Travel Workouts

If you have a vacation on the books or travel a lot for work and don’t have access to a gym, have no fear! You can still sneak in a quality workout right in your hotel room. No equipment required!

Travel Workouts! No equipment needed!

The following workouts were previously featured on this blog over the past year or two, but since I receive a lot of requests for travel or living room workouts that don’t require equipment, I figured it might be nice to have them all in one place.

Though these workouts don’t require any fancy gym equipment, they’re still sure to make you sweat!


Legs   Cardio Circuit Workout

Outdoor Workout

Cardio and Abs Circuit Workout

  • Jump Rope Lower Body Workout: No jump rope needed! Simply substitute jumping jacks for the 60 seconds of jump rope to complete this workout without any equipment.

Jump Rope Lower Body Workout

Can't Stop Won't Stop Circuit Workout

  • Heart Pounding Cardio Workout: Substitute squat jumps for the box jumps and complete this workout outside in between 10-minute bursts of running or speed walking.

Heart Pounding Cardio Workout

Question of the Day

  • Do you work out on vacation? If so, what is your favorite way to exercise on vacation?

I have a pretty laid back attitude about working out on vacation. Though walking around and sightseeing in a new area is my favorite way to stay active on vacation, my favorite vacation work out is definitely running. It’s a great way to explore a new place and I’ve had some of my best runs on vacation!


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    • Bridgitt says

      I think it’s definitely a great idea to bring sneakers, a jump rope, resistance bands,and a swimsuit and goggles or to rent bikes and to go around the trails or town that way, or to take the opportunity to go scuba diving, hiking, or horseback riding, and to sign up for lessons for something you might have always wanted to explore. Or to bring workout dvds with you and to put them in the laptop, go running on the beach or powerwalking, swim in the pool, etc.



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