Quick ‘n’ Sweaty Boot Camp Workout

My day began with an egg white and oatmeal protein pancake topped with a sliced pear.

egg white oatmeal protein pancake

The recipe is so darn easy to make and fills me up without weighing me down or making me feel so full that I get sleepy right after I eat!

oatmeal and egg white protein pancake


After breakfast, I headed to the gym for a workout.

I began with a 15 minute warm up on the elliptical before I completed a boot camp-style workout that looked like this:

Quick 'n' Sweaty Boot Camp Workout

Complete one round for an 18 minute workout or two rounds for a 36 minute workout! If you have dumbbells or an exercise band at home, this workout can easily be done in your living room.

Here are a few links to video demonstrations of some of the exercises:

It was a good one!

After my workout, I spent some time at work and updated the functional training board with the boot camp workout I shared above before I tried to find instructors to cover my classes for tomorrow. I’ll be in Orlando all day Thursday and Friday for a work training. I’m excited to return to my old stomping grounds, even if it is just for a training. I miss Orlando like crazy!

Question of the Morning

  • Do you ever feel homesick for a place you used to live? What do you miss most about your former hometown?

I definitely miss Orlando. It was such a fun place to live. I miss my friends the most, but I also miss the activity and energy of the city. There was always something to do in Orlando!


I cannot publish this blog post without acknowledging today. A day that will forever weigh heavy on the hearts of people everywhere.


09.11.2001 – Never forget.


  1. says

    I live in my hometown, but I remember when I went off to college I was so very homesick. I would call home all the time and try to visit as much as possible since I just missed being around my family and friends from childhood. It definitely took a while to adjust.
    Love that workout for something quick and able to do at home too.


  2. says

    3 years ago my husband and I moved from North Carolina to Erie, Pennsylvania for him to attend medical school. I think I miss NC every single day. Thankfully he just started his last year of school and hopefully in 8-9 months we will be moving somewhere new to start a new chapter of our lives – I can’t wait!


  3. Jan Klein says

    Thought about you Monday night at my TBS (total body sculpting) class. It was a total Julie workout! I don’t think I’ve ever sweat so much. I think we did squats for an entire 5 or 6 minute song. Never ending!


  4. says

    I miss bits and pieces of different places I’ve lived … the culture and vibe of Boston, the hustle and bustle (and chopped salad/ froyo all over!) in NYC, the view of the ocean from our apartment in Miami, the ability to walk or take public transportation everywhere in Chicago! But I’m happy back in Dallas!


    • says

      Julie, wanted to let you know that I did this workout tonight when I just needed a little sweat after coming in from the airport. It was quick and effective – my legs were feeling the burn after the pulsing squat + wall sit + jump squat combo!


  5. says

    I still live in my hometown, but I travel a lot for work and surprisingly get home sick when I’m gone for a while. There is just something comforting about being in ‘my city’.

    Pulsing squats for 60 seconds after everything else?! You are a champ, lady! I’d be crying ha.


  6. says

    It’s so funny that you mention miss your home town. I just moved to Chicago from Minneapolis and while MPLS is not my hometown, I had this weird, “homesick” kind of feeling yesterday. At least we know we can always go back and visit!


  7. says

    I grew up in John’s Creek, a suburb of Atlanta. My husband and I live about an hour away from there now, and I miss it so much! I miss my old gym and having a Super Target and Whole Foods nearby. But I do love living out in the country now, it is relaxing and very beautiful out here.


  8. says

    I am pinning this workout as we speak :-)

    I miss my hometown, Omaha SO much. Even though I don’t live in a city anymore, I find that the towns here on the east coast are so different than what I am used to!

    I think I miss the simplicity of it most. To get from point A to B is a breeze and the lifestyle is a bit more low-key.


  9. says

    I miss my hometown all the time! I’m only 5 hours away now, but it still stinks to not be able to go meet up with my mom or shop with her whenever I want :) Crazy that it’s been so long since 9/11..I still remember where I was and everything like it was yesterday!


  10. says

    oh my gosh when i went away to college i was suuuuuuuper homesick!!! i was so homesick that i actually ended up transferring after my first year! i was in ohio and so i transferred to mizzou which is just an hour and a half from st louis which was nice!


  11. says

    True that! God bless all the people who were involved in the 9/11 incident.

    And I always miss my home country, Argentina. A lot of my friends are still there and I got to visit about seven years ago. Hopefully I’ll get to do that someday soon again! Their culture, language, food~everything Is so wonderful in my opinion. Some people say that it’s kind of like the Paris of South America, ha ha.


  12. ashley says

    We lived in Nashville TN for 2 years and just recently moved to Columbus OH. This is a great a city and all but nothing compares to Nashville…the vibe, culture, MUSIC, food and more!! That city will always have my heart!!!!


  13. says

    I went from “big city living” (if you can call Des Moines, IA big) to small town life my sophomore year in high school. I missed the city a lot then but now that I’m older I don’t think I could around so many people I love the peace and quiet of country life.


  14. says

    I miss Texas a lot – specifically Dallas (where my family lives) and Austin (where I went to college). But, then I remember how hot it gets and how amazing it feels up here in the Pacific Northwest and I’m not so sad. :)


  15. says

    I need to try that pancake. Yummy!! I miss my hometown. A lot. It’s just a comfort thing, though. I’m three hours away from my whole family who lives there and it makes me sad that they don’t really visit me! But I’ve gotten used to the fact that this is my home now, here, with my fiancé.


  16. says

    I’ll also be in Orlando tomorrow and Friday for the Hispana Leadership Conference! Living in Cocoa Beach, I like going to ‘the city’ every now and then.

    I miss the food from home so much. I grew up in El Paso, TX and there is no Mexican food like that anywhere else.


  17. says

    Sometimes I feel homesick towards Towson, Maryland… I didn’t grow up there, but I went to college there/lived 4 years of my life there. It is where I met all of my now best friends, many of whom still live around there, where I feel I really grew up into the person I am now. I miss the little things about the town itself… and of course, college in general.


  18. Vicki says

    I made my first meal-ish smoothie today from your handy-dandy guide! I needed some food after the gym, but before my sister and I donated blood and went for lunch. I used milk, french vanilla yogurt, frozen watermelon cubes and grapes, and a little cocoa powder. It was a little watery so I might use a little less milk next time, but delish! I might have to make smoothies a little more common!


  19. says

    I’ve lived in California, Kansas, and now I’m in New York (and we visit Florida very often). I must say that I never feel homesick for California or Kansas, probably because I was still VERY young living in those states. But when I go off to college, I will definitely be missing New York!


  20. Ashlee says

    I was born, raised, went to school, got married and now live in Seattle. Not having traveled a ton, it makes me dream of other places. Based on the times I have traveled outside of Washington, I do know that while I enjoy other places, I could only live somewhere equally as green as the PNW. I think I’d get depressed if I went too long without seeing a pine tree ;)


  21. says

    If I ever move away from where I live now – Hermosa Beach, CA – I will be homesick for it forever! It’s the most quaint and beautiful little beach town, and such a tight-knit community. The only downside is it’s cost of living – over $1 million for a tiny little fixer-upper. Yikes!



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