Bear Blunder

This post kicks off a go-go-go day for me!

After I publish this post, I have to quickly pack and drive two hours to Tampa where I’ll be catching a flight to New York City. I’m jittery with excitement!

The good news is that despite my undying hatred for packing, it shouldn’t be too bad since most of the activities on this trip require gym attire which takes absolutely no time to pick out.

Although someone does tend to make it a little more difficult…

sadie packing list


Today’s workout was the exact same workout I did on Saturday and included a quick 20-minute warm up on the elliptical.

I spent my time on the elliptical quickly browsing through a small stack of magazines that I brought from home and planned to leave at the gym. I ripped out a few recipes and left three magazines behind. I’m assuming some of the gym-goers love seeing new magazines on the racks as much as I do, so hopefully they’ll be a welcome addition to the racks that are currently stocked with Business Week and Motor Trend. No thanks.


Ryan and I were both feeling eggs this morning, so I made us his and hers egg sandwiches with two fried eggs, muenster cheese and strawberry jelly.

egg sandwich 001egg sandwich 005

After breakfast, Ryan and I took Sadie on a one-mile walk around the neighborhood.

While walking, we noticed several trashcans in the middle of our neighbors’ yards. They were tipped over and trash was everywhere!

Apparently the neighborhood bear struck again last night. It was a mess!

All this digging through the trash talk reminds me of this YouTube video of a very guilty looking dog (with the top of the trash can stuck on his head) that was caught after he went through his owner’s trash…

Tank Caught After Digging Through Trash

It made me laugh because Sadie has the same guilty-looking expression when she knows she did something wrong.

guilty dog

She then tries to parade all over your body, licking your face so you’ll forgive her. I’m a sucker, so it works every time.

Question of the Morning

  • Do you think your pet knows when they’ve done something wrong? Do they have a “guilty face” or try to make up for their mistake?


  1. says

    haha our dogs definitely know when they do something wrong! our chocolate lab is known for digging in the flower beds and our yellow lab is known for chewing up various things. he has chewed up softball gloves, various pairs of a shoes, our leather couch (!!!), and several other things that needless to say got him in big trouble. they seem to want to keep their distance and shy away when they know they’re in trouble.


  2. says

    That video made me laugh! Poor Tank, he didn’t mean it! I have an 8 year old black lab and he still has a puppy face. When we scold him for doing something he shouldn’t, he acts like he is flinching at the sound of your voice. He blinks his eyes repeatedly. Then, when you’re finished he just looks up at you with the saddest brown eyes. You can’t stay mad at that!


  3. says

    My dog ABSOLUTELY has a guilty face when she does something wrong. She tends to cower and give you the big puppy eyes. If you try and talk to her sternly, she’ll try and lick whatever body part is nearest. It works every darn time!


  4. says

    Does Sadie ever hear the bear?!? That would totally freak me out!!

    I hate packing, too. I usually just keep throwing things in the suitcase, until nothing else fits, and then I’m stuck with mismatched outfits and a suitcase heavier than sin. It’s ridiculous.


  5. Mandi says

    My dog, Jax, goes in time out. We have a corner of the house where, when he has been bad, we put him there in time out and he has to stay until we tell him he can come out. Well one time he used the bathroom in the house instead of letting us know he needed to go outside and when my husband said (in a very stern voice), “JAX!!!” he tucked his ears down and walked over to his time out corner all by himself and put himself in time out! It was hilarious!


  6. Katie @ Katie Moves says

    My dogs hide behind our dining room table! Yet they still wag their tale. Funny how they know things they do are bad! But they’re so cute it’s not like I can even try to be mad.

    PS I work at a gym and I bring magazines all the time and when I’mndone I throw them in the magazine rack. I love watching people go pick up one I put in there. I like to think I made their day 😉 have fun in NYC!


  7. says

    So funny–Roo has the same guilty face! She usually comes slinking over looking guilty, then leads me to the thing she’s knocked over or gotten into. It’s actually pretty cute. She doesn’t look apologetic when she digs in the yard, though. She knows she’s not supposed to, but for whatever reason, she doesn’t feel bad about it. Guess it must be *that fun*!!!


  8. says

    Haha My dog hides behind the couch for only a few moments and then runs out wagging her tail. Even when we scold her, she wags her tail. She was abused before we got her so sometimes I think when we scold her, she doesn’t care and thinks how she’s had worst.


  9. says

    Milo always knows when he does something wrong, then he sits in your lap and licks your face or rolls over so you can rub his belly — and how can you not? 🙂 Unfortunately, the little guy got into our trash yesterday while we were at work and ended up in the puppy ER. They are such adorable little pains


  10. sydney says

    I bring magazines to the gym too to leave there. My boyfriend thinks it’s silly, but i know i love it when there’s new magazines to read!


  11. says

    My pug absolutely knows! He always runs straight to his bed, which he rarely goes to since he is usually on my lap or at my feet. He also avoids eye contact! Dogs are so funny, and so much smarter than people give them credit for…


  12. says

    Yes. Totally. He’ll hide in the corner or not come to us when we call him. He knows the rules and knows when he’s broken one. Totally random but I bought english muffins at the store yesterday because your breakfasts always look so good with them. Can’t wait to make myself an egg sandwich this weekend.


  13. TIffany says

    Hi Julie!! First of all, I have to say I have fallen in love with Peanut Butter Fingers!!! I look forward to the emails every day 🙂 That being said, weird question…I know, BUT how do you make your fried eggs (so that the yolk and whites almost look marbled)? They look SO good and I’m not great with cooking eggs to begin with, but wanted to get them a go. Thanks!


  14. Sue says

    My cat has no guilt. Instead I get the, yeah I did that. Do you have a problem with it attitude. Gotta love the personalities these babies have!


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