Exploring Boulder and Denver

After a day of snowshoeing, we drove back to Michaela’s apartment in Denver, but made a pit-stop in Boulder around 5 p.m. for some appetizers and drinks.

colorado 038-1

Boulder is the cutest little town and I loved the brick streets, adorable shops, local restaurants, street music and active atmosphere. It actually reminded me a bit of Savannah, Georgia!

We walked a few blocks looking for a place to grab something light to eat to hold us over until dinner that night.

When we stumbled upon Salt, it looked like a great fit and we were seated immediately and ordered drinks and shared two dishes, including an apple and cheese salad in a citrusy dressing and the cheeseburger with French fries.

apple salad


Since none of us were ready for dinner, our appetizers were perfect and did a great job of satisfying our desire for a snack before our main meal.

The food was good and we ate it up! I would love to return to Colorado and spend more time exploring Boulder because I have a feeling there are some gems to be found among the shops, restaurants and bars.

Thai Dinner 

Once we were back at Michaela’s apartment, we took our time getting ready, sipped on some wine and changed before heading out for a late dinner at Wild Bangkok, one of Michaela and her boyfriend Kyle’s favorite local Thai restaurants.

colorado 039-1

colorado 040-1

When we arrived, we made the executive decision to sit at one of the floor-level tables.

colorado 041-1

colorado 042-1

It was a great idea… in theory.

Not before long, sitting Indian-style began to make all of us feel uncomfortable and we began shifting around. I cracked up when I looked over at Michaela and Kyle they were basically sitting back-to-back.

colorado 043-1

Leah and I were crammed underneath the table in the beginning, but eventually brought one leg out while waiting for our food which made us more comfortable.

colorado 044-1

Such a classy bunch!

Our table shared eggrolls and edamame before ordering our entrees.

colorado 046-1


I think my craving for salty foods from earlier in the day when we were snowshoeing was still running rampant at dinnertime, because a veggie stir-fry sounded like the perfect dinner.

colorado 047-1

I ordered the vegetable stir-fry with tofu and Bangkok rice and it hit the spot. I loved the sauce and made sure my rice soaked it all up. If I were a Denver resident, Wild Bangkok would be a go-to restaurant for me for sure.

Everyone else really enjoyed their meals as well.

colorado 048-1

Isn’t she a cutie? A cutie with a carrot. Smile

Since we went to dinner close to 9 p.m., it was pretty darn late by the time we were finished and my stomach didn’t feel particularly great. It actually started cramping up and I felt pretty queasy when we were getting ready for dinner and I don’t know what was up. In retrospect, I cannot help but wonder if the altitude affected me more than I thought because I didn’t shake the light nausea and crampy feeling until Sunday morning.

Fortunately Michaela, Kyle and Leah were game to just head back to Michaela’s apartment and spend the rest of the night lounging and drinking there in our pajamas which sounded perfect to me!

It was another late night, but I was able to sleep in a bit on Sunday which was great.

Breakfast Extravaganza

On Sunday morning, Kyle made us the most amazing “Breakfast Extravaganza,” that he makes for Michaela and himself to enjoy once a week.

After hearing about “Breakfast Extravaganza” Saturday night at dinner, Leah and I were pretty pumped to try Kyle’s wonderful home cookin’.

Kyle made all of us a fantastic breakfast that included scrambled eggs with turkey sausage and diced peppers, roasted breakfast potatoes and pumpkin pancakes.

colorado day 2 001

I had a bit of everything and went back for more potatoes and another pancake. It was a great meal!

We lounged around their apartment a bit before changing and heading out into the cold, sunny weather to spend the afternoon walking around Denver.

Leah and I really wanted to see where Michaela works and she took us by the Optique of Denver where she works as an optometrist.

colorado day 2 005

If you’re looking for an awesome optometrist in Denver, Michaela is your girl!

After walking by the Optique of Denver, we walked a mile or two to grab lunch at a local pub near where Kyle works, also as an optometrist! They’re an eyeball-lovin’ couple. Smile

We waited about 30 minutes for a table and I was pretty darn hungry by the time we ordered. I opted for an avocado and Swiss cheese sandwich, loaded with veggies and served with a side of chips.

colorado day 2 006 

I ate every last thing off my plate and a slice of Leah’s quesadilla. I was hungry!

By the time we were done with lunch, we had to head back to Michaela’s apartment fairly quickly so Leah and I could pack and make it to the airport on time for our evening flights back to Chicago and Tampa.

The flight went smoothly and I slept about half of the way there and used the remaining time to get some work done on my computer. I crashed hard at my parents’ house in Tampa for the night after arriving back in town a little after 11 p.m.

I really did have the best time in Colorado and seeing Michaela and Leah only makes me miss them more. They are two people I love a whole lot!

I’m hoping we can all get together again soon! Colorado was such a fun place to visit and I left the state understanding why so many people love it. It’s breathtakingly beautiful and has so much to offer. I’d love to go back!


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    I live in Colorado and love this post! Thanks for capturing just a tiny bit of what makes our state fantastic! Salt is…good…if you ever come back, I can think of at least 10 other hidden gems that you MUST try! The food in Boulder and Denver is (in my opinion) some of the best in the nation 🙂



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