Google Diagnosis

Good COLD morning!

cold dog 029

It was 25 degrees in Ocala this morning, meaning you northerners must be shakin’ in your boots!

Last Night

Ryan and I took Sadie on a cold walk before dinner last night and came home to eat hot homemade soup. (More on that at lunchtime, because I’m pretty positive leftovers will be my lunch today.)

We spent the hour or so before bed immersed in The Scorch Trials and are already thoroughly enjoying the novel. For my fellow PBF Book Club participants, we’ll be voting on January’s book tomorrow, so stay tuned. Discussions about December’s book, The Violets of March, will take place today!


Today’s workout introduced arms back into my strength-training routine!

I’ve been cautious about working out my arms ever since I seriously sliced my pinky on Saturday. Today I figured I’d do whatever exercises didn’t stress my pinky or put pressure on my still-healing wound.

In the end my workout looked like this:

arm workout

I super-setted the front shoulder raises and tricep dips and this workout flew by!

Google Diagnosing

During my workout, I also spent some time talking with two doctors at the gym.

This morning I awoke with a really odd feeling right above my chest… almost like a gigantic bubble that wouldn’t go away. It didn’t feel like a burp or anything else I’ve ever felt before and I was a little unnerved.

When I would drink water it would briefly subside, but then quickly return.

I’ve seen these two guys working out at our gym before and noticed them leave in scrubs after showering. I eventually got the courage to go over and pester them about my weird bubble thing since I figured they were in the medical field. I’m sure they never get asked random health questions by anyone ever.

Though they didn’t have a direct answer for me (obviously), they made me feel better about my weird bubble and I went about my workout feeling a little less anxious than I did when I first Googled my symptoms on my phone on our way to the gym.

Google diagnosing can make you one paranoid person! I often turn to the internet to “self diagnose” any issues I’m having and most of the time I feel like it’s a fairly decent resource if you rely on reputable sites like the Mayo Clinic for answers, though nothing can ever take the place of actually seeing a doctor. (Please know I’m not advocating self-diagnosing!)

I used to write about pharmaceuticals, side effects and medical conditions in my previous job and let me just say that I’m surprised I didn’t turn into a hypochondriac! Surprisingly, that job actually made me feel much better about knowing where to locate quality resources online and gave me  better understanding of knowing when issues are serious enough to seek out a professional opinion.


After we got home from the gym and showered (thank you, Ryan, for washing my hair while I had my left hand wrapped in a plastic bag), it was time for breakfast.

cold dog 028

I ate a filling batch of overnight oats made with Greek yogurt, milk, chia seeds, honey, oatmeal and a freshly sliced banana.

cold dog 023

cold dog 024

Question of the Morning

  • Do you ever use the internet to “self diagnose” health issues? Any crazy stories out there?

Of Possible Interest


  1. heather says

    i’m sure you LOVE ; ) random blog readers trying to diagnose you . . . but maybe you have an esophageal spasm? i had a similar problem this spring and thought i was having heart problems. all is well.

    did you eat/drink anything weird last night besides the soup?


  2. says

    All I have to say is that every time I try to google what is wrong with me, it says I have AIDS. I do not have AIDS and have no reason to believe that I might. It’s just weird that no matter what symptoms I type, it says I have it. For the record I do not and have not ever had AIDS.


  3. says

    So I just wanted to say that the same thing you described happened to me earlier this year in my upper back. It lasted a couple days and it was SUPER painful and just bizarre. From talking to my mom and (yes, I admit, some Googling), I discovered it was something called “trapped wind.” It’s so painful and weird! But I found that simethicone tablets and having someone tap you really hard on the spot like you’d burp a baby will help break up the air bubbles and release that feeling.

    Hope it’s gone away by now!


  4. Maggie Gardner says

    Okay so I am a nurse and I do the same thing all the time and then turn around and tell my patients to not google medical stuff. It can get scary! But from what you are describing it sounds like what I have had before. And of course googled it right away. It feels like there is a bubble or pill in your throat, but there is nothing. It would have me swallowing over and over again. What I found out is that the esophagus can get inflamed and cause that feeling of a ball in your throat right above your sternum. It can be caused from heartburn/indigestion or stress. Nothing that a little Tums and/or vino can’t help:) It is just a really annoying feeling!
    Hope you are feeling better!



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