Post Race Cravings

This morning my hard-earned medal from the Women’s Half Marathon I ran yesterday was added to our collection!


Isn’t the palm tree design creative?

medal display

Loving the addition of pink!


I was initially planning to take the day off from the gym this morning, but when Ryan got up to go and I got out of bed to use the bathroom, I didn’t feel all that sore anywhere other than my quads and decided to go with him and do a simple arm workout since I’m sure this week will be pretty low key on the exercise front with Thanksgiving on Thursday. 

I did something a little different today and upped the amount of reps in a bunch of the sets and was surprised to find that I was able to go past my usual 15 reps without too much trouble. Maybe it’s time to up the weight?

My workout looked like this:

arm workout

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I finished my workout with a bit of ab work on the exercise ball.


Breakfast this morning was a recreation of Friday’s delicious eggnog overnight oats, only with more Greek yogurt and no banana because we’re all out.

women's half marathon st. pete 080-1

Served right out of the Tupperware! No need for extra dirty dishes this morning.

women's half marathon st. pete 083

I’ve also been drinking water like a mad woman ever since yesterday’s race.

women's half marathon st. pete 085

After the race yesterday all I wanted was salty food and water (once I stopped feeling pukey, that is)! That probably explains why I ate French fries, a pretzel roll and a bunch of pork with gravy for dinner. Craving = Met!

My sweet tooth is gradually returning this morning, though salty foods still sound awfully delicious. I almost busted out tortilla chips for breakfast but opted for some string cheese after my overnight oats instead.

Post race cravings always amuse me.

I always think I’ll crave indulgent baked goods, ice cream and my usual favorite foods, but inevitably all I want is salty food, watery fruit and veggies. Seriously strange.

Question of the Morning

  • Do you notice a change in your food cravings after a particularly hard workout or race?  

P.S. The Fashion page was updated this morning!


  1. says

    Was going to ask where you got the medal holder but I totally see now!

    Congrats again and I just got compression sleeves about 2 weeks ago (ugly, white, orthopedic looking ones…seriously) and I love them!

    Wanna come run clearwater with us?? 🙂


  2. Lindsey says

    Congrats on the awesome run!!
    Love the socks, I think I need to get some myself. I am definitely like you, after a long run crave salty carby snacks.

    Just have a questions about your upper workout- why do you do 3 min of bicep curls? Why not up the weight for a regualr set?
    just wondering, always love learning of new training techniques


  3. Lily says

    It sounds like you might have been a bit dehydrated after the long run in the sun/heat, so it makes sense that you were craving salt (electrolytes) and water. Your body wanted its supplies to be replaced.


  4. says

    I know I’m late to the party (catching up on old posts, last term was killer in grad school!), but I thought I’d add in.

    I heard somewhere that when you’re craving salty things your body really needs protein. When you crave sugar, it’s your body needing carbs (or you just have a rampant sweet-tooth!). So perhaps that’s why you were craving salty food post-run?


  5. Claire says

    Hi Julie! I just started reading your blog and I really love all of your great recipes and workout advice. I am trying to work on my arms and want to try this arm workout above with the supersets. Question though – when you do this workout, do you switch off between the two moves in the superset or do you go straight through 3 sets of each move and then move onto 3 sets of the next move? Just wondering which is the most effective. Thanks!


  6. Claire says

    Thanks, Julie, it does. I did the 20 min elliptical workout yesterday morning and then I did this workout last night while watching The Voice and my arms are feeling awesomely sore today!


  7. says

    I know this is an old post, so I’m not sure that I’ll get a response, but I was wondering if I could get a litlte clarification on the superset workout! I tried it this morning and was unsure as to whether I should be doing the shoulder raises, for example, with 2 10lb weights or 2 5lb weights (adding up to 10lbs). I felt that confusion on all of them except for the extensions…




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