25 Minute Elliptical Interval Workout

Since I completed 20-minute interval running workout on Monday and ran five miles with Sadie yesterday, I wanted a little breather from running this morning and hopped on the elliptical when I arrived at the gym.

The Best Body Boot Camp program I am following called for a 25-minute interval workout and I opted to do my intervals on the elliptical. I ended up completing the following 25 minute elliptical interval workout before finishing up my time at the gym with a total-body superset workout:

elliptical interval workout

A couple of notes about this workout: I used an elliptical with moveable arms and definitely utilized my arms to help me through the higher resistance levels! Push ‘n’ pull! Also, the elliptical I used didn’t allow me to adjust the incline at all, so the incline I used for the above workout was simply the default incline level of the Precor elliptical with arms at my gym. I just adjusted the resistance levels and managed to get a kick-butt workout that way.

When I typically think of interval workouts, running and walking workouts come to mind, but I shouldn’t rule out the elliptical. Adjusting the resistance levels can deliver a serious workout!

More elliptical workouts:


The flavors that found their way onto my breakfast plate this morning do not exactly mesh well together, but I was craving salsa and cinnamon raisin toast, so I went with it.

cinnamon raisin toast with butter

scrambled eggs with salsa

I ate them separately and after consuming every last bite of my salsa scrambled eggs, the sweet, crispy toast was a great conclusion to my morning meal. Prior to last week, I think at least a year passed since the last time I had cinnamon raisin toast, but my love for the swirled bread returned with a vengeance!

I bought a loaf last week on a whim and bought another loaf this week and can’t seem to get enough. I’m sure I’ll eat it non-stop until I get sick of it and abandon it for another year. That seems to be the trend with this bread!

Question of the Morning

  • What is one food that you love that you neglected for a while but recently rediscovered?

My answer is obviously cinnamon raisin toast, but I also cannot seem to resist yogurt-covered pretzels at the moment. I forgot just how tasty those lil’ guys are and adore the sweet and salty flavor combination.


  1. says

    This is just the sort of interval workout that I was looking for to complete at a hotel gym tomorrow morning!
    Love yogurt and chocolate covered pretzels, but I have recently rediscovered a love of cashew nuts after not having any for ages. yum.


  2. says

    Hey Julie! This comment is kind of off topic, but I’m wondering if you could post (or maybe you already have posted) about how you trained Sadie to run with you. My husband and I just got a lab/greyhound mix and I know she’d benefit from daily runs with us, but she is just SO awful on a run — zig-zagging everywhere, smelling everything, stopping, lunging at dogs/people, etc. Thoughts??


  3. says

    Candy corn! I haven’t had it in years, because I truly thought I hated the stuff. I actually purposely bought it for a bowl in my apartment because I thought I wouldn’t need self control around it and yet now I’m eating it by the handful. 🙂

    I love yogurt covered pretzels and raisins…mmm.


  4. Nicole says

    There’s a restaurant in Jupiter that serves chicken salad sandwiches (with a slice of pineapple and melted American cheese) on cinnamon swirl bread. The combination sounds ridiculous but it’s surprisingly good – try it out sometime!


  5. Sammy Jean says

    This is going to make me sound crazy, but that’s how I eat everything. I go crazy on it for a few weeks, and then I’m burned out on it for a few months. Just happened with cauliflower. Before that it was watermelon. Before that, boiled egg whites, and before that was oatmeal. I guess I just get in a rut and eat the same things– especially when I’m tracking calories because it’s so much easier when it’s already been measured.


  6. Pattie Welch says

    Julie: This elliptical workout kicked my butt tonight! I’m doing Tina’s bootcamp as well and this was perfect. I’ve had 4 knee surgeries and trying desperately to avoid my 5th by not running anymore, etc. So I’ve been doing a LOT of elliptical — and this really help mix it up and make it challenging. Thanks so much.


  7. says

    Thank you so much for posting this new elliptical interval workout!
    I regularly do your 20 min hill elliptical workout and LOVE it now that I can finally conquer it 🙂



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