100 Squats

Guess who successfully completed 100 squats in a row this morning?

100 squats 005

This girl!

(And yes, I totally made that picture black and white to try and disguise the fact that I’m wearing the same shirt I wore yesterday. And now I totally sabotaged my efforts by telling you all about my trick. I swear I didn’t sweat at all much yesterday which equals a totally fresh and clean shirt in my book.)

Annnyway, back to my workout recap. Yes, I did 100 squats in a row because I am a beast!

I used 65 pounds worth of weights and squatted my little heart out. To be honest, it wasn’t insanely difficult (I probably need to increase my weights), but it was definitely challenging and got me nice and sweaty in the beginning of my lower-body workout.

After 20 minutes on the elliptical, I did the following leg workout:

  • 100 squats
  • One-legged leg press (<—I like this so much more than regular leg press!)
  • Superset: Step ups + Deadlifts
  • Lunges
  • 60 second wall sit
  • Exercise ball hamstring curls

Let’s hope I’m not as sore as I was last week. I seriously waddled around like a duck all day on Thursday and Friday.


Today’s breakfast was quite similar to the breakfasts I’ve been enjoying an awful lot lately.

Another egg sandwich with two fried eggs, jelly and muenster cheese, plus two chicken breakfast sausages on the side.

100 squats 001

100 squats 002

100 squats 003

Can you tell that my odd English muffin habit wreaked havoc on the bottom half of my English muffin today?

Home Office Update

Stay tuned for the unveiling of my home office today!

Question of the Morning

  • Do you have any current fitness, work or personal goals in place for yourself? Share!

My current fitness-related goal is to run the entire Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon in the beginning of November. On a work-related note, I hope obtain some local freelance writing opportunities with local magazines and newspapers in my new hometown.


  1. says

    Julie, you are a self-Hitler! 100 squats- I am super impressed! Sixty had me sore the other day! One of my main goals for this year is to also get some freelance writing related to health & fitness under my belt in addition to my regular job!


  2. says

    I am hoping to break a 30:00 5k this year. I keep trying, but am starting to wonder if trying to PR a 5k while training for a half is too much to ask for. I think I may need to focus on one distance at a time.
    Breakfast was trying out the new Cinnabon Cream of Wheat. Not terrible, but not great either. I want my old Cinnamon Swirl back.
    Off to walk/run my 3 miles.

    The Kidless Kronicles
    Wag More, Bark….


  3. Annie says

    Your leg workout looks seriously awesome, and I’m vying to try it tomorrow morning when I go to the gym.

    I have a laundry list of goals right now…
    Fitness: GET MY BOOTY TO THE GYM at least 3x a week, along with my every-other-day evening runs. I miss lifting 🙁 but I’m still being a super bum about not going.

    Work: Let. It. Go. For the last few months I’ve allowed a new coworker’s inability to do his job the right way affect my own personal happiness and satisfaction. I love my job, but I don’t love (or like at all, really) working with him, because he makes my job tougher by having to basically do his, or fix what he does wrong. After an awful week last week, it was finally the last straw, and I’ve decided to take back my happiness. Too long I’ve let his incompetence affect me personally. It shouldn’t be like that! So today begins a new mindset for me 🙂

    Personal: Work on my time management!


  4. says

    This is my first time commenting here but I just wanted to say ive been reading for a while and I really enjoy your blog alot! 🙂

    100 squats is SUPER impressive. I feel crazy after doing about 50 of them and then of course the waddling after effects the next day…hahaha

    I have a half marathon myself next weekend, so just finishing up training for that. I’d really like to get under 2:10 for this one. my last one was 2:14 but i was battling a stupid foot injury then. heres to hoping!

    have a great monday!!


  5. says

    Awesome job on the squats and yey for your great goals! 🙂

    Professional – get a great full time job in our new town!

    Fitness – train for the first annual Newburyport Half Marathon while still fitting in the cross training I enjoy (body rock!)

    Personal – meet some new people where we live 🙂


  6. Katherina @ Zephyr Runs says

    Man. I can do 4 sets of 25 squats but it kills me the next day. Maybe consistency is key? I only do it every so often, because my legs feel like they’re going to fall off the next day! You are a beast!!


  7. says

    I did a class at the gym last week that was all 100’s, and it was BRUTAL. I was so sore (I actually STILL am) that I could barely walk for two days. LOVE the pain! Nice job on your 100 squats. Such a great feeling!


  8. says

    Wahoo!! 100 squats-way to go! I am off to teach BodyPUMP, and it sort of feels like we do 100 during the squat track….maybe I should count it out?

    My goal is to increase my weights in BP, get prepped for a half ironman next year, and decrease bodyfat by 5%. Work related goals:to complete tasks in a very professional manner! I love what I do: )


  9. Dawn @ Blonde on a Mission says

    100 squats — that’s some serious dedication! That’s amazing.
    I have set a fitness goal for myself to not stray from working out outside once it starts to get colder. I will lose all motivation if I’m shivering outside, but I know the payoff will be worth it. Here’s hoping I can stick to it!


  10. says

    Wow, awesome job with the 100 squats!! And aren’t 1-legged leg presses so great? I love how I can feel them working so much more than a regular leg press. And I’ve definitely worn my workout shirts two days in a row before- it’s not gross haha. My current fitness goal is to be able to complete the 10k I’m doing in a few weeks without it feeling too difficult…so right now I’m trying to do one run a week that’s longer than that distance! And a personal goal is to remember to take time for myself when my grad school schedule gets crazy and hectic! Hope you have a fantastic Monday 🙂


  11. Holly @ The Runny Egg says

    Awesome! I did try your 100 squats trick, but I did 4 sets of 25.

    Fitness goals: finish my 10 mile race on Oct 2 in 1:30 (last year I did the same race in 1:40)


  12. says

    Ooh I can’t wait to see your home office setup! Right now one of my health and fitness goals is to get into doing Pilates regularly, and my first class is tonight! I think I’m going to add the 100 squats into my list though.. I love a good lower bod workout!


  13. Laura says

    This might be a dumb question but how did you complete them and what exactly do you mean you used 65 lbs worth of weights? Are you squatting using a bar, simply your body weight, holding dumbbells? I do tons of variations of squats and I guess this is why I’m confused which kind/how you did it!


  14. says

    Way to go on the squats!

    My goal is to take some time off of my half marathon PR when I run my next race in November. As long as it’s faster, I don’t care how much!

    I’m also trying to get my multiple dessert habit under control. I keep eating 2-3 portions of dessert every night and it makes me feel really crummy, but for some reason I can’t stop. What IS that?!?


  15. Vicky says

    Awesome that you reached your goal!!

    My goal is to lost 15 pounds and get fit! I just started going to the gym before work (you inspired me) and I have done it so far two days now. 🙂 Trying be more active by doing outdoor-sy type stuff (like riding my new bike), workout videos and gym.


  16. says

    Great job on 100 squats!

    I am currently getting ready for a Halloween 10k next month. It will be my first.
    Yesterday I actually ran/ walked 10 miles!!! My farther before that was six miles, so 10 was a huge deal for me!
    I never thought I could do it, and your 8 mile runs actually inspired me to do it! I did have a lot of walk breaks but I’m so happy I accomplished it.


  17. says

    Congrats on the squats! I am also guilty of the shirt rewear. I literally get dressed out of the laundry basket some mornings. My goal is to do 5 pull ups. I was almost there and then I broke my collarbone so I have to build up shoulders back up. What is your favorite type of breakfast sausage?


  18. says

    Strong work! One of my fitness goals is to sign up for a half marathon in the next year and DO IT! I keep putting it off or making up excuses or changing my mind…but deep down, I really do want to do one. Maybe today is the day to find one and sign up?! 🙂


  19. says

    I think my goal is just to get back to distance with running after my injury. Other than that, just happy to tone back up a bit! I was stagnant for a good 8 months and it was TORTURE!

    Congrats on the 100 squats, I’d definitely pass out by 10 or so, haha.


  20. says

    Fitness goal – finish up my training strong for a sprint triathlon on October 2nd. The distance is pretty short, so I don’t need to do a ton of mileage, but I do want to feel fast and strong during the race.

    Professional goal – I REALLY need to get my photography business website up and running and straighten out my branding. Currently, I am using a business Facebook page (which has worked out very well) and my personal photography blog. Both are under different names though…a lot to do there!


  21. says

    WOOHOOoo!! Good for you girl! 🙂
    As for fitness goals… I’d have to say balance my cardio with weights. I always gravitate towards cardio and I know how important it is to do both. Wish me luck!


  22. Mae says

    That is awesome. Ok, I have a question for you and your readers. Sometimes when I do something impressive at the gym, my husband calls me “hoss.” He means it in an encouraging way, but I don’t like it because it makes me feel not pretty. He said a competitive athlete-type girl would appreciate it, so what do you ladies think? I am not trying to compare, but just hear a different perspective. Julie, 100 squats is amazing, and I love your workout shirt!


    • says

      ha! i totally get where you’re coming from. “hoss” isn’t exactly a feminine and pretty word, but i think that your husband clearly means it in a good way – that you’re strong and powerful. i would definitely take it as a compliment coming from him! i’d rather be “hoss” than “feeble.” 🙂


    • says

      I usually call myself a “beast” or say that I “beasted” a run, even though I’m so NOT a super-competitive athlete type girl. I get the “not pretty” connotation, but I think he’s just trying to compliment your endurance and strength! Be proud, girlie!


    • says

      I think it doesn’t really matter if someone else would find that to be a compliment. If you don’t like it, why would he keep doing it? Different people like different things and if I called someone a name they clearly didn’t like, I wouldn’t do it again!


  23. says

    That’s one heck of a workout, I’d definitely be waddling the next day!
    My fitness goal is to run the Philly half at the end of November and beat my previous PR (hopefully). Work wise- I don’t really have any right now. Ha! That’s probably a bad thing, huh?


  24. Michell says

    My goal (fitness and personal!) is to lose about 10 more lbs (I’ve already lost 10)! I know Its where I need to be for me to feel healthy. I graduated college (as a fine arts major, so I was always up and moving around in studio classes)/stopped working/got married/moved far away with my Marine husband to where I had no friends all in about a month and a half… then moved 2 more times that year for his training. I put on about 20lbs in that stressful year and just feel gross. But now I’m back to working out (I fell in love with bodypump because of your blog and a good friend) and eating mostly raw or wholesome foods- and still icecream and deserts in moderation of course haha! I’m feeling so much better already, halfway to my goal!


  25. Jessica says

    I have my first half marathon coming up in 4 weeks. My current PDR is 7mi and I am almost done with my training plan. I’d love to finish it under 2:15!


  26. Callie says

    My fitness goal right now is to run my first 5K at the end of October! I have lost about 40 pounds in the last year and am trying to kick up my fitness routine to lose my goal of 40 more! I love your blog and am glad I ran across it a few weeks ago, it seems what you say out loud what I’m thinking in my head! I do have a question for you and maybe some of you followers as well – How do you get your spouse motivated to join you at the gym and to try to make healthier choices?


  27. says

    Yes, I would like to lift my ass into a position that pleases me. I cannot guarantee this will happen. I AM running the rock and roll half mary in San Antonio, so that’s going to be a blast, but really, I’m most concerned with my ass.


  28. says

    I have the same lulu scoopneck top!

    …in three colors. 😉

    and YEEUH, girl! 100 squats?! I haven’t done any squats in forever… I’m too worried about making my leggies too sore this close to the marathon. you betta believe that I’ll be trying post-marathon, though!


  29. says

    You go girl!

    My brother (bodybuilder) keeps telling me I need to do a 100 squats workout. Maybe once marathon training is over!

    Woo-hoo on the Savannah half. Have there been any meetups planned? I know I want to see you, Tina, and Meghann — and a few other bloggers (maybe a flash of SR!).


  30. Kaella says

    My current exercise goal is to run the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Vegas in December. I’m up to 6.2 miles in my training plan 🙂 (which I am super proud of considering I only started running this spring)

    Personal Goals: Just focused on our wedding. I’m getting married in 20 days!!! So excited to be married!! 🙂


  31. eliza@zestyfingers says

    Julie I am really happy you eat real eggs!!! sure the egg white nonsense is good once and a while but REAL eggs are so healthy and jam packed with vitamins —I feel like a fear of yolk has been instilled on so many people. I myself even gave up yolks for a little! but now I’m back so yaaay for real eggs. AND good job with the squats!


  32. Brittany says

    Cute tank, lady. And 100 squats sounds pretty hardcore! Nice job!

    My biggest short-term goal is to PR at the marathon I’m running in 2 weeks and run a 3:30- something. It only requires me to shave about 3 minutes off my time, but it’s still not going to be easy, I’m sure. 🙂


  33. says

    don’t worry, I’ve re-used workout clothes many times…what’s the sense in taking new ones out if within 15 minutes they’ll be in the same condition as the other ones?! Plus it feels like a waste :).
    My fitness goal right know is to complete a 10 Km race in March..I still have plenty of time!


  34. says

    I’ll have to try that 100 squats, sounds killer! I just finished my 2nd 90-Day challenge so now it’s on to my third 🙂 This period I’m focusing on getting rid of those last couple inches on my tummy and love handles, ’round the booty and a little bit on my arms. It’s all about the inches this time! I also want to be able to run a 5k all the way…still working on my couch to 5k plan 🙂

    Thanks for keeping me inspired to push myself Julie!


  35. says

    good job with the workout 😉
    personal goal: to meditate more often.
    fitness goals: to be able to do 15 chin-ups in one shot. I’m at 7 right now.
    work goals: to one day be self employed. that’s a ways off though.


  36. Rosa - Fitness, Food, Fulfilled says

    You are a beast! It must have felt amazing to be able to finish them all. Yeah!

    My goal is to drop some weight in the next month and a half so that I can increase my pace for my December marathon and break 4 hours. I figure since I’m only ever going to do one marathon, I better make it a good one!


  37. Jessica says

    Good for you and the 100 squats! I did a little over 100 squats yesterday too, alternating between 120-110 lbs. It was intense!
    Let’s see. My upcoming fitness goal is to finish my very first marathon in Des Moines next month! I also want to run one marathon a year for the next…well, until I get tired of it! And my career goals include finishing my year of service as an AmeriCorps VISTA and freelancing more for publications.


  38. dana says

    Yes!! For the past few weeks, I have been insanely busy and fallen out of my workout routine…badly! I’ve also joined a new gym and my currents goals are to a.) get back into my routine and to b.) learn my new gym. My new gym is less free weights focused and more cardio/circuit training centered, so I have to come up with a way for it to fit my training style.

    Are your 100 squats weighted? I may try this on my next leg workout.


  39. says

    YAY! You go girl! 😉 (I’m channeling that episode of Friends where Monica tries and fails to pull that off, lol!) 😛 100 weighted squats is amazing…after being inspired by you I did 100 NON-weighted ones at my last leg workout and that was hard enough. Seriously, my butt was soooo sore the next day, I was walking around like a duck…waddling, too! 😛 Well, it means it worked! Wall sits always make my thighs buuuuurn too, they’re amazing. I’m really loving your new leg-only workouts, they’re so awesome and I can’t wait to try them out for myself – thank you! 😀 xyx


  40. says

    Mehh–wearing the same shirt two days in a row is totally fine by me. lol. I do it all the time for the gym! Hopefully I don’t stank. 😛

    For personal goals, I would really like to spend more time and effort on my blog whenever possible. This goal probably won’t be able to be totally fufilled until I finish nursing school! On the fitness front, I am working on getting faster for a 5k I am running. Normally I focus on distance vs. speed.


  41. says

    Way to go on the squats! Those are always so difficult for me. That and lunges. Ouch! 🙂

    I’m currently training for a half marathon at the end of October and I would love if I could get through it without walking.


  42. Nicole says

    Last week, I signed up to run in my second marathon – Huntington Beach on Feb. 5! Seems like a long way away, but it’ll be here bfore I know it!

    Also, I’m a BodyPump instructor – we have our “launch date” of the new release on October 8….I have fun with other local instructors practicing for it!

    Julie – you should get certified to teach BodyPump! It’s a lot of fun and you can bring your passion for BP to any class you teach! You can do it!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  43. Melissa says

    A few years ago I would always wear a set of clothes to walk the dog at night and then wear those running/ dog walking in the morning, because no one in my neighborhood is out 2x a day like me and if they are they know what a pain it is to wash double the laundry and how bad all the washing is for the workout material.. that was until my x moved in and made me feel bad for wearing dirty clothes! I know… so he is on his way out and the double wearing has ensued again! YAY for less laundry and being a dirty bug, I love it!

    Goals… 1/2 marathons for 4 months in a row starting in December! YAY for 1/2 marathon training!


  44. Dolce says

    I saw your last post about 100 squats, and tried it today only with a 18 lb. bar…..AHHHH. I had to break it up into 2 sets of 50. Love the burn though:) My current goal is to gain 5 lbs. of muscle, and to start running 5k 2-3 days a week! It’s gonna be hard since I’m so busy with school, but I’m going to make it work somehow!


  45. Erin B says

    Hey Julie – Props to you (yes, props) for completing 100 squats!!! With weight!

    How many sets of the other leg exercises did you complete? I’m hoping to make this my workout tonight!


  46. Jessica Corbin says

    Actually, this is my third week increasing my miles on the good ol’ fashioned treadmill. I sure love it and getting leaner! Do you do like a 65 lb plate in the front of you? I would not think dumbbells…I want to try this 100 squat challenge, but not sure how you are holding the weight and what weights you are using. 🙂 And ALWAYS three sets, sometimes four to really tire my muscles! You are an inspiration!


  47. says

    My workout goal is to be able to do 10 pull ups with no assistance. I can do em now, but I have to use the assisted pull up machine to make them easier.

    Personal goal: Make new friends…I have lived here for almost 5 years afterall…


  48. Sharon says

    100 squats WITH 65 lbs?!! That is amazing!! Although I am a little intimidated, how did you go about reaching that goal?! I would love to be able to say I did that!! My overall goals for fitness are to just keep challenging myself, trying new/harder things, and to lose the last 6lbs of baby weight! (I had a little one 9 months ago 🙂 )


  49. Brittney says

    My goal is to lose 3 more lbs, to get down to the weight I was in high school, for my wedding in 9 days! I have been running my butt off and doing yoga, pilates, and spin multiple times a week (well not spin, because you really need an entire week to get ready for another spin class lol) and I really hope that I can do it! I keep telling myself that I have come so far and that 3 more lbs is nothing compared to what I have already accomplished! Wish me luck! =)


  50. Gina says

    Excellent workout! When you are working on improving your shape and achieving more challenging goals, nutrition is one of the key success factors. Most nutrients are received from food, though, in order to enhance my energy I am taking nutritional supplements. One of the best I have tried is Navy Seal Formula manufactured by MGNutritionas. It gives me incredible amount of energy and pushes me harder when I train. I see positive results in my endurance and strength, my workouts are becoming much more effective.



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