Kale Smoothie

I’m no stranger to green smoothies, but I always make them with spinach. I’ve never tried using kale in my smoothies, but after seeing Brittany’s recipe for a green lemonade smoothie, I knew it was time to give it a go.

green lemonade smoothie

I was immediately intrigued when I saw that her recipe just required a blender since most beverage recipes I’ve seen that include kale require a juicer and I don’t have one.

I followed Brittany’s recipe exactly and while I thought it was good, I added half of an apple and the juice of the remaining half of a lemon I had on hand for a little extra oomph.

kale smoothie

It was energizing and delicious and I will definitely make it again. I’d love to play around with other flavor combinations and think that adding ginger to Brittany’s recipe would be a fabulous addition as well.

On the side I had a microwavable quesadilla made with shredded cheese a whole wheat tortilla.

Tortilla and cheese

Ridiculously easy!

microwavable quesadilla

After lunch today, I spent some time reading.

AFAA Text Book

I recently registered for AFAA’s group exercise certification and my exam is coming up soon. One of the trainers at my gym is lending me her text book from several years ago so I didn’t have to buy the new one and I’m hoping the older edition will suffice. If any of you out there have your group exercise certification through AFAA and have any words of wisdom to share, I’m all ears!

Of Possible Interest


  1. says

    Hi, please can someone give some advice on getting hold of kale in new zealand… impossible I’m sure! Do you have to go to a special store? Is there another name for it?


  2. Melissa says

    Hi! First of all, big thank you! I started running last year when I started reading your blog, and you’ve been a great inspiration to me.

    Also, I just wanted to let you know that before I got a juicer, I’d just use my blender and then run the mixture through a mesh strainer. You could try that if you have some other juice recipes you’re interested in. Although I have to say I use my juicer all the time, and it was well worth the money.


  3. Rhonda says

    Kale in smoothies is absolutely the bomb!! Especially when combined with pineapple, Pineapple coconut water and mixed berries. Good with a mix of kale and spinach leaves. Just play around with different fruits. Kale is king as far as phytonutrients and studies show that kale raises your good cholesterol, among other thngs. I wont live without it ow….:)



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