Central Florida Hero Rush

Hero Rush Obstacle Course Race

Yesterday morning I ran in one of the coolest races on the planet!  Ryan and I signed up for the Hero Rush obstacle course race with a team of his coworkers knowing that the race promised a series of firefighter-themed obstacles though a 5k+ course. The announcer said the course was closer to four or… 

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Obstacle Course Races

tuna salad wrap

I had a lunch meeting early this afternoon with one of my local freelance clients. We met up at Earth Origins, a local health food store, and ate at the little tables set up inside the market. The salad bar intrigued me, but a wrap sounded better, so I bought a tuna salad wrap from… 

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My First Indoor Triathlon

indoor triathlon 003

This afternoon I completed my first indoor triathlon! How cute is the race shirt!? They’re just about the least hardcore race shirts I’ve ever seen and I think the “completed because I tried” message is adorable. It’s like having “everyone’s a winner” on the back of a race shirt or something. As someone who isn’t… 

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Race Shirt Preferences

sausage avocado egg 001

Today’s workout targeted my whole body. After 20 minutes on the elliptical, I did the total body workout detailed in Tina’s Best Body Boot Camp plan. I hope I’m not too sore from today’s workout on Saturday since competing in an indoor triathlon with sore hamstrings or shoulders does not sound like fun! Fortunately today’s… 

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