On the News… Again

I think it is the goal of Central Florida reporters to put me on the news when I look my most ridiculous.

As if being filmed in my orange sweatpants on Monday wasn’t bad enough, today Ryan and I were interviewed about the unbelievably cold weather in Orlando on our morning walk with Sadie.

Check out my ensemble.


I was wearing a sports bra, tank top, hoodie, fleece jacket and a regular winter coat… with two hoods and a beanie. I looked like an oompa loopa!

Even Sadie had double layers on this morning.

We Love Our Layers

I’m sure that when the reporter saw me in my 80 layers and Ryan shivering with his hood up,  she thought “Jackpot!” We definitely were the spitting image of freezing weather, I’ll say that much!

It was great to have Ryan’s company on our 2.5 mile walk because talking to him distracted me from the cold… until the wind started blowing. Brr!

We went on our walk after getting nice and sweaty at the gym.

I completed a 45-minute workout on the treadmill that looked a lot like my Lazy Girl Workout from Saturday. I changed up the end a bit to make it a little more challenging and incorporated five extra minutes of running. In the end my workout looked like this:

45 Minute Treadmill Workout

I trucked along to my new favorite Run, Run, Run Playlist. All of the upbeat songs lit a fire under my feat!

I then waited for Ryan to finish up and did 10 minutes on the elliptical before switching to the bike where I peddled to absolutely no resistance while reading blogs.

Not So Tough

Ryan actually laughed when he saw me chillin’ on the bike, reading blogs and clearly wasting time. Fortunately that only lasted for about two minutes until he was ready to leave.


After our cold walk with Sadie and our run in with the news, we came home ready for a hot meal!

I made my new breakfast lover sandwich.

A New Fav

This is my favorite breakfast of the year! Yes, we’re only into the second week of the year, but this hot breakfast bagelwich is taking the lead.

The combination of the cinnamon raisin bagel with the muenster cheese and egg creates a party in your mouth.

Oh So Good

Why I'd Love a Bite, Thank You!

If you make this, I promise you won’t be sorry. And if you are, let me know and I send you a picture of Sadie licking the camera to cheer you up. 😀

Time to work! Can you believe it’s already Thursday!?


  1. says

    Julie you look so silly but in a good way. It looks like we stuck a person who never has seen snow in her life and put her in Antartica lol and this was the result!

    My secrets for dressing warm is spandex under jeans and a long jacket over everything!

    Look express is having a sale on their outwear (consider it an investment)



  2. says

    haha! Its okay…you look beautiful no matter what! Too funny though! I always see people on my walks when I look my absolute worst.

    I am totally going to try that cinnamon rasian and cheese and egg combo! Its sounds like a yummy sweet and savory trick in my mouth!


  3. vanessa says

    We are having the same type of weather here in Tx. I find that long underwear makes a BIG difference in how much of the cold I feel. The top is never the problem because I always bundle up but the cold wind hitting my legs made the warmth go away.
    Wearing just the bottoms keep me soo warm I actually enjoy my walks in the cold. Really works, you should try it.


  4. Sarah says

    Can’t believe noone said they ate your breakfast and they were sorry just to get a cute pic of Sadie licking the camera! I think I’m going to try this breakfast tomorrow though because it looks like it’d definitely hit the spot! So I’ll get back to ya 😉 Thanks for the idea!


  5. Amy says

    I made this sandwich for dinner today because I’ve been thinking about it since the first time I saw it on your blog- Amazing! I’m obsessed haha.



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