Weird Things I Do While Running

This morning as I opened the front door to walk to the gym, Sadie rushed outside ahead of me and sat in the middle of our front yard.

When I called her to come inside she just looked at me, her feeble little body shaking in the cold.

I figured that if she wanted to be outside in the frigid temperatures that badly, I might as well change into warmer clothes and take her for a run.

She practically did cartwheels when I grabbed for her leash.

Her prayers had been answered!

During our run today, I realized I do some pretty weird things as I truck along…

  • Prior to running, if I cannot find a hair tie to pull my hair back, I always sing “Where have all the hair ties gooooone?” in my head to the tune of “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone” by Paula Cole.

Hi, Paula!

  • I make a race car sound in my head whenever I run past someone as I run, even if I’m practically running at a 30-minute mile pace.
  • I say things aloud to Sadie that I am really saying for my own benefit to make myself feel better. “Almost done!” “Great job, Sadie!” “You’re so fast!” “Watch out Usain Bolt!”

Usain and His Bare Feet Got Nothin' on Me & Sadie

  • Whenever I find myself running up a hill, I always say “Engage, legs!” in my head, Inspector Gadget style.Ā  (“Go, go Gadget legs!”) If you know the Central Florida landscape at all, you know this is rather ridiculous considering a “hill” is basically a speed bump.

Go Gadget, Go!

  • The night before I plan to run, if I have a lot on my mind, I tell myself to “save it” for tomorrow’s run.
  • I feel my body instantly respond when inspirational songs like “Proud” by Heather Small come on my iPod, and I lip sync all the words (assuming no one is around).
  • Whenever a song with an awesome, repetitive beat comes on my iPod (think “Call On Me” by Eric Prydz or “What is Love” by Haddaway), I immediately want to start head-bobbing, a la Night at the Roxbury.


Even though some pretty odd things occur on my runs, my breakfast was the opposite of strange.

I call this one the “grab-and-go.”

Grab 'n' Go


I wanted a super easy, but still nutritious, breakfast this morning and grabbed for the nearest things in my fridge and the breadbasket that called to me.

Oh Bagel-o

Chobani + Apple + Sweet Wheat Alternative Bagel

An Apple a Day Keeps Julie Happ-ay

This is my answer to anyone who says they “don’t have time for breakfast.”

BAM! šŸ˜€

Aaaand I’m off to listen to “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone” and “What is Love” on repeat. Lata!


  1. says

    loving this post! I like the “engage legs!” mantra. my body responds to different songs too…I like rihanna’s song “rockstar” – it makes me feel spunky and fast when I run.


  2. Alli says

    Haha! To heck with lip-synching, I find my albino suburban mom self singing gangsta rap out loud whilst jogging with my stroller…. !!!! i love it! And rather than talking to my dog, which I used to do, I now say such things to my toddler. Like he cares. He’s not even running. He’s usually asleep, even. šŸ™‚ Love this post!


  3. Marissa says

    Lol I love that you revealed something so personal šŸ™‚ … I would be mortified to reveal I say things to Alice (my dog) that’s actually for my benefit rather than hers when I take her running … this is why I’ll read your blog rather than create a blog of my own. Thanks Julie your honesty makes me smile!!



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