Reindeer Cupcakes

I titled this blog post “Reindeer Cupcakes” so you would know right off the bat what these cupcakes were supposed to depict.

reindeer cupcakes 059

For some reason I think they look like bears… or cats… or moose.

Hopefully the red nose will tip people off to the fact that these are supposed to be little Rudolph cupcakes!

reindeer cupcakes 069

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You see it, right?

Ryan and I made these cupcakes this evening for him to take to his work’s holiday potluck luncheon tomorrow.

The idea for the design came from a picture I saw on Pinterest quite a while ago that originated here.

reindeer cupcakes 060reindeer cupcakes 061

We first baked up a batch of marble cupcakes and then topped them with chocolate frosting.

The reindeers’ facial features are composed of the following:

  • Antlers: Mini pretzel twists
  • Iris of the eyes: Green M&Ms and beige Almond Joy Pieces
  • Pupil of the eye: Black icing
  • Face: Vanilla wafer cookies
  • Nose: Red M&Ms

reindeer cupcakes 065

reindeer cupcakes 062

I’m not gonna lie, we both felt like it was almost wrong to eat one. Biting off Rudolph’s face seems somewhat anti-Christmas, but it didn’t stop us from each grabbing one after dinner.


And speaking of dinner, it was a good one! I ate one too many licks of icing as we were decorating the reindeer cupcakes, so a simple, produce-packed salad sounded perfect.

reindeer cupcakes 072

In the mix:

  • Arugula
  • Chicken
  • Goat cheese
  • Watermelon
  • Pomegranate dressing

reindeer cupcakes 078

reindeer cupcakes 075

I also chugged a ton of water. I cannot seem to quench my thirst today!

Off to spend quality time with my little family and possibly hang out on the foam roller. My back feels very tight today and I’m hoping some foam rolling will work wonders.


  1. Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn says

    goat cheese seriously just makes my life.

    they’re adorable! they do kind of look like moosen (Brian Regan reference), but regardless, I would eat them.



  2. says

    Love the cupcakes! I have to bake something for a holiday party at work on Monday & I’m having so much trouble deciding between all of the awesome recipes I’ve spotted so far! These might be the winner though, since they’re so adorable!


  3. says

    They do look like moose, but they are super cute. They’re pretty versatile and you could make them into a cat, bear, etc in case you seem to have the need to have a cat cupcake…I might have to make these this holiday season!


  4. says

    totally saw these on pinterest-they are SO cute!!! yours turned out perfectly too! i always feel like im gonna screw them up somehow haha.

    that salad sounds really good too btw!


  5. says

    Those cupcakes are too cute! Too bad I didn’t see this sooner, they would be perfect for our ugly sweater party tomorrow night!
    And you totally got me hooked on the watermelon salad this summer- I definitely need to put them back in the rotation!


  6. Staci says

    Okay I have been trying to find Pomegrante dressing, does any one know of a store or brand that I might be able to find? I live in Houston, and we do not have a Trader Joes. 🙁


  7. Kanoe says

    Hey I saw this recipe on the Skinnytaste blog from Gina. I think the only difference is instead of having the whole pretzel as the antlers she broke the pretzel. I love this recipe though! They are almost too cute to eat but it is a cupcake so you have too LOL!! YUM though! Thanks! 🙂


  8. says

    I don’t know if you have done this in the past but….could you possibly do a post about your foam rolling techniques? I love seeing what works best for people!



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