Google Diagnosis

Good COLD morning!

cold dog 029

It was 25 degrees in Ocala this morning, meaning you northerners must be shakin’ in your boots!

Last Night

Ryan and I took Sadie on a cold walk before dinner last night and came home to eat hot homemade soup. (More on that at lunchtime, because I’m pretty positive leftovers will be my lunch today.)

We spent the hour or so before bed immersed in The Scorch Trials and are already thoroughly enjoying the novel. For my fellow PBF Book Club participants, we’ll be voting on January’s book tomorrow, so stay tuned. Discussions about December’s book, The Violets of March, will take place today!


Today’s workout introduced arms back into my strength-training routine!

I’ve been cautious about working out my arms ever since I seriously sliced my pinky on Saturday. Today I figured I’d do whatever exercises didn’t stress my pinky or put pressure on my still-healing wound.

In the end my workout looked like this:

arm workout

I super-setted the front shoulder raises and tricep dips and this workout flew by!

Google Diagnosing

During my workout, I also spent some time talking with two doctors at the gym.

This morning I awoke with a really odd feeling right above my chest… almost like a gigantic bubble that wouldn’t go away. It didn’t feel like a burp or anything else I’ve ever felt before and I was a little unnerved.

When I would drink water it would briefly subside, but then quickly return.

I’ve seen these two guys working out at our gym before and noticed them leave in scrubs after showering. I eventually got the courage to go over and pester them about my weird bubble thing since I figured they were in the medical field. I’m sure they never get asked random health questions by anyone ever.

Though they didn’t have a direct answer for me (obviously), they made me feel better about my weird bubble and I went about my workout feeling a little less anxious than I did when I first Googled my symptoms on my phone on our way to the gym.

Google diagnosing can make you one paranoid person! I often turn to the internet to “self diagnose” any issues I’m having and most of the time I feel like it’s a fairly decent resource if you rely on reputable sites like the Mayo Clinic for answers, though nothing can ever take the place of actually seeing a doctor. (Please know I’m not advocating self-diagnosing!)

I used to write about pharmaceuticals, side effects and medical conditions in my previous job and let me just say that I’m surprised I didn’t turn into a hypochondriac! Surprisingly, that job actually made me feel much better about knowing where to locate quality resources online and gave me  better understanding of knowing when issues are serious enough to seek out a professional opinion.


After we got home from the gym and showered (thank you, Ryan, for washing my hair while I had my left hand wrapped in a plastic bag), it was time for breakfast.

cold dog 028

I ate a filling batch of overnight oats made with Greek yogurt, milk, chia seeds, honey, oatmeal and a freshly sliced banana.

cold dog 023

cold dog 024

Question of the Morning

  • Do you ever use the internet to “self diagnose” health issues? Any crazy stories out there?

Of Possible Interest


  1. says

    haha, that’s so funny you went up to the doctors. good for you! not sure I would’ve had the guts to do that.

    i used to be a huge hypochondriac, but i’ve calmed down a bit. in high school i was convinced i had rabies at one point. i hadn’t even been bitten by anything. yeah, it was bad.


  2. says

    I diagnosed myself with scarlett fever back in college, and everyone laughed at me – I called my mom and my doc and they both said I was crazy, but he told me to come in anyway. He walked into the exam room the next day and says, “Wow, you’re right!” then proceeded to call in all the interns to come check out the freak with scarlet fever!


  3. says

    I tend to self-diagnose using the internet too! Sometimes I can get a bit paranoid, but Google helps to calm me down and helps me decide if I need to see a doctor or not. That being said, doctor’s opinions are far more valuable and should not be replaced by Google!


  4. says

    I try really hard to stay away from google because it can give me panic attacks. I am a really bad hypochondriac…I get it from my Dad. I always think I am dying.


  5. laurel says

    I asked my old hairdresser for animal advice bc my cat had a watery eye…he used to be a vet tech…he saved me a $40 vet visit fee and goodness knows what else. I don’t self-diagnose….you know I love a trip to the doctor 🙂


  6. says

    Oh my gosh I try to avoid looking online because I never know if its true or not and it makes me scared I have some fatal illness or something! Although the last time I did it was bc I had a rash on my arms so I went to see the doctor about it anyways…the rash was scartlet fever, which came from me having strep throat, which came from having mono. So I had mono, strep, and scarlet fever all at once. Who DOES that? Such a freak. haha


  7. says

    I always feel like web md gives you the worst possible scenarios. In college I had swollen lymph nodes, exhaustion, and dizzy spells. When I tried to pull up the diagnoses, web md’s first conclusion was leukemia. This definitely upset me and made me feel extreme panic. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with mono. Still not fun, but much much better than my online diagnosis. Since then, I would rather just go to a doctor than create unnecessary stress!


  8. says

    Haha I’m DEFINITELY guilty of working myself up looking at web md!
    Also, I’m on vacation in Florida right now and am experiencing this uncharacteristically cold Florida weather!! At least it’s sunny!
    ALSO, I went into a publix here yesterday and thought of you haha!


  9. says

    My boyfriends Mom is a internet diagnoser when it comes to her dog. She’s always so paranoid that something is wrong with him, and when she starts reading all the horror stories on the internet it doesn’t make it any better!!!


  10. says

    My husband is a second year medical student, so even my smallest symptoms get me a thorough physical exam and complete health history! I guess that’s to be expected when diseases and viruses and sickness are all you hear about all day long!


  11. Sarah says

    YES YES YES!!! I do that all the time- but there are some scary things out there! I remember it felt like there was an electric flash in my heart that would come randomly across my chest. My attitude: have fingers, will Google. I read that those were symptoms for an oncoming heart attack!!! I quickly went to the doc and after a few questions, he told me it was an after shock from a particularly exhausting workout i had done. My body wasn’t used to it- that was all. I was scared to heck! Most recently, i got a sort of skin condition on my face. I was concerned because a) i am a teen so the slightest zit gets me screaming for the dermatologist b0 i have always had clear skin
    So i Googled and diagnosed myself with rosacea. Thank goodness i saw a dermatologist! She said it was from an allergy and i am not acne prone/ have oily skin so i can’t have rosacea. Lesson learned : if you are worried about your condition go to the doctor!


  12. alyssa - fashion fitness foodie says

    Yes its 11 degrees here – This does NOT make me happy! I also hope it warms up down there because I was looking forward to running my half in warmer weather!


  13. says

    I agree Dr. Google is scary! I have tried it before and it never turns out good, now I just go to my doctor 🙂
    We are having a super nice day today, up in Canada we are used to -20 Celsius this time of the year, and today’s high is 7!


  14. says

    I frequently write about medical conditions/injuries and their symptoms. I occasionally feel I end up with bouts of hypochondria because of it!

    I’ve only successfully self-diagnosed myself once. I had all the symptoms of a stress fracture. Granted, I needed a doctor and some imaging studies to confirm it, but I was right.


  15. says

    OMG I totally know what you mean about Google scaring you when you look up symptoms!! I’ve done a few of those symptom checkers and every time they seem to tell me that I might have all sorts of scary diseases. Now that I finally have a doctor, I like to spare myself the catastrophizing thoughts and just go ask her!


  16. Elizabeth says

    i think we can all be guilty of self diagnosis and its dangerous. My first question to you–I’m a Board Certified NP–What did you eat for dinner last night? e


  17. says

    It was 8 degrees this morning when we woke up. I don’t think the heat turned off all night. All I think of is $ signs, burning through all that oil! #northernerproblems
    I try my best to not self-diagnose, although for some reason, I don’t get as worried if I do when the issue is my own versus when I’m doing it for my husband or our dog (she tore her ACL 3 years ago and I about had a panic attack googling stuff on that!).


  18. says

    HAHA. I turned into a huge hypochondriac in nursing school. I was so bad that I could even be convinced that I had male only problems even though I’m a woman!!

    And yes, it is freezing in Massachusetts today. The dog’s water in our mudroom was frozen this morning!


  19. Nancy says

    Freezing up north? YOU GOT IT! 18 degrees this morning. 🙁

    Have you ever seen Ellen Degenerous stand up? When she talks about the depression commercials and how they say.. are you stressed? are you tired?… and she responds, yes I’m alive! Haha


  20. jaci says

    not sure if you know this, but I was at target the other day in north tampa and they have a new choboni flavor: apple cinnamon. it’s not at publix, but it’s delicious and has actual pieces of apples in it.


  21. says

    I usually do a generic self-diagnosis before I make an appointment, but always go in if something seems really off. I do agree it can make you paranoid though lol, especially WebMD. That thing has suggested illnesses I hope I NEVER get.


  22. says

    I had surgery a week ago and my cuts on my stomach are glued much like your finger, the doctor told me that I was 100% allowed to get the glue wet and that showering wasn’t an issue. I have been showering all week and the glue has stayed 100% in tact. Maybe you can get your finger yet to make showering a bit easier?


  23. says

    I have tried to self-diagnose using Google but I normally find that everyone has asked the same questions I have and no one has an answer. Then I usually mini-panic because I have some incurable, unknown problem. HA!


  24. Rachel says

    I think winter finally decided to show up but only briefly! It was about 17 here in DC this morning!! Tomorrow is going to be back in the 40s and then the 50s on Friday.

    I will use google to look up symptoms sometimes. It helped me when I was having all my stomach problems a couple of years ago. I did a little research and figure out that it might be gluten that was the culprit. That ended up being right.


  25. says

    FIrst…Josh is the absolute worst about self-diagnosing. He had himself convinced that a bug bite he got on our honey moon was a poisonous spider bite. He asked everyone we came into contact with about it…It ended up being a mosquito bite.
    Second, Thank you so much for putting the link up to my quinoa recipe. I almost spit out my water when I saw that while reading today. It really is so yummy!!


  26. says

    I always self-diagnose through WebMd, but I never really believe anything until I go to the doctor. I get myself all worked up, go to the doctor and nothing is wrong. So now, I try to wait a day or two to see if the symptoms pass before I do anything else.


  27. says

    I think it’s adorable that Ryan is washing your hair for you… it stinks that you got hurt, but it’s terribly romantic that your husband gets to take care of you. 🙂


  28. says

    Haha…I used to always go on WedMD’s symptom checked until I realized that it was usually telling me I had one extreme or the other. It would say I either had a tension headache or brain cancer or something!! I had to stop…would make me way too nervous!


  29. Sarah says

    I had googled something once about a small red blotch on my dogs stomach and some of the stuff was so horrifying that I took him to the vet the very next morning and good thing I did. The red mark was from him platelet count being so low that he was running the risk of bleeding out. I never would have taken him in had I not googled it because he was running around and playing, eating and drinking, nothing out of the normal. so yes I will google stuff because maybe if it isnt right it will give me the urgency to do something about it. Haha


  30. Summer says

    one of my friends moved to England- they use a like web MD style thing in urgent care clinics where a “Junior Doctor” types in your symptoms and a diagnosis pops out. makes you feel suuuuuuuper comfy when a 19-21 year old is pushing random buttons and handing you pills 😉

    it’s like mid-80s in CA lately!


  31. says

    I used to google EVERY single time I wasn’t feeling well. And everytime this happen, I would call up my mother convinced I was eventually going to die. It was not good for my emotional well being. haha.
    I still google some things.. but now I find I am trying to diagnose every single thing that happens with my dog. That isn’t good either!


  32. Alison says

    Julie, would you please list how much of everything you put into your over night oats??? I tried to make them before, but it was a mess. i never know how much of each ingredient to put in?!


  33. says

    Every time I self-diagnose, I either have cancer or I’m pregnant. True story.

    In all seriousness though, I had a pretty scary mystery health issue last winter, and it’s safe to say that the internet was not at all helpful during that time. In a matter of weeks, I convinced myself I had every incurable autoimmune disease ever named by a medical professional. Luckily my doctor is fantastic, and she really put my fears to rest!


  34. Kristin says

    I am a hypochondriac and have been for as long as I can remember. When I was in middle school, I read those “6 months to live” books… who decided those were appropriate for 13 year olds?! I was convinced I had leukemia whenever I got a bruise on my body. Of course, I didn’t have it. Now, I google things all the time…I know it’s bad and I try to stop, but I just can’t. I’ve had a weird pain in my leg lately just below my knee whenever I run…the other day I was with my boyfriend and my family and was googling compartment syndrome. In my head, I knew I really didn’t have it, but I couldn’t help but read through the symptoms… my family asked what I was doing and I told them I think i have compartment syndrome. They laughed and made jokes about “my compartment syndrome” for the next hour…. serves me right I guess. haha


  35. says

    OMG! I grew up a hypochondriac because my mother had this medical book with symptoms equals diagnosis. I thought I had whooping cough, some other exotic disease… poor child I was. LOL. So I can understand when Google surfing for medical diagnosis can make you a basket case!

    Well, I hope you are going to follow up with your doctor to see if they can place what it is.


  36. says

    Ok, think I might be in for your book club starting in Jan. I want to read one book per month this year (new years resolution!) and joining a book club will do that for me! 🙂


  37. says

    I had appendicitis in early November (actually it happened Halloween night and I ended up going into emergency surgery on Nov 1), and I thought I was having a miscarriage or something (even though I wasn’t pregnant)! I went online to google the abdominal symptoms and nausea, and of course pregnancy-related things came up. So I sent my boyfriend to buy pregnancy tests at 4am. It was negative, of course…little did I know, my appendix was actually about to explode. YIKES! All I can say is, I am SO glad I went to the hospital rather than thinking I knew what was going on…I could have died!!!!


  38. says

    Ah, I always try to diagnose myself! Mostly because blood tests haven’t found anything really wrong and I’m having strange issues. So now I’m going to see a chiropractor after reading lots of suggestions and reviews online.


  39. Catherine says

    I try to stay away from doing that it causes me unneccessary anxiety lol

    but i DID happen to self diagnose my appendicitis when i was in 8th grade! my mom didnt believe me (probably for the best since I was a very dramatic 13 yr old) but i kept pestering her about the pain in my stomach being appendicitis until she got a doctor to confirm it! diagnosis, surgery, recovery in and out of the hospital in 2 days BOOM


  40. says

    I don’t use it to diagnose but I do use it to follow through.Iam new to your blog, so I took some time to browse through your earlier posts. I’m so glad I did that. You’ve created a great spot to visit and I really enjoyed the time I spent here. I’ll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary


  41. says

    I hope you are feeling better! I always check the internet if I am feeling a symptom or something of that nature. Most of the time it makes me feel more paranoid then I already feel.


  42. says

    It’s actually a lovely 36 degrees here in Saint Louis… and sunny!

    I actually self-diagnosed my patella tracking issue about 4 years ago, unfortunately even after seeing a PT and doing the exercises my knee still isn’t quite right.


  43. Jamie says

    I wanted you to know that I tried a Body Pump class in Gainesville! It is really awesome! I can see why you liked it so much. I can get a guest pass if you ever want to do the class again! 🙂


  44. Shelly @ I Can Do It! says

    I hate using Web MD to self diagnose. It always seems like there are a million things that will fit my symptoms. My mom is a nurse, so I will usually go to her with questions… only to have her tell me to look it up on Web MD!
    I do know that usually you can call your doctor’s office and talk to a nurse for free. A lot of times they will tell you to come in, but it can’t hurt to help ease the stress and worry.


  45. says

    Is it possible that this is one of your first experiences with acid indigestion? The pains/feelings can come in my fashions. I suggest your try Pepcid Complete. It’s a chewable, like tums or rolaids, but more powerful. If you think it might be acid, see if drinking some milk cools it temporarily, or chew gum (increases saliva, which dilutes the acidity in your stomach).

    good luck!


  46. says

    I don’t use Google that much to self-diagnose, but I do come up with random theories myself! A few years ago, I was having severe stomach pains and I went to my doctor, but she wasn’t able to determine the cause. I ended up figuring it out myself and she was impressed (it wasn’t anything crazy and I didn’t take medications, just changed my diet a bit).


  47. Laura says

    I get that bubble sometimes too, I think. Does it feel like your chest needs to pop (like cracking knuckles or necks or whatever)?

    I try to avoid self-diagnoses and just ignore the problem. I prefer to pretend that I’m perfectly find no matter how sick I am. But If I think I’m contagious, I do avoid public places out of respect for others.


  48. says

    I’m glad your pinky is starting to heal! I sliced my knuckle on Christmas cutting bread, luckily it wasn’t as bad as your injury.
    I’m a huge google diagnoser! Keith had some odd shortness of breath thing and pain a month or so ago and I was convinced he has a pulmonary embolism…clearly he did not.


  49. says

    My freshman year of college I had a painful lump on my hip crease near my pelvis and my best friend and I web md-ed it and self-diagnosed me with a hernia… turns out is was a swollen lymph node because I had shingles… at 19… win but I still go on web md every once in awhile when I am not feeling great! It can be really scary!!


  50. says

    I dunno exactly what you mean by feeling like a bubble, but sometimes I get a weird feeling in my chest area and it’s caused by this:

    For me it’s basically inflammation in between the ribs and usually would happen to me at some point after a work out. I haven’t had it happen in a long time, but you could ask your doctor about it 🙂

    I didn’t self diagnosis this — my doctor in high school did.


    • Jocelyn says

      I had the same thing a few weeks ago, also diagnosed by a doctor. I thought I was having a heart attack or a panic attack, but it was costochondritis. Not much you can do about it and it went away on its own. I was just so glad not to have to worry about it anymore!


  51. says

    Hahaha my dad is a doctor, so everyone in our extended family calls them up when they have an issue. The thing is though, unless it’s super general or related to his field, he generally can’t really tell what the problem is- he usually does have recommendations for good specialists to see, though. I don’t ever-self diagnose because daddy-o is just a phone call away…”Daaaaaad I’m dyingggg!”


  52. Shady says

    I hope you’re not advocating approaching strangers dressed in scrubs as they work out either. I used to work in travel and HATED when people I knew would hit me up for cheap flights and good deals on cruises or whatever. So, not only is that annoying and kind of inappropriate, but all sorts of healthcare professionals wear scrubs. And I mean all kinds. I’ve worked in hospitals and nursing homes where it was the mandatory uniform for everyone from doctors to personal support workers to therapy assistants to the unit clerks.


  53. says

    Googling symptoms can be so stressful and scary! Usually the worst case scenario is not what it ends up being, except in my case!

    I self diagnosed my own cancer…haha. I’m only “haha-ing” now because I’m fine and in remission. I was going to this one hospital for testing and had a biopsy for suspected non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and the results came back negative. I felt so sick and terrible before and after the biopsy and every time I would Google my symptoms “lymphoma” would pop up. Eventually I went to a new hospital and had a second biopsy and what do ya know…I DID have non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. In most cases symptoms AREN’T cancer, especially for 24-year-olds but in my case my self-diagnosing was correct.

    My point is that usually it’s not the worst case scenario, I was just a crazy exception I guess 🙂


  54. Stephanie says

    I webMD the sh*t out of stuff sometimes. Though, it does keep me from ignoring a pain that might actually be something.


  55. says

    I’VE HAD that weird feeling before. only I had it literally under my boob (you’re welcome for that descriptive detail). I had it over Christmas for about three days, then it suddenly went away.

    I refuse to google my health issues. if I did, I’d end up on the floor crying about how I have no one to take me to the emergency care clinic because I’m too (insert ailment here) to operate a moving vehicle.


  56. Gabby @ Gabby's Gluten-Free says

    I used to live with nursing students so I would always go to them for advice on things! It can definitely be nice having knowledgable friends in the medical field!

    I love how Sadie is all wrapped up! At nig, we wrap my dog up in a blanket, like a burrito, and she loves it! She’s a pit bull mix that is constantly cold and a bit of a wuss ha.


  57. says

    I used to self diagnose all the time. My bf banned me from all of the websites because it made me so paranoid and anxious that it was ridiculous. I get unnerved thinking something horribly bad is wrong, then when I go to the doctor they basically slap me in the face with a “you’re fine!” lol


  58. says

    I just love Sadies little face!
    And I definitely google anything wrong with me (I google everything in general) and sometimes it is bad haha. i try not to look into it. when i was younger I used to be a hypochondriac and my parents got me a medical symptoms book as a joke and quickly regretted it because it made me that much worse haha


  59. Lily says

    Two things–First, as a health care professional, I want to caution people against relying too heavily on the internet for health information. As you mentioned it is very important to make sure your sources are credible and to see/call a doctor before starting any treatments. Second, when you hear hoof beats, think horses not zebras. Your cough and fever is most likely just a cold, not SARS. I read a great article the other day from ER docs about mis-use of the American medical system. Here’s the link, it is pretty interesting.


  60. says

    Oh man I think my sister used to be kinda hypochondriac, it seems terrible! And I totally know what you’re saying about self-diagnosing making one paranoid. haha, I do that alllllll the time, and even though I’m not easily scared, when those diagnoses come up online, they’re all the worst case scenarios! And THAT’s when I finally (stubbornly) decide I need to see the doctor.


  61. says

    oh i totally diagnose myself. my dads a dr and he gets really pissed at me when i do that haha. i did it yesterday! im pretty sure i have an infection i a wisdom tooth thats growing in (seriously?? im 28!!) so i have a dentist apt tomorrow. yay!!


  62. says

    yes! when I had my stress fracture (just got cleared to run yesterday!) I searched and searched for symptoms, causes, treatments, for hours on end. Of course I ended up going to the Dr. but google is such a time suck for things like that!


  63. Carrie says

    I know this is totally random, but I just recently got a female puppy who is 9 1/2 weeks old, and was wondering if Sadie was spayed and if so what age did you get her spayed at? Thanks so much!


  64. says

    I always check out the internet… I once was convinced I had a blod clot in a main artery and that I was going to die at any second! I started bawling and couldn’t sleep all night til finally my roommate (a night nurse) came home and told me I was nuts and to calm down.

    That picture of Sadie is so cute!!


  65. says

    I’m always looking up my symptoms online. I don’t always treat myself with whatever it says, but I don’t always run to the doctor either. I try and use it as more of a guide to determine how serious something might be.


  66. says

    In 2010 I self-diagnosed myself with a gallbladder problem, but wished, hoped, and prayed I was wrong (but just knew I wasn’t). Went to my doctor…who diagnosed me with pneumonia, insisting it wasn’t my gallbladder. I still KNEW that was what was wrong, but was so relieved…until it didn’t go away. I came back a week or so later and she acted like checking out my gallbladder was her idea!! I really like her, but I was so annoyed at that! Sure enough, my gallbladder was out less than a week later. I agree in not advocating self-diagnosis (especially without medical confirmation), but I think sometimes gut instinct with a little google research often proves true or at least points you in the right direction.

    This is kinda scary to me, but I was watching a medical show once and they said sometimes when you go to the doctor and they tell you they’ll be right back, they’re actually going to google your symptoms themselves to refresh their memory of certain diseases!! I don’t know how common that is, but it kinda freaked me out.


  67. says

    I used to be really bad about looking at symptoms on the internet. I don’t let myself do it anymore because I’ve noticed anyone can put anything on the internet now a days!


  68. Andrea says

    Hey Julie,

    Just FYI, Mayo Clinic actually isn’t as trusted of a resource as you might think. They mass produce their content and pay the writers a few bucks a pop to come up with their articles. So although it might seem trustworthy, it’s hard to know exactly what you’re getting or how much time the writer actually put into researching the article.

    It’s a better bet than WebMD, who does the same thing, but please be aware!!


  69. says

    Oh! I used to do that all of the time! Pretty sure I had everything that I was looking up. 😉 I finally had to stop looking the stuff up, which has resulted into a love/hate relationship of going to the dr too. I feel like I have to be dying to make an appointment. I have gotten a lot better with that, but it’s still a work in progress.
    Overnight oats look amazing today! I have seen that a lot on blogs this morning. 🙂
    Have a great day!


  70. heather says

    i’m sure you LOVE ; ) random blog readers trying to diagnose you . . . but maybe you have an esophageal spasm? i had a similar problem this spring and thought i was having heart problems. all is well.

    did you eat/drink anything weird last night besides the soup?


  71. says

    All I have to say is that every time I try to google what is wrong with me, it says I have AIDS. I do not have AIDS and have no reason to believe that I might. It’s just weird that no matter what symptoms I type, it says I have it. For the record I do not and have not ever had AIDS.


  72. says

    So I just wanted to say that the same thing you described happened to me earlier this year in my upper back. It lasted a couple days and it was SUPER painful and just bizarre. From talking to my mom and (yes, I admit, some Googling), I discovered it was something called “trapped wind.” It’s so painful and weird! But I found that simethicone tablets and having someone tap you really hard on the spot like you’d burp a baby will help break up the air bubbles and release that feeling.

    Hope it’s gone away by now!


  73. Maggie Gardner says

    Okay so I am a nurse and I do the same thing all the time and then turn around and tell my patients to not google medical stuff. It can get scary! But from what you are describing it sounds like what I have had before. And of course googled it right away. It feels like there is a bubble or pill in your throat, but there is nothing. It would have me swallowing over and over again. What I found out is that the esophagus can get inflamed and cause that feeling of a ball in your throat right above your sternum. It can be caused from heartburn/indigestion or stress. Nothing that a little Tums and/or vino can’t help:) It is just a really annoying feeling!
    Hope you are feeling better!



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