A Weekend of Reading

Good morning!

Care for a smoothie?

banana protein shake

In the summer, protein-packed smoothies are a go-to breakfast for me, but I often forget about them during the winter. Today I brewed myself a hot cup of coffee to sip while I drank my smoothie. Gotta offset the coldness!

In today’s breakfast smoothie:

protein shake vanilla banana


A Weekend of Reading

Over the New Year’s weekend, I spent a lot of time reading. I started and finished What Alice Forgot, the December PBF book club book that we’ll be discussing on the blog on January 7. (Don’t forget to send me your reviews if you would like your link included in the review post!)

What Alice Forgot

The book definitely kept me engaged, but I felt frustrated while reading it at times, too. It’ll be a fun one to discuss!

I also started reading Terra, a dystopian novel written by my blogging buddy, Gretchen.


Gretchen knows of my love for dystopian novels and sent me a copy of her first novel ever (she’s only 24!) to read and I’ve been eating it up! I’m about halfway through and am anxious to crawl into bed early tonight to continue reading.

If you’re a big fan of dystopian novels like The Hunger Games and Divergent and have ambitions to read more in the new year, you might be interested in this post with additional book recommendations: If You Liked The Hunger Games…

I hope to continue reading a lot in 2013. It’s a hobby that relaxes me, excites me and engages me!

Question of the Morning

  • Do you have a hobby that you hope to dedicate more time to in the new year?
  • Is there a hobby out there that you hope to take on in 2013?

Though it is not a current hobby of mine, I hope to learn how to knit in 2013. I’ve tried before and lost patience, but hopefully 2013 will be my year!


  1. Amanda says

    I love knitting and highly recommend it as a hobby. I prefer smaller projects but my goal this year is to finish my first knit cardigan that I gave up on a few years ago. I’m ready for it to be complete! Good luck learning to knit. You should look for knitting stores that offer classes.


  2. Jessica says

    I flew through What Alice Forgot. I also scoured your blog for other books to enjoy. Over my holiday “break,” in addition to What Alice Forgot, I also thoroughly enjoyed 13 Reasons Why, Divergent, and Insurgent. My husband enjoyed a “break” from me and enjoyed his new Call of Duty game…it was a nice change of pace for both of us. Thanks for including the link to “If You Like Hunger Games…” I pulled off 3 more books I’m anxious to read. I’m a newer follower to your blog (about 2 months now) – I LOVE IT. I’m excited to get my email every day and it’s introduced me to many other blogs. Best Body Bootcamp, here I come! 😉


  3. Michelle says

    I am going to learn how to use my DSLR camera – on manual setting mode! I’ve had it for 2 years and have only used the automatic settings. And as a tag-along, I received Photoshop for Christmas so learning to use it this year. The nice part of these 2 resolutions is that I love photography so unlike other resolutions, these should be easy to complete!!!


  4. says

    Flexibility! I used to be very flexible in high school, but I don’t stretch nearly enough anymore. I’m also hoping to work on my blog more. I found yours through pinterest and have appreciated your section with tips on blogging.


  5. says

    One of my goals for 2013 was to start a fitness/food blog which I did a few days before the new year, so my goal is to continue working on it as a way to hold myself accountable for my fitness and health goals!

    I also want to “smashbook” regularly… and read more! I’ll have to check out “What Alice Forgot”… looks good.


  6. says

    I would like to pick up knitting again, but I know the likelihood of that is pretty slim

    I would also like to read more for pleasure. I am a librarian, and I do a lot of reading for the book clubs that I run, but those aren’t necessarily the books that I really WANT to read 😉 I love dystopian novels, and have enjoyed “The Hunger Games,” just recently read “Divergent” (the sequel “Insurgent” has quite a few holds at the library, but I’ll get to it soon!) I also liked “The Road,” both book and film. I am trying to think of others I have read…for some reason, I am drawn to the “what would happen if it all went to hell, how would society change/react” type books.


  7. Lianna says

    I read “what Alice forgot” in 3 days over Christmas! I also found it extremely engaging and also frustrating at times. Had me in tears the last couple pages until it was finally clear that her husband was the one still beside her. A great read!


  8. Barbara says

    I really like the idea of setting a goal to read a specific amount of books in a year! I never thought of doing that exactly…I always just set a goal of “reading more”. I’m definitely going to do that this year!


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