30 Minute Circuit Workout

I stayed up a little bit past my usual super early bedtime to watch the second presidential debate last night but surprisingly awoke feeling ready to go this morning! Hey, I’ll take it!

30 Minute Circuit Workout

I took advantage of my odd energy at the gym this morning. After completing 20 minutes of light cardio on the elliptical, I headed into the weight room ready to tackle a kick-butt circuit workout.

30 Minute Circuit Workout

I’m not sure whether I was moving slow or what (I admittedly take a long time whenever I do single leg deadlifts), but this seemingly short workout took me a solid 30 minutes to complete. Even though it took half an hour, the time I spent completing the various exercises passed pretty quickly, and I found myself at home eating breakfast before I knew it.


I made myself a hot bowl of pumpkin banana oatmeal, though I omitted the brown sugar and used steel cut oats instead of old fashioned oatmeal.

pumpkin oatmeal

I also added extra pumpkin, vanilla protein powder and ground flaxseeds. This bowl is sitting in my stomach like a rock right now. Filling!

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  1. says

    I just pinned that workout so I don’t forget to try it! I’ve been obsessed with circuit work and any type of quick, effective workouts lately. When it’s cold outside I just want to get it done! Which is also why I decided to do a quick (but super-hard) plank workout during the presidential debate last night! It was the perfect distraction. 🙂


  2. Alison says

    That looks like a great circuit workout! Your circuit workouts are seriously the best. I always go to your page because there are just so many to choose from! And they always suit what I need for that day.



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