so I didn’t have a chance to type up the recaps. With the holiday coming up this weekend, I will probably be sharing them early next week!


  1. april says

    i can’t get enough of greek yogurt – it’s really the best!

    i hope you have a much better day! just think – tomorrow is friday =) xo


  2. says

    Yesterday was a super weird day for me too!!

    But nothing that a spoonful of peanut butter can’t cure – at least that’s my go to remedy!

    Hope you’re having a better day today!



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