Most Loved States

Good morning and Happy Thursday!

My Wednesday night was relaxing! I attended an evening church service after dinner while Ryan was out at a business dinner with some of his colleagues. We were both home by 8:30 p.m., with plenty of time to hang out together and relax for a bit before getting to bed nice and early.


This morning’s workout was nothin’ unusual. I began with a 20-minute warm up on the elliptical before completing the following leg workout:

leg workout

One day lunges will be easy for me. One day. Smile


Today’s breakfast was a two-egg, cheese and jelly sandwich on toasted whole wheat bread.

egg sandwich 005

egg sandwich 009

It never gets old, I’m tellin’ ya!

egg sandwich 013

Most Loved States

This morning at the gym, a news story about the most loved states in America caught my attention.

Silly polls like this one conducted by Public Policy Polling always seem to interest me. They’re oddly intriguing!

According to the poll, the most-loved states in America include:

  1. Hawaii
  2. Colorado
  3. Tennessee
  4. South Dakota
  5. Virginia
  6. Montana
  7. Alaska
  8. Oregon
  9. North Carolina
  10. Pennsylvania

I know what you’re thinking… Hawaii!? Number one? You’ve got to be kidding me.

I never saw that one coming. Winking smile 

I actually was quite surprised by the most commonly disliked states:

  1. California
  2. Illinois
  3. New Jersey
  4. Mississippi
  5. Utah

These states had more people think “unfavorably” of them than “favorably,” according to the poll, with California taking the lead with a 44 percent “unfavorable” opinion of the state. (Twenty seven percent of respondents reported a “favorable” opinion of California, with the remaining respondents saying they were “unsure” how they felt.)

map of us


Another part of the survey I found interesting were the findings that reported that women had a higher opinion of the following states than men: New York (27 points higher), Massachusetts (22 points), Delaware and California (16 points each), New Hampshire (15 points), Vermont and Illinois (13 points each) and Connecticut (11 points).

Men, on the other hand, see the following states more favorably than women: North Dakota (17 points higher), South Carolina (15 points), Wyoming (14 points), Montana (13 points) and Iowa and South Dakota (10 points each).

Democrats’ favorite states included: Hawaii, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington, Vermont, Colorado and New York, and their least favorite states are Texas, Alabama and Mississippi.

Republicans favored Alaska and Texas, and disliked California, followed distantly by Illinois and Massachusetts.

Not so surprised by those findings. Smile

Question of the Morning

  • What is your favorite state? Why?

My favorite state is North Carolina. I absolutely love the mountains and friendly people. I need to make more trips out west because I feel like some western states would be right up my alley!


  1. says

    I LOVE polls like this!

    As someone who has lived in a variety of states (Alaska, Minnesota, Washington, Nebraska, New York) and visited most of the others, I am constantly blown away at how different and unique each of the fifty states are. My goal is to actually visit all 50…right now I’ve been to 29 🙂

    Hawaii is absolutely incredible. But I’d also have to pick New York, Washington and Alaska as my others faves as I’ve lived in all three and loved every one of them.

    I recently moved from the bustling city of Seattle to rural Minnesota, which has been QUITE a change (I’m blogging about it here ( I tend to prefer states that are slightly more metropolitan, but I’m trying to embrace being a small town girl.

    I think there are good and bad things about EVERY state and that you can be happy anywhere, as long as you are surrounded by good friend and people who care about you.


  2. Elizabeth says

    I live in NH and it’s a great state! However, I would have to say I’d love to live in the south. We have family in Georgia and I love it there the city, the country, the coast and everywhere in between!


  3. says

    Lunges are perpetually difficult for me, too! Give me squats over lunges any day 🙂 The egg + jelly combo sounds really intriguing; I’ve never tried that but I might have to give it a shot. Those stats are really interesting – I definitely see how Colorado is near the top of the most-loved states because every single person I’ve met who lives or has lived there always sings its praises. I am surprised about California, though! I think my favorite state has to be Ohio by default because I grew up here and most of my family is here, and after living out of state for 5 years I was actually very happy to move back.


  4. says

    Very interesting! I thought California was super popular?? Certainly overseas (as in Australia) its one of the most popular. Second only to New York which is awesome (although most people only know NYC not NY state).

    I would love to explore more states. High on the interest list: Oregon, Colorado and North Carolina. Outdoorsy ones! 🙂


  5. Caroline says

    I love these kinds of polls haha. I’m really surprised that Texas isn’t in the most favored states – it’s my most favored state for sure :). I’m also surprised California is so unflavored!


  6. arc says

    I can’t believe PA is in the top 10 most loved. I lived in Harrisburg for a bit. Did not like it. I think the best state I’ve lived/visited is Georgia. But, then again that’s my home state, so I’m partial. 🙂


      • arc says

        Oh yeah, it’s a nice state to visit and I don’t think that it’s discussed as a “must see” state as much as it should be. I’d recommend to anyone visiting and seeing some of the state parks and fall foliage. It’s absolutely beautiful. And, Pittsburgh and Gettysburg were fun to visit. Pittsburgh has a very midwest feel compared to the rest of the state. But, there are just so many other reasons I didn’t like LIVING there.


        • Lauren says

          I loved seeing PA on the list! I’ve lived in western PA my whole life and had the opportunity to travel all over the state for work…it is VERY underrated! Pennsylvania countryside is so beautiful and even though I don’t really care for city atmospheres, Harrisburg and Philadelphia have a lot of neat history. Pittsburgh has also been climbing up the list of most liveable cities in the US which has also been cool to see! 🙂


  7. Emily C says

    I live in NC and I absolutely love it! It is such a great State and has great proximity to the beach and the mountains! I was really shocked not seeing NY and Florida on either list!


  8. says

    I live in Colorado now, and I can see why it’s #2 on the list. This place is incredible.

    But I think Oregon and Washington will always be my favorite states. I was born in WA and went to college in OR, and both hold such special places in my hearts. They’re just beautiful, amazing places. I’m a Pacific NW girl for life!


  9. says

    I personally LOVE Northern California and Texas, even though i haven’t been to the latter nearly enough. I’m a west coaster though. I’m surprised California was on the least liked list haha but I think that’s because only people who’ve lived there care about it.


    • Christine says

      HA I am from SoDak and was surprised to see that we got some love! The eastern side where I live isn’t that exciting, but the west side of the state is amazing. There is SO MUCH to see and do in the Black Hills & Custer State Park areas. Best time to visit is early fall; fewer tourists, less pricey, still good weather, and beautiful fall foilage!


  10. says

    Texas & Florida are tied for my favorites, although I haven’t been to enough states to be a fair judge. I just find that EVERYONE is Texas is super friendly and Florida is just plain awesome!

    Least favorite is easy – Jersey. Worst. Traffic. Ever.


  11. says

    there are some awesome aspects of california, but i wouldn’t put it at the top of my list either. it’s so expensive to live there and incredibly crowded. it sure is fun to vacation to and go to college there though! my all time favorite state would probably be arizona simply because it’s home to me. it’s not the most beautiful state by any means, but i love the weather during the fall, winter, and spring months. i also love that all my family is there.


  12. says

    Haha I don’t think I know anyone who wouldn’t love Hawaii, including myself, and I haven’t even been yet! I haven’t really traveled much in the US, but I really loved Florida (what kid doesn’t – Disney!) and South Padre Island in Texas. Also loved California when I was in SF, but wish I’d had more time to see it!


  13. says

    I just moved to NC from my hometown in Alaska this last summer and I have to say I am absolutely LOVING NC.
    I love alaska too though but people there are either miserable or absolutely love it. The winters are long and the darkness during the winter gets to a lot of people too I think.


  14. Christie says

    Tie between California and Illinois! Ha funny cause they make the top 2 most disliked!!!

    Guess I’m an odd ball. Maybe cause I haven’t been to Hawaii, Colorado, New york, etc. Someday hopefully!


  15. Brianne says

    I love Maryland…where I live im 3 hours to the beach or 3 hours to the mountains. I love escaping to either on a long weekend! I have family in Montana and I LOVE going out west…its so beautiful so I know why it’s a favorite state!! My 3rd close favorite would be NC its so beautiful!!


  16. says

    I think Cali is definitely the best (even though I live in FL). I’m surprised it took #1 spot for most disliked; there must’ve been a lot of Republican voters that participated in the poll 😉 Cali is a mecca for wine lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, not to mention the awesome mixture of cultures and great weather! I’d move in a heartbeat!


  17. Geneva says

    As a lifelong resident of NC, I was surprised to see it in the top 10. I would have guessed more touristy places like FL and CA would have beat out NC, but it is nice that we have pretty awesome beaches, mountains, and historical places. My favorite state is WA. Mostly because I love Seattle, but also because it is such a beautiful state.


  18. says

    The Republican/Democratic results are shocking! ha-kidding.
    It’s really hard to pick a favorite state. I’ve got a big time yearning to move back to Florida, I miss it, it’s weather, the proximity to the beaches without the price tag of Cali and it’s lack of income tax a lot! But, the west coast is pretty amazing too. I don’t think I’m laid back enough to live there though.


  19. says

    Ha, Hawaii and Colorado! I have never heard anyone say a bad thing about either states. I have yet to visit the former though, so my opinion is up in the air 😉

    Breakfast looks delish! Have a great day, Julie!


  20. says

    My favorite state, hands down, is California! That’s where I am from! I had to move to Oregon for work after college, but am getting transferred back this weekend!!!! Your post comes at the perfect time – I’m SOOO excited! 🙂
    ps. I love those random articles, too! I can’t help but always click on the teaser icon/headline for them on Yahoo!


  21. Stephanie says

    Michigan! I grew up there and only moved because of where I was offered a job out of college a couple years ago. It has everything! Seasons (I live in FL now and didn’t realize how much I’d miss fall!), lakes, and UofM football 😉


    • Jessica says

      Question for you…because this surprised me….when I talk about Michigan to people where I live now (which is Maryland) I make mention of ‘Up North’ or the ‘U.P.’ and people have no idea what I’m talking about when I say Upper Peninsula. Have you ever noticed that?!


      • Stephanie says

        Glad someone else has some Michigan love too!

        YES! I say “up north” or “U.P.” and just get this blank stare back…and then I use my hands to show them what I mean and get laughed at haha. Try using “yooper” if you haven’t yet…you’ll get some fun reactions to that one too 🙂


        • Jessica says

          Yes, blank stares! I never realized that people didn’t know there is more to Michigan than just the mitten! I definitely use my hands too! I have told my husband (who’s from New York) about the whole yooper/troll thing and I think he just thinks we are just weird!


  22. says

    i’m surprised Texas isn’t on the lists of favorite because of it being stereotypically over the top friendly! haha And florida isn’t a top choice?! there’s gotta be a flaw in the data! haha


  23. says

    I cant believe NJ isnt on the most loved..such beautiful scenery and people here…hahaha

    I do love NJ, but i can see why people wouldnt. there are some charming parts to this state though.

    NY is nice because it has both the city environment and the upstate section. i want to say Mass is my fave, i LOVE boston!!


  24. Lauren B. says

    I live in Ca, and even though I’ve lived in several other states and visited many, it is by far my #1 place to live! I am guessing people have preconceicved notions about LA because of Hollywood, traffic, smog, and it being very expensive to live here. All true, but the other coastal areas of Ca are incredibly gorgeous and surrounded by mountains and ocean, and the weather is perfect. Do I sound like a “come visit Ca” commercial, or what?

    Other states on my top list would be TN, VA, and NC.


  25. Charlotte @ Weekends So Sweet says

    I’m sad people hate California, it’s the best! last fourth of July I went to lake Tahoe with friends and while some of us were laying out on the beach in bikinis reading magazines and swimming others in our group had a great ski day on the mountain behind us. Where else can you do that!!!


  26. Kelly says

    Although I’ve never been, I’m shocked that California isn’t on the most loved state! Was this poll taken just asking people about how they felt about the state they lived in? Interesting!

    I’m also surprised NY didn’t make it on there!


  27. says

    I was born and raised in North Carolina and my fiance grew up in the mountains of NC (near Asheville). We’re now living in south Florida and it is quite different in many ways! We are enjoying it down here for now, but can’t wait to get back to North Carolina. It will be the perfect place to raise kids 🙂


  28. says

    I haven’t seen all the states, but have driven cross country a few times and it all looks so gorgeous! If I had to pick one, I’d say Arizona as I adored Tucson. I think it was partly the great food we had there 🙂


  29. Valerie @ FreshMutz says

    is that muenster cheese? i haven’t had it in such a long time, and I need to remedy that, stat. It has the perfect melt factor. Also, I am not sure if you answered this before but where did you get the idea to put jelly on an egg and cheese?

    My favorite state is New Jersey (where I am from). I’ll credit the Jersey Shore, Sopranos, and RHONJ for giving it a bad rap. I’ve got everything I need within less than an hour and a half driving distance the beach, skiing, and new york city. If I didn’t live in NJ, I’d want to live in California, but I guess its my style to go against the grain.


  30. Lauren says

    I am surprised that California is the most disliked state! I think people automatically think of L.A. and Hollywood when they think of California, but we are so much more than that! We have San Francisco, one of the most unique, interesting and exciting cities in the country. The Coastal Redwoods of Northern California that are breathtakingly majestic. You can drive your car through some of them! The Silicon Valley, where most people’s computers, cell phones, Ipods and Facebook comes from. Did I mention the gorgeous beaches and the surf? Or the Sierra Nevadas? Or Yosemite National Park? Or Napa and the Central Coast Wine Countries? Or where most of the American-grown fruits and vegetables are from? Show California some love!!!


    • says

      I agree Lauren! My mom lives up on the North Coast and I drive through the redwoods to get home to see her! I live in the heart of the Silicon Valley, and work in tech, and I am surrounded by some of the most intelligent young entrepreneurs (many are close friends). All hail California!


  31. says

    I think my favorite state is Virginia. My brother goes to grad school there now and it is just so beautiful. I’m originally from Illinois, where it’s pretty much highways and cornfields. Don’t get me wrong–I love Illinois, but Virginia is a whole different animal.


  32. says

    Haha! I’ve lived in two of the most hated states and none of the most loved! Poor me 😉 I think my favorite state is actually NJ, but I was born there and lived there most of my life. I guess I have the most biased of opinions. Though NJ does get a bad rap when it has (some) beautiful beaches, easy access to mountains, easy access to NYC, pretty homes, ect.


  33. Molly says

    theres no place like texas 🙂 i know im a little biased being born and raised here and havent been to too many other states to compare (really need to travel more) buttt everyone is so friendly and the weather is so sporadic it keeps me on my toes! and of course “everythings bigger in texas” haha


  34. says

    This is so fun! I love when you share surveys like this. I don’t know what my favorite state is… I feel like I haven’t been to enough of them to decide. Most of my traveling has been outside of the country. But I was surprised to see South Dakota, Montana and Pennsylvania on the most liked list. They seem random to me!


  35. says

    Hands down Arizona is my favorite state. After living in Tucson for 8 months and traveling a bit within the borders, I fell in love. There are so many outdoorsy things to do, the food is amazing, and the people are some of the friendliest I’ve ever met!


  36. says

    PA rocks!!!! We get all 4 season… close to the mountains and the beach… beautiful scenery but also have so many major cities close (Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, NYC, Baltimore, DC, etc). And not to mention Penn State, although I’m biased there 🙂

    I think people don’t like Cali because it’s in your face, they are always pushing the envelope for politcal policies. And people also have love/hate feelings towards celebs. I think people are also jealous of the awesome weather and coastline… I know I am haha.

    I’m sorry but the only people that love Texas are the people that live there lol. It’s a cult 😉


  37. Allison says

    I live in Iowa but I have traveled to many states and Oregon is by far my favorite. It’s so beautiful there with a lot of things to do for someone who likes to be active. Plus I love the NO humidity!


  38. Sarah says

    GO VIRGINIA!!!!!!! No surprise- the stinkin’ liberals always like crowded cities with loony and rude people. Conservatives always like the country. Where there are people with actual morals and values. I guess you can tell which one I am 🙂 Have a great day!


    • Sarah@we pick Rick says

      Actually forgot to say, I was born and raised in NYC(not surprised no one likes it) and now live in VA. What a fresh breath of air!


  39. Kathie says

    I live in Illinois and it BELONGS at the top of the list. Our politicians are super douchey and people are really superficial.

    I love Wisconsin and it’s in our 5-year-plan to move there. Madison is awesome and full of crunchy liberal hippies, and there are a lot of smaller crunchy communities in the southwestern quadrant (we spend a lot of time there as my husband’s family has a cabin). We were looking at houses and there are so many with sustainable features and organic gardens. I like to drink beer, ride horses, hike, shoot guns, ride four-wheelers, and work outside. Wisconsin is pretty much me personified.


  40. says

    I love TX (home state so I may be biased). The people are warm, friendly, the food amazing, the scenery varied and beautiful. It’s a special place.
    I also LOVE Maine. It’s magical. The water, the food, natural beauty. Incredible.


  41. Maria says

    I finally don’t feel so alone! I live in CA (moved from Virginia) and thought I was the ONLY one living here that really disliked the state. From the infrastructure, education system, pollution, state parks, etc…everything is subpar compared to other states I’ve lived in or visited. It’s a big misconception that its a great place to live. Oh, did I mention the cost of living? Yikes!

    Luckily, my goal is to move to CO within the next few years 🙂


    • Sarah says

      +1- totally know what you’re saying Maria. Cali is the WORST state to live in. Just like NY- i actually moved to VA 🙂 To quote someone, its a backwards state run by kindergarten flunkies 🙂
      You should move back to VA!


  42. Terri says

    Ooh! That’s a tough one. I love New Mexico because it’s where my family is from and it’s beautiful! Utah is beautiful too, and so is Wyoming and Idaho. However, I would have to say that Hawaii and Alaska are on the top too because I’ve always wanted to visit and never had the chance. All I can sum up is that I am grateful we live in a country with such diversity among its people and its land!


  43. says

    As a native of Colorado, I whole-heartedly love this state. And I hate with a passion California. Why? We had a huge influx of Californians move here in the 90s. It’s never been the same since. I’m positive any other native or long term residence prior to that influx agrees with me.


  44. Katie says

    Julie – I am a lifelong New Yorker and would give anything to move to FL! It’s definitely my favorite state. I like all areas that I’ve visited!


  45. Audrey says

    Massachusetts! Born and raised. Can’t beat the trees, hills, and fall foliage. Although I go to school in Utah, and the mountains are beautiful here too.


  46. says

    My favorite state is the state I live in…Michigan! We are surrounded by the great lakes and have miles of gorgeous beaches. There are (small) mountains, dozens and dozens of gorgeous waterfalls, four fabulous seasons each with it’s own beauty. There is rarely a tornado, no hurricaines, no earthquakes, no extreme heat or cold, snow or rain fall. What more could you ask for!


  47. says

    Wowwww some of those are truly truly surprising!! I think it’s just b/c I never “hear” much about them–like South Dakota!! And California?! Everyone tells me they want to live here! haha, but I agree…I think there’s better places than here (especially their traffic). 😛

    I would love to go more towards the east of the U.S.!! I’m sure some of those would be my favorite states. And I bet I’d love Virginia and the Carolinas too.


  48. says

    California is disliked? WTF..haha. I love living here, we have everything! Every season, well I do have to travel to Tahoe for snow, but its 73 degrees today in parts of the Bay Area! you can’t beat that! We have surf, sun, mountains, you name it.
    You want to snowboard, you can
    Surf, you got it!
    We also have so many cultures melding here. I get some of the best Mexican food, Japanese food, indian food, middle eastern food, Chinese food, thai food, the list goes on! Especially in the bay area where so many people move to work in the tech sector here. Its awesome


  49. says

    That is so interesting! I think UT is gorgeous! So pretty with all the mtns and red rocks in the southern part!

    I also LOVE CO. Such a great state!

    I like visiting CA, but I don’t think I’d love to live there….but then again, the beach….. INteresting that FL or NY weren’t on there?!


  50. Amanda says

    I will probably be the only one who says this… but my favorite is Louisiana. There is so much more to it than the swampy mess alot of TV shows portray. 🙂


  51. Briana says

    Vermont! It’s by far the best state- friendly people,so many beautiful mountains and any outdoor activity you can imagine- hiking, lake swimming, skiing, snowshoeing, cycling, running communities, rafting, fishing… Also so many farms with delicious organic foods, plenty of farm to table restaurants, fantastic communities.. I could go on and on. I lived there for 4 1/2 years and I cannot wait to move back! Definitely where I want to raise my family 🙂


  52. Ashley says

    Hey Julie 🙂 LOVE love love love your blog 🙂 Just wondering if you have any tips for healthy things you did in college? I’m in college and got off of my meal plans because I couldn’t stand the way the food was prepared/ hated most of it because it’s terrible for you. Also I was wondering if you have ever done p90x? I’m doing it right now and loving that it makes me workout everyday so I can get into a schedule!
    <3 Ashley


  53. Penelope says

    I grew up in Oregon and can definitely see why it made the top ten states! It’s so naturally beautiful and green and people are very friendly! My husband is from (Pittsburgh) Pennsylvania, also a really great place
    We honeymooned all over Hawaii – Maui, Big Island, Oahu, and Kauai for 16 days and I never wanted to leave. Hawaii is just so amazing and wonderful!


  54. says

    South Carolina baby!

    I’ve lived in 3 states (Florida, Missouri, South Carolina) and though I lived in FL the longest I LOVE South Carolina. It has everything and so much state pride. You see the flag displayed as license plates and stickers on cars every where. It’s really an awesome state and I love it. Missouri would be my least favorite state for sure.


  55. Laura says

    haha of course Hawaii would be #1. I live in Hawaii and totally get why it would be number one, but I’m pretty sure there are plenty of other states that are great to live in! I’m very surprised New York didn’t make the list, since it is my favorite state (it’s where I grew up)! However, I agree with you Julie, I bet a lot of the western states in the US are amazing! I’m dying to go to Oregon and Washington! I hear they have the best of both worlds too, mountains and ocean or lakes! I guess I shouldn’t complain being that I live in Hawai 😉 Have a great day!!!


    • Coco says

      I think it’s ok to complain about Hawaii! I do (even though I live here and love it there are some times where you are like GRRRRR, only in HI, right?? )


  56. says

    Being born and raised in Oregon I am not surprised that people like it! It’s beautiful here. I’ve visited other states and while it’s fun, I would never want to live anywhere else.


  57. Erin says

    Although I’m a Washington native, I spent every summer in South Dakota (where my parents are from) growing up and I’m so glad it made the list, it never gets enough attention. It is very beautiful, has great people, and SO different from the northwest. But, Washington will always be #1 to me, I love living in Seattle…it is an interesting city with passionate people, surrounded by breathtaking nature.


  58. Rachelle says

    I’m from Utah so it’s my favorite. Not sure why it’s on the unfavorable list. We have awesome things to do here if you like the outdoors. Maybe I’m biased but I think the people are nice too 🙂


  59. says

    I was born and raised in North Carolina, and generations of my family have lived here (even fought in the civil war!) so we have a lot of history here. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else! I live in the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area) and love how the mountains and the beach are both only a few hours away. Raleigh has been voted one of the best places to live in the pass few years too! And you’ve got to love that southern charm 🙂 Okay I’m done plugging my state now 😛


  60. Coco says

    This is so true! I currently live in Hawaii but am from NY and previously (after youth) lived in MA and have a VERY favorable opinion of all THREE!

    I’d say though, it is a hard transition from being a NY-er to a Wahine in Hawaii! So different!


  61. Jillian says

    Wow about California! I’ve lived here my whole life and every time I travel I get a lot of “Cali” envy! I think it’s probably because of LA and the Southern part of the state though, I hate it there too! There’s a pretty strong division here and I feel like most people forget that California is more than Hollywood and Disneyland. The north has beautiful trails, mountains, and lots of natural beauty.

    But anyway, one of my favorites is Oregon, particularly Ashland and the south, topped only by Louisiana. I’d love to live there someday.


  62. heather says

    as a californian (booooo), i have to say i agree with the top 3 loved states. i like’m a lot too, plus a few others 🙂 (including my own. what can i say – it’s home.)


  63. says

    I’m not surprised by Illinois…we have so many issues, did you know madison county in Illinois (where I’m from :() has the highest medical malpractice rate in the country?….bad Illinois!


  64. says

    I love the jelly combo! I think I discovered it by breakfast foods meshing together on the plate and one day I got a bite of cheesy egg that had some jam on it – so good!

    You must tell me though how you do your eggs like that, they look perfect!! I’m terrible at fried eggs!


  65. says

    Egg sandwich the same way (whatever slice cheese is on sale though) or yogurt and granola is my every day breakfast! The egg sandwich has a little of everything! 🙂

    And I can’t believe Florida wasn’t on the list… with all the people that come here every year! Everyone I have meet since moving to South Florida is from up North! No one is from here!


  66. Marlene says

    I was born and raised in Florida (still live here.) I like North Carolina too…..actually have a 2nd family home there. But one of the prettiest states that I have visited is Maine.


  67. Nicole W. says

    I live in Tennessee! I LOVE it here! I was surprised to see it so far up on the list of favored states though.
    If you love the mountains of North Carolina then you should really venture over our way. The views are pretty incredible.


  68. Shelby says

    I’ve lived in Washington my entire life, and it’s definitely my favorite. I’ve visited many other states, but the Pacific Northwest is absolutely beautiful…if you can get used to the rain 😉 I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of living in Seattle (well, ok, I travel to Europe frequently, so it would be nice to live on the east coast and cut the plane ride in half ;)) But Seattle is so unique and you can’t beat the activities outdoors!


  69. ashley says

    I was guessing California would be in the top most liked! Oops… I am pretty surprised though that it is in the dislike list. I thought everyone loved it. Hawaii’s definitely fits though 🙂


  70. Melanie says

    I live in Illinois and I love it the probably mean the bottom half of the state live in Chicago-land but they bottom of the state is SO boring. right when i saw best states i knew Hawaii would be number one! Then i thought NY, CA, IL i was totally wrong!


  71. says

    I grew up in NC, lived in NY & GA, and now reside in Illinois — and let me tell ya — I’d take NC over it any day 🙂 It’s not the prettiest place 9 months of the year, but my sweet man and my sweet doggie Finnegan (vizsla/greyhound mix!) are here, so I’m staying put! And I will say, summers here are gorgeous. My man’s family is in FL so we get down there every couple months or so to break from the winter!


  72. says

    Good choice with North Carolina! I live in Charlotte and my family has a mountain house near Boone, NC 🙂 I LOVE it up there and possibly want to move their someday. I was just in Orlando this past weekend – my boyfriend’s parents live there and I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I really enjoy Florida when we go, but NC has my heart!



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