Caught Up in You

“I’m so caught up in you, little girl
And I never did suspect a thing
So caught up in you, little girl
That I never want to get myself free
And baby it’s true
You’re the one
Who caught me baby, you taught me
How good it could be”

I love that song by 38 Special. I heard it in the gym first thing this morning and it set my day off on the right foot! There’s something about amazing ’80s music that just does it for me. πŸ˜€

Sometimes I think I belong in the ’80s…

'80s Night!


With “Caught Up in You” jammin’ in my head, I danced my way into BodyPump this morning for a total-body strength training workout.

I felt like my mind was racing a mile a minute throughout the class. I found myself thinking about everything but BodyPump. By the time we were laying on our mats to do some ab work, signaling the end of the class, I was shocked at how fast the class flew by!

Post Pump, I leashed up Sadie for a 40-minute walk around the lake near my apartment. I don’t want to jinx it, but the weather in Florida lately has been wonderful! It’s remained in the ’80s and hasn’t creeped into the hotter-than-heck ’90s for a few days. Woop, woop!


I prepped my breakfast last night which made it super easy this morning!

Last night I cooked up a small batch of pearled barley and let the whole grain cool down overnight in the fridge.

This morning it was ready to be used in a barley breakfast bowl.

Peach + Barley Yogurt Bowl

To make my barley breakfast bowl, I combined a cup of Greek yogurt with the cold cooked barley and topped it off with peach slices and nutmeg.

Oh Yum

I love the nuttiness and chewy texture barley brings to the table.

Gnarly Barley

As I typed up this post, I looked back through some of my old posts about barley and stumbled upon this one that I posted during my first month of blogging. Holy crap-tastic pictures. Thank goodness I invested in a better camera.

Along with my barley breakfast bowl, I also enjoyed a tumbler full of Barnie’s French vanilla coffee that I snagged for the freezie at my gym.

I practically burned off my tongue after the first sip.

The Heat is On

I like really HOT coffee, so I took my time sippin’ it rather than gulping it to prevent the loss of additional taste buds. I’m so scrappy. πŸ˜‰

Questions of the Morning

For everyone:

  • What is one of your all-time favorite ’80s songs?

For the bloggers:

  • Do you see a big difference in your blogging now than you did when you first started blogging? What has changed the most?


  1. erinsloves says

    “Paradise City”- Guns N Roses

    Oh good gracious Axl Rose can get me moving any day. Did I mention I named my dog Axell Rose?

    Before I named Axell, I searched the Internet high and low for a different spelling of “Axl” so that I could justify naming my female dog the same name as a male rocker. I don’t remember where I ended up finding it, but somewhere in the world “Axell” was considered a female’s name. Wow. (:


  2. says

    i LOVE that song! i don’t know if i have a fave…they’re all so good. but this one’s my favorite today πŸ™‚

    when i first started blogging it was only going to be about recipes…but then i started to love putting my life out there too! and now i love it!


  3. Maura says

    I haven’t been blogging for too long now so I’ll be able to answer that in about a year ….

    FAV 80’s song?! There are so many to choose from but I’m gunna go with β€œI Think We’re Alone Now” by Tiffany. I can remember singing this at the top of my lungs at summer camp. Can I go back there?? lol


  4. says

    “footloose” or “walking on sunshine”…. for sure.

    I still pretty fresh at blogging, so i can’t really answer this one! ;0)

    I purchased a small amount of barley the other day, because those barley breakfast bowls have been calling to me! i think it will be a good “after track workout” breakfast for manana!


  5. says

    I’ve been blogging for 13 months now and I saw a huge difference in my blogging skills. I use to write paragraphs to where now I try to not write as much and get to the point. My pictures changed too. I found you need natural light minus the flash to get better looking photos! I asked my favorite bloggers for advice and they were so helpful. My next step would be for a DLSR camera… but I have to wait for one of those bad boys!!


  6. Amelia says

    The temps in DC (where I am) are way hotter than FL – crazy, right? And, oh, the humidity. My hair is in a losing battle against the forces of nature. πŸ™

    My all-time favorite 80s song is Come On Eileen. What a fun, fun song plus there are some great memories attached to it.


  7. says

    Fave 80’s song = In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel. Say Anything is one of my favorite movies of all time.

    My writing and photos have changed a TON!! I kind of look back at old posts and cringe. We’re all awkward at the beginnning though!


  8. says

    I LOVE “Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston. I think that’s an 80s song…haha

    I’ve only been blogging for about two months now but I do see a difference in my posts. Now I include more about my daily life (not just eats) and I have included a few recipes. Also my picture have DEFINITELY improved. I’m a bit ashamed of my early food photos, haha.


  9. Limdsay @ The Ketchup Diaries says

    I live that song too!! I just saw them live this summer! My blog isn’t that old and my style has ALREADY changed so much. Crazy how that happens.


  10. says

    I love the song “Love is a Battlefield” from the 80s.

    And YES my blogging has certainly changed. I can’t really describe how, but I know I put more effort into it and I think (and hope) it shows.


  11. says

    All time fav 80’s song is “Everybody wants to rule the world” by Tears for Fears LOL! It’s on my favourite 80’s movie “Real Genius” So funny! Came out in like 1985 I believe with Val Kilmer in it, he’s so young it’s weird! lol Its so frustrating when I try to take pictures, I have pretty high quality camera and I can never seem to take very good pictures lol I think I really need to sit down and read how each function works and what not, I’m more of a point and click kind of picture person lol Your breakfast looks delicious!


  12. brazilgrrl says

    Huh…..well I’ve never had barley before, looks like something I might want to try sometime, it looks good. Unfortunately, my camera just died on me……have to replace that at some point =P


  13. says

    Oh yikes, I can’t even look at my old posts. I used my flash ALL THE TIME and all the photos look so horrible. In fact, I actually deleted a lot of my old old posts just because I couldn’t bear the sight of them! I still have the same camera though – just now I know how to use it.


  14. says

    All-time favorite 80s song (although it is HARD to choose just one – I consider it the greatest music decade everrrr πŸ™‚ ) :
    It just makes me want to dance.


  15. heather says

    i was singing this song(in NJ, not FL)today, too…must be .38 special’s lucky day. “hold on loosely” is pretty decent too, actually. ::all my knowledge of .38 special ends here. i think it’s like that for many::


  16. says

    I don’t think I can pick one favorite 80s song… I love Here I Go Again by Whitesnake, I’ve Had The Time of My Life, anything by Hall and Oates… and SO many others.
    I’m 7 years older than my next oldest sibling, and I’ve made several 80s/early 90s mix CDs for my sisters when they said they hadn’t heard of so many great songs! πŸ™‚



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