Living Room Workout

At around 11 a.m., I needed a break from the computer and took a couple of minutes to jot down a new circuit workout that I could do with a few free weights in my living room.

As I set up my weights, Sadie became awfully suspicious and tried to coerce me into puppy playtime instead of a workout by placing three toys from her toy bin right next to my weights.

at home workout 001

She takes needy to a whole new level.

I started my workout and she ran circles around me, body slammed into me and barked a few times before trying a new tactic.

at home workout 003

Apparently she thinks I find rubbing her belly irresistible. And you know what? She’s right.

When she rolls over like that she looks so pathetic and gives me her feeble “you should probably pet me right now” eyes and I fall for it every time. I’m such a sucker.

As you can probably tell, today’s workout wasn’t exactly killer since it was peppered with plenty of Sadie breaks, but I still managed to work up a sweat.

living room workout


Lunch today was reheated simple summer chili leftover from last night’s dinner.

simple chili

easy chili

Plus the last three Wilbur Buds I brought back to Ocala with me from Gettysburg.

wilbur buds

Easy and satisfying!

Question of the Afternoon

  • Do you ever workout at home?
  • Do any obstacles get in your way?

I head to the gym for most of my workouts because I get distracted at home by Sadie or my to do list! I’m much more likely to get a better workout if I leave the house and admire people who can motivate themselves to regularly workout at home… especially those with children! You guys deserve a gold star.


  1. says

    All the time! Our UREC is always packed so sometimes it’s much easier to just go for a quick run and come back to the apartment to do circuts. Space is definitely an issue though living in an on campus apartment with three other roommates who sleep a lot but they put up pretty well with some of my sillier looking workouts


  2. Sidney says

    My dogs do the same thing! They are also weirdly obsessed with my exercise mat. As soon as I lay it down, they go nuts–they want to chew their bones on the mat, wrestle on the mat, sleep on the mat, etc. I have to fight them everytime I need to go back to the mat for floor work….the crazy stuff dog owners put up with! I even think it’s cute 🙂


  3. says

    I’ve started working out more and more in my apartment during marathon training because after all the running I just want a quick circuit to do on cross-training days. I’ve used several of yours! And I don’t even try and workout when I’m watching my brother’s dog. I can barely stretch because she either sticks a toy in my face or starts licking me!


  4. says

    I don’t have a gym membership, and the “gym” in my building is more like a collection of orphaned workout equipment, so I’ve become a big workout at home sort of person. I did a living room circuit on Tuesday that kicked my behind, and I think I’m going to do this one when I get home today! Love me some easy-to-do-at-home workouts!


  5. says

    I can’t really motivate myself to workout at home, unless I have a video to follow or am feeling like the ultimate lazeball then I will force myself to do something. I did the workout you had posted last week yesterday and it was a good one, totally feeling it today!


  6. Erin says

    That’s so funny. My golden retriever, Madison, likes to lay on my yoga mat, so if I’m doing one of my yoga dvd’s I’m constantly fighting her off. Her best move is to dive under me when I move into down-dog.


  7. says

    I prefer to do my circuits with free weights at home actually! I’m not a huge fan of gyms though. My pup gets in the way too so she usually gets gated up during my workouts


  8. says

    as the morning temperatures are dropping at home workouts are becoming more and more appealing… I don’t have pets that interfere with my workout but my growling stomach often causes me to call it quits before I would normally if I were at the gym


  9. says

    i try to do yoga at home and always fail! my dog likes to come and crawl under me if i’m doing plank and lick my face, or crawl on top of me, or if i start moving my arms and legs with big motions, he’ll start barking….it’s a doggy snuggle nightmare! lol


  10. says

    I work out at home if it’s rainy and I don’t feel like going out in the morning. But I also don’t belong to a gym; I feel too self-conscious to use the equipment in front of other people. I’m sure that will change though when I have kids.


  11. Erika says

    This sounds like a really good workout. I workout at home most of the time and run outside the other times. I probably go to the gym 5 times at the most in a year. I use to go to classes at the gym but now I’m not as close to one and don’t think the added expense is necessary right now – I also have a one year old.


  12. Sarah P. says

    I like at home workouts when I have a hard video to follow and motivate me. I struggle with being able to motivate myself enough. Have you ever tried insanity? I can not do it everyday because it is hard on my body but it is an awesome workout.


  13. says

    I’ve been so busy with work, this is a perfect little at home workout to get my blood flowing and heart pumping! I usually stress about making time to make it to the gym, but knowing I can do something equally as great at home is a relief!


  14. says

    I workout most mornings at home before I head to the gym for some cardio as my gym doesn’t open until 7am and some mornings not until 9am! Prefer working out in the gym when I can though…my bedroom is the attic room so I tend to wake people up with my burpeeing! 🙂


  15. says

    I know this is a random question but what dog toys do you have that Sadie loves? My boyfriend and I are trying to figure out the best ones (stuffed ones don’t work because our dog chews them in a matter of hours) to keep her entertained during times we aren’t in the house with her.


  16. Laurel says

    I workout at home. I find it “easier” with my daughter. Recently, she has found it fun to grab on to my barbells while I’m trying to lift. My favorite thing she does is when I’m in the middle of a move or something that requires balance, she’ll slam into me full force and yell, “NEED HUG!” My black lab used to bark at me during cardio workouts, now he just ignores me.


  17. says

    I workout at home a couple days per week and hit the gym a couple times per week, too. I like to mix it up!!! Home workouts can be hard though because of a needy little four year old, lol!! Actually, he likes to join in and do push ups, burpees, ect with me which really is quite cute :-)!!


  18. says

    I actually prefer to work out at home or outside if I can. I enjoyed working out at the gym when I was more serious about my routine, but now that I don’t follow any kind of workout schedule, I just prefer to get some quick bouts of activity in at home.


  19. says

    I’ve been working out at home a lot lately since we don’t have a gym super close to our house and we’re also trying to save some money. My dogs drive me up the wall if I’m trying to workout too, so I just put them outside for a bit. And I think once you have kids, you just do what you gotta do and learn to get creative!


  20. says

    I feel like I get “in the zone” easier at the gym and I’m more likely to get a great workout in there. With that said, there are times that I’d just rather do some random exercises in my living room! Lately, if I’m watching TV, I’ll use commerical breaks to do jumping jacks. Thanks for the ideas!


  21. Amanda says

    I definitely prefer to take classes at the gym or run outside, but every once in a while I’ll work out at home. I had to this morning since I had an early call for work and the class at the gym wouldn’t work with my schedule. I did a Jillian Michaels DVD – definitely harder to stay motivated, but I’m glad I did it!


  22. says

    I used to be a strictly-gym worker outer. Since I moved, I have opted for more home workouts because I had the space. The only equipment I have are two sets of weights, mat, stability ball, figure 8 band, rope less jump ropes, gliding discs, and a bender ball. There are so many options of things to do! I only get to the gym now when I teach, or have the itch to get on the treadmill/spin bike (about 2 times/week)


  23. says

    I always workout from home, and as long as I do it first thing, I can usually get in a good workout. As the morning drags on, I tend to lose all motivation and get distracted by anything and everything, including my laziness. I have 2 sets of weights and would like heaver ones someday, but for now they get the job done. I can’t imagine working out with a dog like Sadie around! You must have some skills.


  24. says

    I normally like to go to the gym but lately I’ve been doing a lot of at home workouts. My dogs are definitely my obstacle. I have 3 and they all take turns jumping on me and vying for my attention during a workout. They’re small so anything standing I’m usually fine but if I try do sit ups it’s like forget it. I’d get smothered in kisses before I’d actually complete 10. 🙂


  25. says

    I usually work out at the gym (Body Pump and Turbo Kick are so much fun!!!!), but when I do the occasional yoga video at home, my cat always walks under me and even lays on my stomach during some of the poses! He’s nuts!


  26. says

    I love this, Julie! With a toddler at home it’s rare that I make it to the gym, but I could definitely squeeze in a quick workout (in between working, showering, and eating, ha!) while she’s napping. Thanks for the motivation!


  27. says

    I do manage to workout at home pretty often, but you’re right, it’s nearly impossible to do it with a dog running around licking you or trying to play! I usually do workouts in my bedroom with the door shut, that way no animals can surprise me! Much more efficient to get it done quick


  28. says

    I don’t have a dog to distract me if I workout at home, but my to-do list definitely gets in the way most of the time and so I find it necessary to head to the gym.

    And I was starting to think Sadie lined up her toys because she was hoping to JOIN in the circuit? (They are kind of lined up like your free weights). 😉


  29. Lili says

    Im a stay at home mom to two kids and a 90lb german shepherd and workout at home 5 days a week. It gets tough but its completely doable and FREE! I tried the whole gym thing but my kids kept getting sick from all the germs in the “kid area.”


  30. says

    Ha! Roo likes to sit on my hip when I try to do side plank dips or stand underneath me when I doing downward facing dog. I usually set her up with a toy or bone that I know will keep her occupied for a while if I want to work out.


  31. Kristin says

    It’s so funny how dogs just can’t stand not being the center of your attention. My Maltese will lay on my stomach when I do crunches and licks my nose with each rep. Just a little reward for me I guess. Too funny! Thanks for a great new workout!


  32. janet says

    She obviously loves and adores you … How would you feel if she ignored you? 🙂

    My cats show up the SECOND I start to quilt and can’t let them on my lap … Pets are tricky!


  33. Courtney says

    Where did you get your rug with the brown border? I just returned a similar one from Ballard Designs, but yours looks more “tan ish” which is what I am looking for! The one I ordered had an “orangey” look


  34. says

    I work out at home a lot during the winter when it’s too cold to run outside and too snowy to drive to the gym. I love the Nike training app — great free workouts that you can do at home. And tough — ouch!


  35. says

    You’re right, that chili is simple…but sounds so good right now! Just pinned it. And yes, I do workouts at home all the time. Mostly Bethenny’s yoga dvds and stuff that doesn’t require a lot of jumping around bc our neighbors get cranky about it. Push-up planks are great for getting in a little strength + cardio without moving around much!


  36. says

    I do try (emphasis on try) to work out at home. Stretching and yoga are my favorite but the thing that is always an obstacle is that my husband is distracting! I always feel embarrassed doing downward dogs in front of the T.V. when he is there or doing a fitness DVD workout. It never puts me in the right mind and frankly might be a reason that I don’t do much working out at home.


  37. says

    Haha, Sadie is so cute! (And completely irresistible :)) I also need to take my workout to the gym. Otherwise, like today, it’s already late in the afternoon and my plans to do an at-home workout haven’t materialized yet ;). Way too many distractions!!


  38. says

    hahah, my dog does the same thing when I work out at home. She is always trying to lick me or lay right next to me when I am down on the mat stretching. She does the same thing as Sadie and rolls over on her back waiting for belly rubs.


  39. says

    I’m AWFUL at trying to get myself to workout at home. I love your workouts, though, and I do them on the one day I HAVE to workout at home– Sunday– when there aren’t any classes at the gym I like.

    People always underestimate what a torture device your own arm can be! I know those arm circles will be a killer.

    What weight is the silver set you have? I try to use 15s for deadlifts, but could probably push myself harder.


  40. says

    I only workout at home. When we moved into the house the first thing we did was finish the basement just so I had enough room for all my equipment. It’s not my dream home gym but it’s a great start.


  41. says

    I like to mix it up and work out at home and also at the gym. I’m lucky enough to work at our local university gym so there’s no excuse for me! 😉
    At home, I typically do Turbo Fire DVD’s or circuits that I get from Pinterest.


  42. says

    sadie is so hilarious! 🙂

    before i moved to college i hardly ever worked out at home (despite having access to a treadmill, elliptical, bench press, barbell, and free weights!) because i always found i ended up working out for a shorter period of time than if i made the trek to the gym.


  43. says

    Oh Wilbur Buds!!! So glad you got some. If you are ever in Lititz, the Wilbur store is pretty incredible. They have the most amazing dark chocolate sea salt caramels. I can’t even speak. 😉


  44. @pluvk says

    Thanks for the workout! My biggest obstacle is definitely my little runt (a.k.a. the dog). He likes to lie on my yoga mat and jump around when I do burpees. He thinks burpees is a great time to grab his toys!


  45. says

    LOL! That picture of Sadie on her back cracked me up! I’ve seen that look many a time. I also get humped by my female dog when I try to workout at home. Yes, I said female. And she’s fixed! 🙂 I steal my husband’s man cave.


  46. Melissa says

    Thanks for the “Living Room Workout.” It perfect for days I can’t get to the gym! As for your adorable Sadie, I’ve heard that dog petting burns way more calories than any other cardio! She was only trying to help! 🙂


  47. says

    My kitty decides that when I do my P90x workouts on the floor that it’s also the exact time she needs attention. She’ll try to walk across my stomach as I’m doing crunches, or lay down behind my head as I’m trying to do sit ups, so I end up dipping my ponytail into kitty-attack-region. Stretching becomes “Hey! While you have your hands reaching towards the floor, you can also pet the cat!” My boyfriend thinks it’s hilarious.
    It’s also awesome when I try to roll up my yoga mat. She flops down on it like: “NO!”


  48. Christina @ The Beautiful Balance says

    My dogs bark at me, I think they assume I’m in trouble or something with all the limbs flying around. Haha.


  49. Alycia says

    I literally laughed out loud at this post because it sounds as if I wrote it myself. I can’t resist rubbing my pups belly either. She thinks”work out” time is “play” time and I usually end up with an even harder workout because I’m trying to do my exercise while playing fetch at the same time!.


  50. says

    I used to do a yoga or pilates DVD all of the time at home but there is something about actually getting in your car and driving to a studio to work out with a group of people that I like so much better. Plus once your in, your there and have no excuses! Working out at home is convenient and quick if in a crunch though!


  51. says

    I usually workout at home on the treadmill or DVD (huge fan of Chris Frietag’s 10 lb. slimdown series) I find it hard to push myself without them but this morning I tried your circuit workout and I LOVED it. So now I pretty much have to stalk the exercise links and write down all the other routines. I’m also super excited that I now have portable workout plans to take with me on vacation when there’s (gasp!) without a treadmill in sight!


  52. Alisha says

    I love working out at home. I do have the pet issue.. though it’s mostly the dog or cat think that I’m playing with them and are jumping at my hands/resistance bands/exercise ball haha or the dog will lick my face (sweat) when i’m doing floor exercises (I hate that !) lol


  53. says

    I travel for work pretty often so I like to think I have mastered the “hotel room workout” which is very similar to your living room workout! Just as long as I get those endorphins, it doesn’t matter to me if I’m in a state-of-the-art gym or my hotel room!


  54. Casey says

    Awesome thanks for posting!! I never make it to the gym anymore 🙁 I have a six month old so this is totally something I could make time for. Thanks for the motivation!


  55. Marie says

    Your Sadie stories always have me laughing; so cute! We had a scare with our pup this past weekend. We ended up taking him to emergency at 2am Saturday morning. 3 places total, ICU, lots of tears and stress, and we finally got him back this past Monday. He’s definitely one of our kids; so glad he’s on the mend! My husband and I workout at home post-kids and love it. We usually try doing it early morning before the kids get up. If not, sometimes the kids climb on our backs during planks or push-ups or the pup comes for kisses if we are laying on our backs. Have a great weekend!



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