Travel Workouts

If you have a vacation on the books or travel a lot for work and don’t have access to a gym, have no fear! You can still sneak in a quality workout right in your hotel room. No equipment required!

Travel Workouts! No equipment needed!

The following workouts were previously featured on this blog over the past year or two, but since I receive a lot of requests for travel or living room workouts that don’t require equipment, I figured it might be nice to have them all in one place.

Though these workouts don’t require any fancy gym equipment, they’re still sure to make you sweat!


Legs   Cardio Circuit Workout

Outdoor Workout

Cardio and Abs Circuit Workout

  • Jump Rope Lower Body Workout: No jump rope needed! Simply substitute jumping jacks for the 60 seconds of jump rope to complete this workout without any equipment.

Jump Rope Lower Body Workout

Can't Stop Won't Stop Circuit Workout

  • Heart Pounding Cardio Workout: Substitute squat jumps for the box jumps and complete this workout outside in between 10-minute bursts of running or speed walking.

Heart Pounding Cardio Workout

Question of the Day

  • Do you work out on vacation? If so, what is your favorite way to exercise on vacation?

I have a pretty laid back attitude about working out on vacation. Though walking around and sightseeing in a new area is my favorite way to stay active on vacation, my favorite vacation work out is definitely running. It’s a great way to explore a new place and I’ve had some of my best runs on vacation!


  1. says

    I try not to stress too much about working out on vacation. If it happens then that’s great, but if it doesn’t no big deal. Sometimes I am too busy having fun to get a workout in 🙂
    I agree walking and sightseeing is the best way to stay active on vacation.


  2. says

    Sometimes I find my travel workouts are even better than normal workouts. I think it’s the new environment that I love, it feels like a new challenge to excel at or something ha.
    However, I don’t worry about fitting in a workout. If it happens great, if not, I’m usually walking a tons anyways.
    Hope you’re having a blast 🙂


  3. Andrea says

    Running all the way! I agree, it’s definitely a great way to explore the area you’re in. A few lunges and push-ups….(maybe some bridging too for good measure) after the run and I’m flying 😉 I have some of my best runs while on vacation just out of the sheer fun of exploring.


  4. says

    Working out at home can be a challenge for me, so doing it on vacation is especially tough. I do like to walk A LOT on trips. I love to explore new places. So I try to do this as much as possible. I’ve also noticed that on a cruise I will use the workout rooms. Some days you are at sea all day, so it is a great thing to do on those days. Since I usually eat A TON I have to fit in little extra bits of exercise here and there. These workouts would be great!


  5. Jenn says

    Perfect timing for this post! I’m going away tomorrow night, I usually run for cardio on vacation but this weekend it will be raining where I’m headed so I needed some other options. Thanks Julie, hope you are having a wonderful time!!


  6. says

    I don’t exercise much on vacations but I generally do a ton of walking, so I count that. The last time I went anywhere I did take advantage of the fitness room. No one was there and they had a nice set of dumbbells and treadmills so I did a bit of cardio, went through a quick dumbbell circuit and then followed it up with another small cardio session. Worked great and I was proud of myself for doing it when on “vacation”.


  7. says

    I like jogging too but I’m hesitant to go too far because my husband and I are know for walking 10-12 miles when we travel. I don’t want to wear my legs out too early!


  8. says

    this couldnt have come at a better time! I am going to Germany for 2 weeks and shortly after getting back I will be in a wedding and have a half marathon so I am looking to stay in shape while away and for things to do in my hostel room! Thank you for sharing these!!


  9. says

    My first 1/2 marathon training kind of interferes with my upcoming trip to China and Japan. I wish I can run outdoors but I don’t think they do that culturally! Ill have to try to find a gym 1x/week just to keep my butt in gear.


  10. says

    I love workouts that don’t require equipment! I have to walk a half mile to my gym and the time adds up so if I need a quicker workout I love doing something in my apartment. Also perfect when the weather is awful here in Chicago 🙂


  11. says

    It depends where we’re going on vacation. If we are out of the country, I generally walk to explore places, but if we’re in the US at a hotel, I’ll try to sneak out for a little bit to their gym and get in a workout before starting the day.


  12. says

    I always work out on vacation. Not so much because I feel like I need to physically, but it’s more of a mental thing. Running brings me comfort and is part of my routine at home, so going for a run while traveling sort of keeps me grounded. Plus, it’s an awesome way to explore a new city!


  13. Liv says

    When you say repeat each circuit 3x, do you mean stay on the same circuit until you’ve gone through it 3x then move on to the next one?


  14. says

    Thanks so much for putting all of these in one post! I’ve been looking for more circuit-style strength workouts, so it’s nice to have them all together. I love that these require absolutely no equipment whatsoever, too! 🙂


  15. says

    I love nothing more than exploring my Vacation spot through running! I have seen the most awesome/random/crazy things on my vacation runs! It is so great because the back roads allow you to see places you wouldn’t normally!! Of course the best vacation is the type that is already an ACTIVE vacation— like hiking, skiing, etc— so you get to workout all day long!!!! 🙂


  16. Jennifer says

    I do try to workout when I vacation. I have the tendency to gain weight when I travel. I love to eat and enjoy the local cuisine. So to mitigate any weight gain, I work out. I try to book places that do have complementary gym access. If I am at a resort, I swim in the pool or take a run on the beach. If I am in the city, I walk instead of taking taxis. If I am traveling on business, I do some circuit training in my room if I only have about 15 minutes to spare. 🙂


  17. says

    I always try to work out on vacation. I find that if I don’t it’s too hard to get back into the habit when I get back, especially since my eating habits aren’t generally the same! We actually haven’t been any place that didn’t have a gym!


  18. says

    I love that you put all of these in one place. My honeymoon is coming up in June so I will want to work out when I am there, and these workouts would all be great!


  19. says

    Oh wow that’s a lot of good stuff all in one page~It really depends on the type of “vacation” or traveling that I’m on. If it’s something where all I can do is stay inside the house of my in-laws because everything is far away, then I’ll loosely try to get in about 15 minutes of circuit training in the room or go out for a run when nobody’s around or available. If it’s something where I’m more on the go, then I do what I can in the room or nothing at all. I guess I just go with how I feel and it all depends on the situation! 🙂


  20. says

    I love in the room workouts, makes LIFE so much easier if you get to a hotel and the gym is CLOSED or has barely any equipment! I always try and check out the local gyms when I travel just to see whats popular in other countries or cities. For instance when I was in Hong Kong, Crossfit was HUGE whereas Vietnam is was all about Zumba! Its really interesting and fun to take a class and see another cultures take on a class! Sending you fun times and great sweat sessions 🙂 Love + Shine CourtStar


  21. says

    Love all of these! I usually like to go for a run to explore when on vacation but sometimes I need a workout like these if the weather isn’t nice. Thanks for putting them all in one place – I use your no equipment circuits all the time!


  22. says

    When I’m on vacation I usually try to incorporate something active into my daily activities like going on a hike, a long walk, a run, or trying a new activity. Most of my vacations are to the mountains (snowboarding) or to various beaches all over the world (surfing) so I naturally get my workouts in. But I have to say, there’s nothing bad about laying by the pool all day with a cocktail in your hand either 🙂


  23. says

    We don’t take a lot of “vacations” because we’re never gone for very long – but when we are, I definitely make sure to pack my tennis shoes so I can sneak in a run/jog or workout DVD when not exploring with family. On our shorter weekends out of town, Mark and I both tend to relax a bit and just count the walking we do as our “workout” for the day 🙂


  24. says

    Most of my vacations include walking untill my legs fall off. The most famous is see the Paris withing 14 hours without public transport! I just don’t feel that I need a workout afterwards!
    But if I go to the conference I squeeze in the workout between the lectures whenever there is a chance. The simpliest way: 20 min speed run on a threadmill, even quicker shower and back to the lectures with the red face 🙂


  25. Mandy says

    Hey Julie!
    Do you think it might be possible to do a post where you break down what each of these exercises look like (example- squat\crunch, burpee, plank)? I’ve heard of them but have never done an exercise class where they break the, down.


  26. says

    Oh one legged burpees? Eeeeek!!!! 🙂

    I do workout whenever I travel. I usually pack a resistance band with the door attachment – easy way to get a resistance workout in a hotel room. Plus, you can run anywhere! 🙂


  27. says

    I always try to get whatever exercise I can while on vacation. We always do tons of walking around, exploring, while on vacation but sometimes it’s not enough. Hotel room workouts are easy and can be done first thing in the morning so you don’t have to worry about it during the day.


  28. says

    I find it sooooo hard to workout on vacation. I like the idea of hotel room workouts because, as one other person commented, you can get it out of the way in the morning and not worry about it. I like it in theory, but on vacation it doesn’t always happen that way!! But…since I really don’t like going to hotel gyms I will keep these room workouts handy. Running is great in a new place but funnily enough I seem to slow down (sometimes to a walk) to see something new and interesting! I’m not the world’s greatest runner.


  29. Alison says

    I already had a bunch of year saved onto my phone because I love your workouts! My favorite is the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, that thing is intense! And I actually just did the cardio and abs workout yesterday because I was short on time. It was another short and sweaty one! 🙂


  30. says

    I definitely try to get at least one run in on vacation. Not so much for the exercise aspect, but to experience a new place by myself for 30 minutes or so. I love having that time to think and take things in that you may not even pay attention to in a group.


  31. says

    Great post, so many people drop their fitness routines just because they are traveling! Body weight workouts are awesome, even when not traveling : ) My favorite way to workout when traveling is to go on a run just for the purpose of exploring a new place.


  32. Jules says

    Your jump rope and lower body circuit is my absolute favorite! I do 2x a week and am always sore for days (in the good way that lets you know you worked!)


  33. says

    We usually get plenty of walking in on vacation so that always counts towards exercise, but I’m with you and I fit it in when I can- if they’re group exercise classes then I’m more likely too. I find just exercising sometimes very de-motivating. The gym atmosphere helps me so much.


  34. says

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  35. says

    These are a nice little set of info graphics, i am a massive fan of body-weight workouts and calisthenics, a local park, climbing frame or the outdoors are the only things in life you need to get in good shape 🙂


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    • Bridgitt says

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