Circuit Workouts and Baking

My Saturday morning kicked off with two of my favorite things: Circuit workouts and baking!

First up was the gym.

I began my workout with a 20-minute warm up on the elliptical before I hopped off to complete the following circuit workout:

circuit workout

It was a cardio-heavy circuit that got my heart pumpin’! The workout was fast-paced and flew by, just the way I like it.


While I was warming up on the elliptical, I flipped through the latest issue of Cooking Light magazine. A recipe for chai banana bread immediately popped out and me and I dog-eared the page knowing I’d be making the bread the minute I arrived home from the gym.

chai banana bread

Within about an hour, I had a freshly baked loaf of banana bread and a house that smelled amazing!

healthy banana bread 002

I didn’t end up making the glaze for on top of the bread because I had other plans to spread my slices with Peanut Butter & Co.’s mighty maple peanut butter!

healthy banana bread 005

peanut butter banana bread

A fantastic combination!

Along with my peanut butter-coated banana bread, I also ate a pear.


Time to get this day started! The weather is looking rather dreary and rain is apparently inevitable so we’re going to try to cram in some time in the great outdoors before the storms begin.

See ya in a bit!


  1. Sanaz "Leah" Ebrahimi says

    I always find amazing recipes to make, but I NEVER have all the ingredients they require and can’t get myself out to go buy them!! 🙁 Are there certain ingredients you just always keep around in bulk or do you go out and buy the ingredients when you find a recipe you like?? I wish I had your motivation girl!!
    On another note, I am MAJORLY addicted to the Dark Chocolate version of that PB!!! SO SO YUMMMMYYYY!!


  2. Marcee says

    A wonderful (healthy!) combo …. banana bread + peanut butter! Cashew butter also works well.

    Our mom would fix us kids those exact sammies! Tastes sooo good w/fruit + milk!


  3. Nicole says

    Attempted this circuit workout in the gym today (my first attempt at a circuit workout, i normally just elliptical or jog on the treadmill) had fun doing it and the time flew by! Also, made your wheat berry mushroom and spinach mock risotto for dinner, Yum! Truly enjoy reading your blog and getting ideas of how to live healthier. AS a grad student on a budget I get lots of healthy ideas that don’t seem to cost a fortune to make.


  4. Arielle says

    Just did the circuit workout after an hour run.. not going to lie I think I died a little ;).

    Now I want banana bread and peanut butter..


  5. Paula says

    I know I’m over a year late to the game ( I just started following you), but that segment in Cooking Light is my favorite. I love that it’s at the very end of the magazine. It makes me smile every time I read what Matisse has been cooking. The bread looks divine!



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