A Treat for Sadie

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

From one person with absolutely no Irish heritage to all of you Irish and non-Irish folks out there, I hope your day is filled with lots of green and lots of fun!

kiss me i'm not irish

And if you’re like me and feel a little left out on St. Patrick’s Day because you’re not even a little bit Irish, just slap on some green and adopt all of the fun Irish traditions. I’m pretty sure everyone is Irish today!

By way of marrying Ryan, I am a little more Irish, right? Fagan is a pretty darn Irish last name, so now I’m Irish by association and one day we’ll hopefully have little half-Irish babies.


Today’s workout had me sweatin’!

I started off with 20 minutes on the elliptical at the gym before completing two rounds of a circuit workout from the Best Body Boot Camp program I am following.

Technically I was supposed to do three rounds, but I start to get really antsy and mentally check out if I’m at the gym for much more than an hour, so I called it quits after two rounds. I must’ve been moving super slow or something today.

Even after only two rounds, I felt like the workout was a good one!


When Ryan and I arrived home from the gym, it was breakfast time.

egg sandwich 002

I made both of us egg sandwiches on toasted whole wheat bagels with two fried eggs, a slice of muenster cheese and raspberry jelly. A sliced pear was enjoyed on the side.

egg sandwich 006

Sadie also got a little treat this morning!

egg sandwich 014

About a week ago, I was contacted by Freshpet, a company committed to making food for animals with fresh, natural ingredients. When they asked if Sadie would be interested in trying some of their treats, I didn’t even have to ask her to know the answer.


That was Sadie this morning when I held a Dog Joy chicken treat above her head.

Intrigued? I think so.

Sadie is actually rather picky with dog treats. She doesn’t really like biscuits and typically leaves treats without any meat in them untouched. Yes, she’s a princess.

The Dog Joy treats were right up her alley though, as they’re made primarily with chicken and oats.

egg sandwich 019

At first sniff, she was smitten and Ryan and I enjoyed making her do every single trick in her arsenal as she awaited her reward.

egg sandwich 023

Talk about concentration. Smile 

All three members of the Fagan household were left with happy bellies this morning.

Off to take Sadie on a hike!

Ryan and I have some pretty big plans this afternoon that involve driving to Sarasota and potentially buying a new (used) car! Should be a fun day!


  1. C says

    Have you seen the stand at Publix with all their sale ads? There’s one with Sadie on the cover! Or at least, I’m pretty sure it was a vizsla. Check it out next time you go!


  2. Kersten says

    I’m so glad to hear you did two rounds of the workout yesterday. ME TOO!!! I’ve done 3 rounds of every workout and with this one on Friday, I had to stop at two. I also ran out of time – thought “WHY AM I SO SLOW TODAY?” And the two round left me feeling wiped!!! Did 20 min of Elliptical to start… Thanks for posting on the Body Boot Camp! THe next phase looks great!


    • Avery says

      I’m trying to decide what you’re suggesting exactly . . . So what if it’s old? It’s a cute shirt. The “thin” comment is a little odd and uncalled for. Julie is in fantastic shape, and always has been. Worry about yourself a bit, perhaps?


      • Krystina says

        I didn’t mean it in a bad way. I think Julie looks BETTER now and she’s obviously attractive, but I could tell a noticeable difference between this picture and recent ones, so I asked.

        I’m sure Julie can defend herself if she so chooses or if she felt offended, so there’s no need to be her spokesperson.


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