And So I Had It

At the gym this morning, I took a cue from Ryan and decided to incorporate some intense incline walking into my treadmill workout. I wasn’t feeling particularly creative, so I asked him what workout he was doing and loosely mimicked his plan.

Ryan began at an 8.0 incline and increased the incline on his treadmill by 1.0 every minute until he got to a 15.0 incline, while still maintaining a 4.0 pace. That seemed a bit intense for my liking and I wanted to included some running in my workout, so I changed things up a bit and completed the following 35-minute session:


Minutes Pace Incline
0-5 6.5 1.0
5-6 4.0 8.0
6-7 4.0 9.0
7-8 4.0 10.0
8-9 4.0 11.0
9-10 4.0 1.0
10-15 6.5 1.0
15-16 4.0 8.0
16-17 4.0 9.0
17-18 4.0 10.0
18-19 4.0 11.0
19-20 4.0 1.0
20-30 6.5 1.0
30-31 4.0 8.0
31-32 4.0 9.0
32-33 4.0 10.0
33-34 4.0 11.0
34-35 4.0 1.0

(If you’re a fan of mixing up running with incline walking, you may also enjoy this workout.)

While I was running, the song “Bicycle Race” by Queen started blasting. I find it ironic that I love listening to a song about riding a bike when I’m running. “I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my biiiiike.” It’s a good one.

I rounded out my workout with five minutes on the rowing machine and 10 minutes on the elliptical.


I have a meeting scheduled for 11 a.m. at Starbucks today and figured I would probably order a Frappuccino to enjoy at that time. Everything in my head said not to make a smoothie for breakfast this morning since I’d be sipping on something cold and creamy again in a few hours… but you know how that goes.

The minute I tell myself I can’t have something or shouldn’t eat something, I want even more.

And so I had it.

smoothie 113

Hooray for smoothies! Smile 

smoothie 114

You better believe I licked the cup clean.

Time to make my first cup of coffee from our new coffee maker!

Question of the Morning

If you tell yourself that you shouldn’t eat/buy/do a certain thing, does it make you more or less likely to do it?


  1. says

    There is a theory in psychology that relates to this. For example, if you are suffering from insomnia, the treatment is to try not to fall asleep.

    I chalk smoothie love up to addiction…and I am addicted:)

    I have a smoothie daily too…..they are just sooo tasty!


  2. Vivianne says

    Oh my goshies your smoothies always look so fluffy and delicious! It must be the xanthan gum you use. I’m going to really have to get some of that soon!


  3. Lindsay says

    OMG I attempted this workout this morning, and I couldn’t completely finish it. I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. I feel like I’m in good shape, but maybe not? haha. I love your blog, and it makes me want to a healthy living one of my own. However, I’m in grad school and don’t really have time to make food from creative recipes, so I feel like it wouldn’t be that interesting…


  4. Danica says

    I’m the exact same way, particularly with food. If I say to myself that I can’t have any or anymore of something, that’s when I want it the most! I avoid saying “no” to avoid that situation : )


  5. says

    I imagine Ryan with an incline that high looking like one of the ladies at my gym. She grips the treadmill so tight that it looks like she is about to fall off. And sometimes, I really do think she’s about to fall. This incline treadmill business is too much of an extreme sport for my liking.


  6. Anne says

    I’ve recently decided to not “diet” anymore and to change my whole way of eating and looking at foods. I’ve done dieting in the past and whenever I stopped, I’d gain again. (Not that I have a ton to lose, but I’d like to be in “baby-shape” very soon.) So recently I’ve been snacking on fruit instead of empty calories and the motivation to think of getting in “baby-shape” and staying healthy throughout a pregnancy and after the baby has been so helpful! I think having a realistic goal in mind as well as healthy options is important, so I don’t tell myself I can’t have something, I try to think of a better alternative that’s healthier.
    P.S. You inspired me to try green smoothies and I have one almost every day!


  7. Lea says

    I owe my workout today to you. I climbed on the treadmill this morning and climbed right back off. Wasn’t feeling it. Did a little blog scoping, found your routine and suddenly found my momentum. Just competed the whole thing, inclines and all, that was tough! Thank you!!


  8. Kaitlan says

    So I randomly found your blog off pinterest and I am obsessed! I’ve always loved working out and cooking healthy, but as you probably know, it’s tough to stay fit while in college. Not to mention I have spring break coming up so your blog came up at the perfect time and gave me the motivation to get back in the shape that I used to be in! Quick question, when you do the walking on an incline on the treadmill do you hold on to the handles like I do? I just want to make sure I’m not cheating. Thank you!



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