45 Minute Boredom Fighting Cardio Workout

Buckle up because we’re going on a super sweaty ride this morning!

When I headed to the gym, I wasn’t feeling super motivated, but I knew it was because I wasn’t in the mood to hang out on one cardio machine for a long time. I needed some serious cardio stimulation and quickly ran through a five minute cardio circuit before hopping on the treadmill to complete 10 minutes of incline walking. (I followed the first 10 minutes of last week’s 55 minute incline walk/run workout.)

As I walked, I created a game plan in my head for a boredom-fighting workout.

Check it out:

45 Minute Boredom Fightin' Cardio Workout

I got a little arrow-happy with my workout image this morning, so just in case you’re a little confused, I followed each cardio circuit with 10 minutes of cardio on the treadmill or the elliptical. Of course you can complete 10 minutes of cardio on the machine of your choice. Before I knew it, my workout was over and I was digging into a plate of scrambled eggs!


scrambled eggs sundried tomatoes

The reddish-color of the eggs can be attributed to the sundried tomato spread I stirred in at the last minute. The sundried tomatoes and shredded cheese gave the dish a pizza-like flavor that I really enjoyed.

scrambled eggs with sundried tomatoes 006-001

And you can never go wrong with lots of avocado!

Hope your Tuesday is off to a good start!


  1. says

    So, do you have an app on your phone or a Gym Boss timer that tells you when to switch to the next workout? Or are you just a very diligent clock watcher? 🙂

    I’ve been considering getting a Gym Boss, but then I think, “There’s an app for that.” 🙂


  2. says

    Sun-dried tomatoes and avocados make the world go round. Even though I hate eggs, I love that you combined two of the best foods in the world with them 😀 I might try this workout later this week when I do some crosstraining cardio because I’m giving my legs the week off from running since I ran a half marathon on Sunday!


  3. Molly says

    Your workouts always look fun, intense and regular. How much exercise do you aim for each week? How do you know if you’re over exercising. Exercise gives me energy but sometimes it’s hard for me to tell if it’s too much. Thanks!


  4. says

    That cardio circuit actually sounds like a ton of fun! I usually prefer to take my cardio outdoors if I’m not teaching, but if I do find my way to the gym, I’m saving your idea. And yum on the sun-dried tomato scrambled eggs! That sounds delish!


  5. Nickie says

    I tried scrambled eggs with avocado this weekend and loved it!! It is my new go-to for breakfast. Can’t wait to try this cardio routine…..i really don’t like cardio. Not my fav! :}


  6. says

    That’s a really cool workout! Haha, and I like all the arrow-happiness–makes it look like a board game. 🙂 Yesterday I realized just HOWWWW MUCH CARDIO one can get just going up a bunch of stairs! I was hiking with my husband and although I consider myself rather good at the stepmill, nothing beats the real stuff! I’m thinking that we should all challenge ourselves to get out in nature or college stadiums to perform our workouts since it’s starting to warm up 😀


  7. says

    Breakfast has got to be my favorite meal of the day and I love how you always mix it up in the morning! What do you usually use as you egg scramble base? Do you use just egg whites or 2 egg whites and a whole egg?



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