Collection of Elliptical Workouts

Sometimes it seems like the elliptical gets a bad rap at the gym. Yes, it’s easy to select low settings, grab a magazine and keep things nice and light, but if you play with the resistance and inclines on the elliptical, you can definitely elevate your heart rate and work up a serious sweat. It’s also a great cardio workout for those looking for lower-impact exercise options.

I’ve posted a handful of elliptical workouts on the blog throughout the past four years and thought a round up post that included some of my favorites would be a great way to get a bunch of them in one place. I’ll also be sure to save this page under the Workouts tab on the top of the blog for easy access in the future.

I hope you enjoy!

25 Minute Elliptical Interval Workout

50 Minute Elliptical Interval Workout

30 Minute Elliptical Workout

20 Minute Elliptical Workout

Beat Boredom Interval Workout

20 Minute Elliptical Hill Workout Stay tuned for the following workout roundups:

  • Incline walking workouts
  • Treadmill workouts
  • Upper body workouts
  • Leg workouts
  • Ab workouts
  • Circuit workouts

Lots of fun to come!


  1. says

    I used to have an elliptical, so I kind of got a bit sick of it after a while – but now that I don’t have it anymore, I actually kind of like it. I definitely prefer spin, but the elliptical is another great option.
    Especially when you mix it up with intervals like these! Makes the time fly by.


  2. says

    I’m going to have to save this for the winter! We have so few nice months up North that I almost never exercise indoors. It’s miserable from Dec-April and that’s when I am in DIRE need of good workouts to mix things up!! 🙂


  3. says

    I love the elliptical! The one thing I don’t love, though, is that every machine is different. Sometimes it’s frustrating to try a new workout because the level will be SUPER hard on one machine and just kind of hard on another.

    I always love your round up posts, whether it’s recipes or workouts 🙂


  4. says

    I love this! I’m a big fan of the elliptical because it’s a lot less stress on the joints. But it has the rep as the ‘girl glider’ where you can get on and not exert much effort for 45 min! But if you do some intervals and pay attention- you can really work it!


  5. says

    I love your elliptical workouts! I’m actually a huge fan of the elliptical, because it’s low impact but still offers a great workout. My problem is motivating myself to work harder, so these workouts will help!

    My other trick to beating elliptical boredom is watching TV. I often download a few shows to my ipad and watch them on the elliptical. Definitely beats boredom!


  6. says

    I actually like working out on the elliptical sometimes. I would rather run most times but I’m still getting over an injury and it’s a nice way to get in something with a little low impact. Thanks for sharing these fun workouts!


  7. Heather Murphy says

    I like mixing up my workouts with the eliptical, but have to have a plan of action when I get on or I won’t get a good workout. Thanks for sharing!


  8. Katie Armstrong says

    Thank you for all of these workouts!! I was born with a knee disease and can no longer run or do anything high impact so these exercises will help tremendously!


  9. says

    It looks like I might be in the minority but I really love the elliptical! I try to make sure I keep my speed up and mix in some hill workouts, and I always feel like I work up a sweat. I’ll have to try these workouts!


  10. says

    I didn’t like the elliptical until I became pregnant and that’s when I started using it several times a week! i loved the low impact of it in addition to the cardio provided. Along with the stepmill it helped me stay in rather good shape and health 🙂 great idea to keep these together!!


  11. says

    YES! I hate when people (especially guys) look down on the elliptical as a silly girly thing to do, intervals and resistance definitely make it a workout and a half! Plus, it gives your joints a break from the impact of running 🙂


  12. Mikki Franz says

    Awesome!! I’ve been doing your 50 minute and 25 minute elliptical workouts when I’m at the gym on my days that I don’t run. Now I have more to choose from. Thanks a bunch and I have a few girls at the gym asking where I get them from and I love to send them your way!!


  13. says

    OMG I could not have said that first paragraph better myself! You’re so right!! It was actually a good reminder to throw the elliptical into my rotation – with one of the workouts listed above, duh! 😉 Thanks Julie!
    -Sammy @


  14. says

    Thank you so much for this!
    I was actually just think about new ways to beat boredom when I’m doing the elliptical, and this has helped me alot!
    Thank you again, and have a nice evening! 🙂



  15. says

    Thanks so much for this, Julie! I like to hop on the elliptical for cardio as a change up from running or if I want to just be in my own world rather than take a class – however, I’m totally guilty of grabbing a magazine, and well…coasting. I’ll have to try these workouts so I can really make the most of my elliptical time. 🙂


  16. Andrea R says

    I am SO GLAD that you are doing these roundups! I always come to your blog when I’m in need of a new workout or motivation, and this will make it so easy to do that!!


  17. says

    I love the elliptical, I always put the work out on random and you never know what you are going to get. There have been plenty of times I have been dripping in sweat from that baby!


  18. says

    Thank you so much!! My hip has been hurting and I am cutting back on running and was looking for good elliptical workouts! I have a hrm so I keep myself accountable when I am on elliptical so I really work!



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