Delayed Workout of Death

I am so glad you guys are a fan of Blog Talk Tuesdays! I’m already excited for the next installment! Smile

Truth be told, I was so anxious to write this morning’s post that I postponed my workout until around 10:30 a.m. Yes, I’m the kind of blogger who lies in bed at night thinking about upcoming blog posts. I’m sick.


When the alarm went off this morning, Ryan decided to take a day off from the gym and I wanted to get on my computer to start working on my Blog Talk Tuesdays post, so we both headed to breakfast together instead of hittin’ the gym right away.

blogging topics 001

Today I enjoyed a scrambled egg sandwich, served on two pieces of toasted whole wheat bread.

blogging topics 002

The eggs were prepared with veggies, lots of cheddar cheese and hash browns.

I ate all the goodies out of the eggs before making my sandwich which is why you can’t see them in the picture. I always eat all the best bites first. This drives Ryan crazy because he saves the best bites for last. This can be a problem if we’re sharing a dish.

I also enjoyed a cup of hot pomegranate green tea and about half of a bowl of Froot Loops.

blogging topics 003

This breakfast did a great job of keeping me full for hours! Either that or I was so involved in writing up this morning’s blog post that I didn’t think about food every 2.5 seconds like I normally do.

From 7: 15 until 10:30 a.m. I did the whole blog and email thang before telling myself I had to go the the gym. I knew that if noon rolled around and I hadn’t worked out just yet, all hopes of me actually making it to the gym would go out the window.

So workout I did!


I kicked my butt today. Seriously. My chest was pounding and my face looked like a cherry when I was done.

To start, I loosely followed a workout I tore out of Fitness magazine months ago.

My rendition, which I’ll call the Delayed Workout of Death, looked like this:


Minutes Speed Incline
0-5 6.5 1
5-6 4 5
6-7 6.5 5
7-8 3.5 6
8-9 6.3 6
9-10 3.5 7
10-11 6.1 7
11-12 3.5 8
12-13 5.9 8
13-14 3 9
14-15 5.7 9
15-16 3 10
16-17 5.5 10
17-18 3 11
18-19 5.3 11
19-20 3 12
20-21 5.1 12
21-22 3 13
22-23 4.9 13
23-24 3 14
24-25 4.7 14
25-26 3 15
26-27 4.5 15
27-30 3.5 5

Don’t let the lower speeds of this workout fool you… It’s killer! Honestly this workout is one of the hardest treadmill workouts I’ve ever posted on the blog. If you try it, you’ve been warned!


After my workout, I headed back to our hotel room, didn’t shower (yet!) and sat down to crank out a couple of things on the computer before assembling myself a yummy lunch with the random food we have on hand in the hotel fridge and freezer.

homewood suites buffet 001

Lunch included an Amy’s tofu scramble pocket sandwich that was really, really good! I loved the doughy bread and the tofu scramble was full of veggies and flavor.

homewood suites buffet 002

homewood suites buffet 004

Not quite as voluminous as it looks on the box, huh? At least it was tasty!

I also ate a cup of strawberry banana Greek yogurt and some string cheese for a little extra protein.

And now I’m going to scan a handful of websites to see if any new houses for rent have been posted. I’m tellin’ ya, there’s not much to choose from here, but we’re hopeful!

The house we really liked with the pool came down $100 a month in rent (which is obviously great!), but we’d be in charge of lawn care and since the house is located on three acres, we’re a little apprehensive about that. We can’t live in this hotel forever, so I hope something workouts out soon!


  1. says

    3 acres is a lot! we have 2 acres and my husband has a professional grade mower that you stand on (the ride behind types landscapers have) and it still takes him 1.5 hours! granted I bet your lot is flat in Florida and ours is not but that’s still a lot of maintenance for a rental. I tried incline walking for the first time a couple weeks ago and was floored by how hard it is! This workout is no joke.


  2. Holly says

    Wowzers! I just tried your interval workout, what a challenge!!! It was tough, but now I feel amazing! I’ve been trying a lot of your posted workouts, they’re great, thank you 🙂
    Hope the house hunt comes to an end for you soon. I’m sure the hotel thing will get old really fast.


  3. says

    Oooh! I hope you get the house. Just think of yard care as a workout? We recently got married and my husband just has like the old-fashioned manual? mower. It’s a sweet workout and tan time. Except I complain that my poor little hands blister. Lol.


  4. Niki (Life's a Payne) says

    I am sure you are probably more stressed about the living situation than you let on here on your blog but all the same you seem so positive!

    I have to move soon but there are so many question marks around my move also that I am starting to freak out.

    Reading your posts make me feel a lot better about just rolling with the punches on this one and not getting TOO stressed (of course a little is OK)!


  5. says

    I wanted to let you know that I did this workout last night…I almost died. It was probably the in the top 5 hardest workouts of my life. I loved/hated it. Thanks for such a great sweaty workout!!! =)


  6. says

    Eating in a hotel that you are staying in for an extended amount of time would frustrate me. If there is a free breakfast, I’m more inclined to grab the not so healthy stuff since my brain equates hotels with “vacation mode”. It would def. be a struggle!


  7. Stephanie Clement says

    Would you consider just buying a lawn moer? Sadie might get a kick out of you guys being outside with her….and if you both took turns and did it over two days? Just a thought…



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