Post Race Cravings

This morning my hard-earned medal from the Women’s Half Marathon I ran yesterday was added to our collection!


Isn’t the palm tree design creative?

medal display

Loving the addition of pink!


I was initially planning to take the day off from the gym this morning, but when Ryan got up to go and I got out of bed to use the bathroom, I didn’t feel all that sore anywhere other than my quads and decided to go with him and do a simple arm workout since I’m sure this week will be pretty low key on the exercise front with Thanksgiving on Thursday. 

I did something a little different today and upped the amount of reps in a bunch of the sets and was surprised to find that I was able to go past my usual 15 reps without too much trouble. Maybe it’s time to up the weight?

My workout looked like this:

arm workout

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I finished my workout with a bit of ab work on the exercise ball.


Breakfast this morning was a recreation of Friday’s delicious eggnog overnight oats, only with more Greek yogurt and no banana because we’re all out.

women's half marathon st. pete 080-1

Served right out of the Tupperware! No need for extra dirty dishes this morning.

women's half marathon st. pete 083

I’ve also been drinking water like a mad woman ever since yesterday’s race.

women's half marathon st. pete 085

After the race yesterday all I wanted was salty food and water (once I stopped feeling pukey, that is)! That probably explains why I ate French fries, a pretzel roll and a bunch of pork with gravy for dinner. Craving = Met!

My sweet tooth is gradually returning this morning, though salty foods still sound awfully delicious. I almost busted out tortilla chips for breakfast but opted for some string cheese after my overnight oats instead.

Post race cravings always amuse me.

I always think I’ll crave indulgent baked goods, ice cream and my usual favorite foods, but inevitably all I want is salty food, watery fruit and veggies. Seriously strange.

Question of the Morning

  • Do you notice a change in your food cravings after a particularly hard workout or race?  

P.S. The Fashion page was updated this morning!


  1. Katie says

    My food cravings go crazy after a tough race! The same thing that happened to you yesterday (Humid + Heat) happened to me this summer in Chicago & when I finished I couldn’t even think about food! Therefore the day after I was a monster in the kitchen 😉


    • says

      yes! for a good two hours after the race when i felt nauseous, i couldn’t even stand to hear my family TALK about food. i felt so pukey! thankfully once i started to sip on sparkling water, my appetite returned and i felt SO much better. humidity and heat = NO joke!


  2. says

    Congrats on finishing the race! The palm trees are cute!

    I’ve never run a marathon before, but post-workout or after any long amount of exercise, I almost always have a protein shake. I think it really helps with my appetite and cravings. However, when I did a 26-mile bike race, all I wanted was bread afterwards!


  3. veronica says

    Congratulations Julie!. I’m glad to heard you are a believer on compression calfs :-). It seems you have the same problem I do and unfortunately the chomps or regular gatorade will do nothing to your body. I will definetely suggest to incorporate in your long runs some salt tablets.. and some glucose shots! I definetely think you are a very strong runner and will not be surprise once you have your low sodium under control you will be flying. I admire your commitment. Awesome time after all ! Congrats.


    • says

      thank you so much for the compression sleeves. they were GREAT and i am seriously in love with them – not sore AT ALL today!!! thanks for the fueling tips. definitely something to keep in mind, especially since i clearly need more salt! again, THANK YOU!


      • veronica says

        You more than welcome! Yesterday I put together a goodie bag for you with some of the supplemts I take.. I have tried most part of them and finally stayed with this brand that are gentle in your stomach and you will really see the results inmediately.
        Thank You for all your amazing cooking recipes! I have shared with a lot of my triathlete friends and we absolutely love them.


  4. Gina @ Will Run For Cupcakes says

    Congratulations on the finish!!! That medal is awesome! All of mine (all 4 that is!) are round. The only one that is slightly different is the Rock and Roll Chicago! I aspire to have a palm tree shaped medal one day!
    I actually wanted to ask you about the Disney Half Marathon coming up in January!
    I’m from Connecticut, so I’m not all that familiar with races in the Orlando area.
    Any info would be awesome…
    …plus I think the medal is shaped like Donald Duck 🙂


  5. Tracy @ Tracy's Treats says

    I generally crave salty over sweet naturally, but after a race, those cravings are even more intense! I always want a burger and fries, but I also do crave watery vegetables. You can sure tell when your body has lost a ton of water and salt in sweat!


  6. says

    Hmm…after a particularly grueling workout, I want chewy and salty. Like a really good soft pretzel, maybe? It’s definitely out of the norm for me, because I normally crave super-sweet things all day (for real. Wake up wanting frosting).


  7. Stephy says

    I am never able to run in the heat or humidity, I literally swell up within 5minutes, I would rather run in below zero temps! You’re an inspiration, congrats on powering through. I have to say though, your cravings are anything but weird, you probably lost alot of electrolytes through sweat. What about baked sweet potatoe fries with salt on top? Potatoes are better than bananas to help restore potassium levels too!


  8. says

    I did not have any weird cravings after my first half. I know all I wanted was liquid, but after that I stood/sat around chatting with other runners for almost an hour and felt no hunger pangs.
    Yet sometimes after a simple run all I want is oatmeal!!


  9. says

    Way to go on finishing the half-marathon. I am not really a runner, but I thinking I want to try to start working on trying.

    I also wanted to say ( a little late) that I loved American Wife and I am recommending it to my co-workers!

    I made overnight oats last night with Chobani Strawberry Banana yogurt and skim milk and they were absolutely delicious!

    I love this website…and I hope to be commenting more often 🙂


  10. says

    I think you’ve inspired me to do another half…and I swore I wouldn’t do it again!

    The last time I trained for a half, all I wanted were Baked Lays, Helluva Good Dip and gallons of water. I was probably sweating out a lot of salt & needed to replenish…yeah…I’ll go with that.

    Congrats on finishing your 4th! That’s a huge accomplishment 🙂


  11. says

    After a long run, I am always craving tortilla chips! I think we lose so many electrolytes when we run that we crave salt? I can easily eat half a bag after running. So good!


  12. says

    My cravings are always different! Sometimes I’m starving all day wanting salty foods and sometimes I’m not hungry till the next day. Are your weights total or two dumbbells of the weight?


  13. says

    I just generally crave food after a hard workout haha. And I love the edition of the pink race medal!! And it’s bright pink too…so cute :D. I see there is a pinterest pinner button below your workout, is there a plug-in for that? Wow that totally just made me feel like those commercials where they’re like “there’s an app for that” haha. Anyway, I hope you have a great day Julie!


  14. says

    Congrats on the medal! Pink always makes me so happy. 😀

    I do notice a difference in my cravings after my workouts. It actually kind of depends on what I’m doing, but if it was particularly difficult, I actually end up not really craving anything to the point where I sometimes have to force myself to eat. I think I just get tired and want to rest, but that actually makes it worse.


  15. says

    Woo, congrats lady- that pink medal is awesome. 😉

    I have a probably stupid simple question about posting your workouts on the blog… I’ve been trying to post my workout plans – which are typed out into Excel – onto my blog, but I can’t figure out how ot upload them, and copy and pasting didn’t work.. Any tips?? I have a Mac, not sure if that’s a problem… And if you have no idea, don’t worry- just thought I’d ask!


  16. says

    After a long run I am usually just ravenous the rest of the day and feel like nothing can fully satisfy me!

    As soon as I saw the pink and palm tree, I squealed a litte. SO CUTE!

    You should try adding another set to your exercises. You can increase the weight, but you can also just use the same weight, do 4 reps, and only give youself 10 second rests in between to up the intensity. I always change up my weights and the amount of sets/reps/rest time, I feel like it keeps my muscles from getting used to the same thing.


  17. says

    Usually I like smoothies after my hard workouts/long runs, but this weekend all I wanted was an egg sandwich on a whole wheat English muffin—with lots and LOTS of hot sauce. So weird!


  18. Nathan Miller says

    Lately I havnt noticed food change habits after races, but when I first started running half marathons, I would crave Chocolate Milk, and alot of it. Im not sure why…but I would finish a half gallon of that stuff within 24 hours after a race


  19. Claire says

    I also did a half marathon yesterday and I was surpised how hungry I am today! Let´s just say I ate my lunch at 11. weird! I´m hoping my apetite goes back to normal soon.


    • K says

      I am a trainer (NSCA certified) and I just want to suggest that you start with exercises that use larger muscles and are mutli-joint (like the chest press, push-ups, rows, pull-ups, etc.) and then move on to exercises what work smaller muscles and are single-joint (front and lateral raises, bicep curls, tricep extensions, etc.).
      I see this all the time with healthy living bloggers who are not certified… and make up their own workouts. It’s just a smart, general rule of thumb when strength training – larger muscles before smaller muscles, multi-joint before single-joint, and higher intensity before lower intensity. (There are some exceptions… but those are usually saved for people who are quite advanced and who are working toward a very specific goal.)


  20. says

    Was going to ask where you got the medal holder but I totally see now!

    Congrats again and I just got compression sleeves about 2 weeks ago (ugly, white, orthopedic looking ones…seriously) and I love them!

    Wanna come run clearwater with us?? 🙂


  21. Lindsey says

    Congrats on the awesome run!!
    Love the socks, I think I need to get some myself. I am definitely like you, after a long run crave salty carby snacks.

    Just have a questions about your upper workout- why do you do 3 min of bicep curls? Why not up the weight for a regualr set?
    just wondering, always love learning of new training techniques


  22. Lily says

    It sounds like you might have been a bit dehydrated after the long run in the sun/heat, so it makes sense that you were craving salt (electrolytes) and water. Your body wanted its supplies to be replaced.


  23. says

    I know I’m late to the party (catching up on old posts, last term was killer in grad school!), but I thought I’d add in.

    I heard somewhere that when you’re craving salty things your body really needs protein. When you crave sugar, it’s your body needing carbs (or you just have a rampant sweet-tooth!). So perhaps that’s why you were craving salty food post-run?


  24. Claire says

    Hi Julie! I just started reading your blog and I really love all of your great recipes and workout advice. I am trying to work on my arms and want to try this arm workout above with the supersets. Question though – when you do this workout, do you switch off between the two moves in the superset or do you go straight through 3 sets of each move and then move onto 3 sets of the next move? Just wondering which is the most effective. Thanks!


  25. Claire says

    Thanks, Julie, it does. I did the 20 min elliptical workout yesterday morning and then I did this workout last night while watching The Voice and my arms are feeling awesomely sore today!


  26. says

    I know this is an old post, so I’m not sure that I’ll get a response, but I was wondering if I could get a litlte clarification on the superset workout! I tried it this morning and was unsure as to whether I should be doing the shoulder raises, for example, with 2 10lb weights or 2 5lb weights (adding up to 10lbs). I felt that confusion on all of them except for the extensions…




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