NYC On The Horizon

Whenever I have a vacation or special trip planned for the end of the week, the beginning of the week seems to pass by at a snail’s pace. I am flying to New York City early Thursday morning and that’s all I can think about right now. It doesn’t help that my girlfriends and I cannot stop texting each other about it!

Vegas Bachelorette Party

(So excited to see these ladies – plus Laurel – this week!!!)

The guys are coming on this trip, too, and you better believe they will be dressing up for SantaCon as well. No they’re not wearing Christmas onesies like we are, but that doesn’t mean they’re holding back. Ryan’s $16 costume arrived on Saturday and I could not stop laughing when he tried it on. I’ll be sure to share lots of pictures, but until then, let’s just say his costume jingles.


This morning, I slept in and didn’t make it to the gym until close to 7:30 a.m. Today’s workout began with a quick 15-minute treadmill incline walking workout before I hopped off and completed a Nike Training Club workout.

Nike Training Club

I did the 30-minute advanced Shakedown workout and left the gym with one heck of a red face.


I actually ate breakfast before my workout today since I woke up late. Today’s morning meal included an egg white and oatmeal protein pancake, a banana and a tangerine.




Question of the Morning

  • If you could take a trip anywhere in the world during the holiday season, where would you want to go?

I think New York City is a magical place during the holidays! I’d also love to visit a beautiful lodge/ski resort during the holiday season sometime, but I don’t have a specific place in mind.


P.S. 15 days ‘til Christmas!!!



  1. Traci says

    I think spending Christmas overseas one year in a cozy cottage somewhere would be amazing, but so far that’s still on my wish list. :-) I’m fortunate to have lived within 30 minutes to an hour from NYC (and work at our office there sometimes), and as much as I can’t stand the traffic and crowds, something about the city during that time of year is so magical. Love seeing all of the windows list up, lights everywhere, the smell of roasted nuts.


  2. says

    I would love to go back to the cabin in Tennessee where my husband proposed last year. It was in the mountains and was so beautiful! We were there in the summer, and I can only imagine how pretty it is now in the winter!


  3. Kaella N says

    NYC is on my list!! I’m hoping to go there in March for the NYC Half (if I get picked!) You NEED to visit Banff, Alberta. You’d love everything about it! Google it :)


  4. says

    I live in NYC and did SantaCon a couple of years ago with my roommate and her friends. It was so fun! Be sure to wear any cold weather gear you can. As of right now, there’s a 70% chance of a wintry mix on Saturday!


  5. says

    New York! :D I’m heading this Sunday and I can’t be more excited about it! Once you have a travel on the list time stops and that day arrives slooowwwly! Then you are in the place and it’s like a race and bam… over! Enjoy your travel!


  6. says

    I have a friend who’s family alternates between a cold weather vacation and a hot location so I’m always so jealous- this year they’re in France; I’d love to join!


  7. Sarah B. says

    While you’re there you have have have to try Baked by Melissa. They’re these mini cupcakes, but hands down one of the tastiest little cupcakes Ive ever had. Seriously try them, you won’t want to share


  8. Janay Ridge says

    I’ll be leaving for NYC on Thursday too!! It’s been on my list for years and we finally get to go there thanks to the points my husband racks up while traveling for work! Any good places we definitely need to visit while we’re there?? Rockefeller Center and Seremdipity are my two musts of course!!

    Have fun with SantaCon!! Can’t wait to see pics!


  9. says

    New York would be an awesome place for Christmas – and New Year’s! Have lots of fun and be sure to try some of their ‘secret bars’! We went to a few when we visited NY a few months ago and loved them! See

    Personally, I think anywhere with snow and traditional Christmas markets would be awesome for Xmas – but then that’s because I’m currently in super hot Australia and wishing for a white Christmas!


  10. Carly says

    I’m going to NYC this weekend too!! It’s a girls trip with my mom, aunts and cousins. It’s also my graduation present so I’m pretty excited since I have never been!


  11. says

    Love NYC during the holidays. It’s been so long since I’ve been there that time if year. Growing up in upstate NY, we’d always make it down there during the holidays. Now it’s a 4-hour plane ride away.

    Definitely want to try that Nike Training Club app. Looks like it has great workouts.


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