Delivery from the Iced Coffee Fairy

I headed to the gym today with plans to take a 30-minute strength training class at the gym. Since the class didn’t start until 6 a.m. and Ryan and I usually arrive a little before 5:30 a.m., I began my workout with 30 minutes of cardio split between the stair master and the elliptical.

I then wandered into the class about five minutes early to set up and overheard the instructor telling a woman that today’s class was only going to focus on upper body strength training. I worked my arms yesterday and don’t train the same muscles back-to-back (gotta let them rest!), so I changed my plans and headed to the weight room for an express leg workout that looked like this:




Squats 20 4
Deadlifts 20 4
Lunges 15 (each leg) 3

I used rather heavy weight, so the workout, while short, still had me feelin’ the burn!

At first not taking the class put me in a bit of a mental funk and I felt like just calling it a day and heading home. I tried my best to rally and re-commit myself to a decent leg workout and it ended up totally fine. Plan B workouts sometimes work out. (<—Horrifically lame pun… But I still kind of love it.)


Breakfast today was rather odd, but rather good at the same time.

scrambled eggs 001

I made myself a plate of scrambled eggs and stirred in a few crumbled Wildwood vegetarian meatballs that the company sent me to try a few weeks ago.

scrambled eggs 008

I’ve been snacking on the veggie meatballs straight out of the fridge for a few days, but incorporating them into my scrambled eggs took them to a whole different level.  Who knew veggie meatballs for breakfast would be such a hit!?

Another hit from this morning’s breakfast?

marylou's coffee 016

Marylou’s coffee!

When I was in Massachusetts last month for a Reebok event, a bunch of other bloggers and I fell in love with Marylou’s iced coffee thanks to Tina who raves about the Boston-based coffee chain on her blog.

About two weeks ago I sent Tina a silly text that said something along the lines of, “I’d like some Marylou’s right now. Please and thank you.”

Little did I know that I’d receive a package that contained a bag of Marylou’s coffee a couple of days later! The card said the coffee was from the not-so-mysterious “Iced Coffee Fairy.” I wonder who that could be!?

marylou's coffee 011

I made myself a cup of peanut butter wonderful iced coffee with the Marylou’s blend using the technique Tina posted about on her blog yesterday. Delish! Thank you, Tina!

Now for a little behind-the-scenes of PBF fact: I take nearly all of my pictures at our dining room table, but we’ve only actually enjoyed one meal at this table (Friendsgiving) since we moved in!

marylou's coffee 013

We eat at the smaller table in our kitchen, but the lighting is way better in the dining room.

Things you never needed to know! Smile

Happy Birthday Leslie!

I must take a moment to wish a very special girl a very happy 23rd birthday before signing off for the morning!

sisters thanksgiving

Happy Birthday to my little sister!

girls snorklingsisters

sisters dancing

A couple of weeks ago when I was hanging out in St. Pete with Leslie, she needed to submit a baby picture for something and I fortunately snapped a photo of one of my favorite baby pictures of her as we were looking through photos. (If you follow me on Instagram – I’m @pbfingers – then this may look familiar.)

What better day to share this photo with you guys than on her birthday?

baby crying on horse

Apparently someone was not a fan of pony rides as a child. Smile 

I just want to pick her up and give her a hug whenever I see that picture. Leslie, please know that lots of birthday hugs are coming your way today! Happy, happy birthday! I love you!


  1. Katie says

    A very happy birthday to your sister Leslie! When you go on the elliptical do you generally follow the programs they have on there or do you tend to make up your own changing up the incline and/or resistance depending on the machine? I use the elliptical as a warm-up/cool-down a few days a week but I’m kinda getting bored. Any suggestions would be great, I LOVE your treadmill workout!



  2. says

    Happy Birthday to your sis!! Mine was on Sunday :). I am from Boston and I have never tried or heard of Marylou’s….what is up with that! I will definitely tell my mom to try it out.


  3. Jessica says

    Julie–Mary Lou’s coffee is the best! I’m originally from Maine but I am in Tampa for the summer. Banana nut coffee from there is the best :) I am a huge peanut butter fan so that coffee sounds amazing! Hope you enjoyed it!!


  4. Kim says

    Julie- I’m from Boston and LOVE Mary Lou’s coffee. I was so surprised to see this on your blog seeing that you’re from Florida. I only recently found your site, through Pinterest and I am hooked! Keep up the great work.


  5. Lorin says

    I order Mary Lou’s too. I got the special of Almost Chocolate and Chocolate Carmel……what two coffee blends did you mix for the peanut butter wonderful?


  6. Zoe says

    Today I made a totally pbfingers-inspired breakfast: fried egg sandwich with jelly on a sandwich thin (SO GOOD) and iced coffee made by Tina’s method. it was fantastic!!


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