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Remember how I used to be obsessed with Friday morning boot camp classes at my gym? Well, ever since they switched instructors, the class lost some of its appeal and I went back to doing my own thing on Fridays.

Today, after I spent 20 minutes on the elliptical, I headed upstairs to do a random total-body weights workouts when I ran into Allyson, the trainer who previously taught the boot camp class I loved. Apparently she’s subbing for another instructor’s 30-minute strength class on Fridays for the next few weeks. Score!

I immediately scrapped my original plans and took her class instead. We did various strength-based circuits, completing each exercise for 30 seconds, before resting for 10 seconds and repeating it one time.

  • Bosu ball squats
  • Traveling push ups
  • Squats with overhead press
  • Plie squats with upright row
  • TRX rows
  • TRX lunges
  • Burpees with push up

We then did the following exercises one time through for 30 seconds each:

  • Tricep dips (balancing on one leg)
  • Mountain climbers
  • Squats with side shoulder raises
  • TRX plank hold
  • TRX plank moving legs up to the chest and back
  • Plank hold

I was quite sweaty by the end of the class and my upper body felt like it got quite a good workout!


After the class I took Sadie on a quick walk while Ryan showered and got ready for work. Then it was time for me to play chauffeur Julie!

chauffeur 005

I drove Ryan into work today because we have plans to go to happy hour at a bar close to his work tonight and figured it would make more sense for me to go pick him up after work rather than him drive home to get me and then back out that way immediately after.

It was nice to have a little extra time together this morning, but I was seriously ready to eat my leg when I arrived home.


Breakfast was a tough decision this morning. I wasn’t sure what I wanted… pancakes, eggs, oatmeal, candy?

Eventually I decided on eggs ‘n’ waffles… with a side of candy.

chauffeur 008

chauffeur 010

I kept the candy portion of my breakfast under control because I’ve found that when I eat something sugary first thing in the morning it sets me off to be a ravenous sugar-eater for the rest of the day.

My candy came in the form of chocolate-covered coffee beans. Coffee = breakfast, right?

chauffeur 006

Starting the day with dippy eggs always makes me feel warm and cozy inside. There’s something about eggs for breakfast that screams “weekend!!!” to me and makes me happy.

Gotta get crackin’ on today’s to-do list! Happy Friday!


      • Joe Wisniewski says

        TRX is unbelievable. I have done 3 6-week cycles of it for 2 or 3 times a week. I was skeptical when told I really shouldn’t do any other resistance work. I can’t say enough for it. I have seen nothing except for kind of yoga that addresses balance and coordination and core. It has literally been the best rehab I could have done for some knee issues also. I spin a lot and bike and have started blogging on that. I really need to do the same for TRX. I too am seeing the personal trainers now incorportaing TRX into their training sessions. It is pretty good stuff.


  1. says

    I love chocolate covered espresso beans! They are so good and they totally count as a breakfast food because they contain coffee 😉

    Have a good morning! 🙂


  2. Faith @ lovelyascharged says

    I’ve actually heard that small amounts of chocolate in the morning can help curb coffee cravings for the rest of the day – I forget where the logic was given behind it, but it’s theoretically supposed to help minimize your desire for it later on!


  3. says

    That’s so disappointing about the class! Dang! At least you’re badass enough to make up your own good workout 😀

    Candy = total Friday necessity, even at 9am

    Enjoy your day and Happy Hour!


  4. says

    I’ve never been much of an egg eater in the morning, mostly because I’m too lazy to get out the frying pan! I loveee chocolate covered espresso beans!!! They’re seriously addicting and can actually give you a caffeine buzz 🙂


  5. Jenna...lifeinjenneral says

    Julie, PLEASE help me get out of bed in the morning lol I’m always so jealous of all that you accomplish before your morning post–i can barely get to work on time. ug.


  6. says

    That class sounds absolutely awesome in its intense-ness. I love the idea of taking classes at the gym, but I always chicken out before signing up, I don’t know why. You might be the motivation I need to follow through!


  7. Dani says

    I feel the same way about gym instructors–the same class can be very different in terms of level of difficulty depending on who is teaching it. Its such a bummer when the gym switches things up on you (as they all do every few months) but its a good chance to make changes your schedule as well. Of course I live in NYC, so there is always another gym full of classes only a few blocks away that I can choose from!


  8. says

    I love the TRX!! I used to use it in circuit training.. but since I moved.. I can’t go to that training.. (an hour of travel time.. does not work.. even though somtimes I think it would be worth it).

    I miss the TRX so much. Seriously you can turn that into a WHOLE BODY workout!


  9. says

    My boss at work actually just asked me the other day what these exercises were where you hop down and kick your legs out. “I think my trainer called them Burt’s Bees, but that doesn’t sound right…” Silly lady, of course they’re the dreaded Burpees!

    Looks like a killer workout, jealous of such a sweaty morning already!


  10. Carey @ Positively Blonde says

    It’s only 10 am and I’ve already been snacking on jalapeno almonds this morning haha And if there were chocolate covered coffee beans in my house, I’m pretty sure they would be consumed too!


  11. says

    Do you put anything over your waffles and eggs or just that? I have never seen that and it looks yummy, especially with “dippy eggs”! On another note, there is this coffee shop I go to sometimes and they have a candy dispenser that has chocolate covered coffee beans in it… now how can I get one of those in my house?!


    • says

      usually just the yolks from the eggs add enough dipping/moisture so i won’t add anything else. if the yolk doesn’t spread as much, i’ll top the rest of one waffle with a bit of syrup to finish it off.


  12. says

    I had drippy eggs this morning too and they were SO amazing. My fiance Tyler always laughs at me because ill put the drippy egg on my toast and then I let it “marinate” and make the toast all soft… oh how I love my eggs. He thinks I’m a nut 😉


  13. Erin @ Naturally Addicted says

    Love the rationale! I totally agree… it’s coffee so it’s a suitable breakfast! Plus, it’s Friday!! It’s necessary to have a little treat on Fridays.


  14. Yolie @ Practising Wellness says

    Hahaha, so nice to know that other people eat candy for breakfast! For me its dark chocolate…i just can’t help myself sometimes! sure does taste good though 😉 and who says dessert is just for dinner? 🙂
    i’m curious…do you really find it sets you on a sugar roll and makes you crave sweet things all day? i never ever thought of that…I wonder if that’s why I often have a raging sweet tooth, lol!
    that’s awesome about your instructor and the conditioning class, sounds sweet! i will try and incorporate some of those moves into my workouts next week, thank you for the info.
    Have a happy happy hour! 😉
    Big smiles!


  15. says

    Like seriously, this may sound odd, but the pictures of your dippy eggs always make me want eggs Yummm 🙂 …and “get crackin” am I the only one who caught that? haha Happy Friday :):)


  16. says

    I wish we had real eggs–all my parents ever buy is Eggbeaters! But I really want to try dippy yolks… I’m just not sure if I could get through a whole dozen before they go bad! I remember the first time I tried chocolate covered espresso beans. I tried eating them just like I eat all chocolate: letting it melt slowly on my tongue. Then, when all the chocolate was gone, I just crunched the coffee bean. Umm… YUCK!


  17. Kt says

    Hi Julie! Just wanted to say thank you for being such a workout inspiration. Sometimes when I am trying to wake up at 5:45am to workout, I read your blog first thing (while I’m still half-asleep, with one eye open, haha). It helps me get out of bed when I read about your workouts (I’m on the west coast)… I say in my head, Julie’s already done, I should get to the gym!


  18. Shady says

    I’ve been inspired by a few of your previous smoothie recipes and made a chocolate peanut butter one this morning with carob powder and hemp seeds for protein and HOLY CRAP JULIE – it’s a-ma-zing!

    (I hope that I didn’t offend anyone by saying crap but seriously other words escape me because my brain is all yummy, yummy, delicious, creamy, desert-like breakfast in a cup)


  19. Coral says

    i am the same way too with candy/sweets!
    i like to save it for dessert.
    if i have it as my mid-afternoon snack, i will want it for dinner, dessert, and end up eating WAY too much 🙁
    control is key!


  20. says

    Hey Julie! I love to see that you’ve given TRX a go! I see the big apparatus at my gym, and I’ve never given it a try! I should sign up for one of their intro training sessions.

    Have fun at happy hour tonight! TGIF 🙂


  21. Tori says

    Your workout tank looks super comfy!
    I got a job teaching PE to 3rd & 4th graders and need some new tops I can wear that are comfy and not cotton t-shirts!- any recommendations?


  22. Leslie says

    I just caught myself up to date and read like 7 posts and I was laughing out loud! I like this full time blogging thing for you :o)


  23. says

    I love it, but sugar really is the devil. The key for me is extreme moderation, and yes, definitely only in the afternoon/evening. If I started my day off with sugary candy, I’d be freebasing pixie sticks by lunchtime! .)


  24. Katherine says

    the plank with leg up to the chest is my FAVORITE trx move as well as being in a plank and taking both legs at the same time to one side of the body. I am basically obsessed with trx.


  25. says

    I love, love, LOVE when my hubby and I can car pool in the morning. Even if it takes a bit extra travel time, I don’t mind because the extra minutes together in the morning are so nice! Luke might not feel exactly the same way since I usually make him late! Whoops! 🙂


  26. says

    That sounds like an awesome workout! 🙂 I am the exact same way about candy or sweets. Sometimes once I get started I just don’t stop. No bueno! lol.


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